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Chapter 4: The Capeside Connection

As Pacey and Charlie continued to stare blankly at each other, and Dawson tried to get some more information out of Adam and Julie, Joey and Jen went into the Leary's kitchen to make some snacks for the frightened preteen new comers.

"This whole thing is just so weird." Joey said. "I mean, the way they just sort of appeared, and that Charlie kid, I mean, it's really very eerie."

"I know what you mean," Jen said. "But I feel sorta bad for them you know? I mean, they really have no clue what's going on."

"I know," Joey peaked out the door and watched the still petrified Pacey and Charlie. "They need a place to sleep."

"I'll bring Julie over to my place." Jen shrugged. "Unless, you'd rather?"

"I don't think she's up to the boat ride." Joey shook her head. "Although she seems very together."

"Must be a girl thing." Jen laughed. "And I think for Pacey's sanity Charlie and Adam should stay here."

"For Pacey's sanity and for their safety," Joey added, "I wouldn't introduce anyone into that house."

"Good point." Jen said. "I somehow don't think Mitch and Gail will bedgrudge two twelve year old boys sleeping in the living room."

"They rarely begrudge anything." Joey shrugged.

"Yeah I've noticed that." Jen laughed. "Shall we?" She gestured towards the door and picked up a bowl of popcorn.

"After you," Joey said, grabbing sodas. Jen laughed and headed out. They saw Dawson sitting grilling Julie and Adam.

"Alright, so explain it again," Dawson said. "Slowly, please."

"What didn't you get the last five times?" Julie sighed. "We went for a walk, we saw this big blurry blob, we ran into it, and we landed in the water."

"And why does you friend look like Pacey?" Dawson asked again.

"We told you," Adam said, "we don't know."

"Dawson," Jen said sitting down and putting her hand on his knee. "You have to let it go. They are obviously just as confused as we are."

"OK, so what's your favorite color?" Pacey said, finally finding words.

"What?" Charlie looked at him confused.

"Look the way I see it, you guys fell through the space time continuum and you're an alternate version of me, which means that we probably have a few things in common, so what's your favorite color?" Pacey explained his method. "Mine's green." Charlie's eyes got really wide.

"So's mine." He said. "Favorite food?"

"Who can pick a favorite food?" Pacey said as if this was the most ridiculous question ever asked.

"My answer every time someone asks me that question!" Charlie shouted. "Adam, did you hear that, we're like the same person!"

"Yeah man," Adam nodded, "does that make me this guy?" He pointed at Dawson.

"I don't think it works that way." Julie said.

"Oh crap!" Jen said turning around. "What time is it?"

"Around midnight, why?" Dawson asked.

"Crap, I told Grams I'd be in by 11:30." She said. "Come on Julie, you're coming to my house for the night."

"Oh, um OK," Julie said, standing up.

"Wait!" Joey said, "Rethinking the plan, I should take her."

"Why?" Jen asked, wondering what Joey's new plan of action was.

"Because Bodie and Bess are probably less likely to be sitting up when I get in than your Grams, which means that we won't have to answer any questions." Joey explained.

"Good point." Jen said. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Come on, it's late, we should get going to." Joey said. "Oh, Dawson, let Charlie and Adam sleep. Don't just grill them all night trying to figure out what's going on."

"Right, Pacey, you want to sleep over?" Dawson said.

"NO!" Pacey said emphatically. "I'm going home and then when I wake up in the morning hopefully this will all just be a very trippy dream brought on by something weird that I ate."

"Not likely," Joey said, walking out the door, followed closely by Pacey.

"Bye guys" Julie said shuffling out after them, "I'll see you tomorrow ok?"

"See ya Cat!" Charlie said as he lay out on the couch.

"Night Julie." Adam whispered after she had already left.

"Dear lord ask her out already." Charlie said.

"You like her?" Dawson said pointing at the door. "What's stopping you?"

"She likes someone else." Adam shrugged. "It's not a big deal."

"I told you she doesn't!" Charlie said. "Portman likes her, but she doesn't like him."

"Hey man," Dawson said to Adam, "there is no rush, no reason to push it, let it happen on its own."

"Is that how you got with Joey?" Charlie asked.

"I'm not with Joey, I'm with Jen," Dawson said. "Joey's my best friend I don't feel that way about her."

"Oh alright, OK." Charlie said. "Well, I'm going to sleep."

"Alright, I'll be upstairs, if either of you need me." Dawson said walking up the stairs.