Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. WAAAAHH! If I did SasuSaku would be happening right this minute in the English and the Dubbed versions.

To all my readers out there who enjoyed my first fic, THANK YOU! I really appreciated all those comments and I have decided to write another story (don't groan!). I am studying Romeo and Juliet in English and I hate the sad ending. This idea came to me and I thought 'Hey, I could write a Naruto fic to the style of Romeo and Juliet and make it happy!' So I did, and here's the result. There will be a few differences between my fic and Romeo and Juliet. 1) Happy ending guaranteed. 2) Other pairings WILL occur besides Romeo and Juliet. 3) Sasuke is Romeo, Sakura is Juliet.

Character list

Capulet family:

Juliet: Sakura

Lady Capulet: Tsunade (I know she isn't Sakura's mother but for now she is.)

Nurse: Kurenai

Juliet's friend: Ino (Juliet/Sakura has to have a friend somewhere!)

Rosaline: Hinata (I know Rosaline doesn't appear in the story but in MY version she does.)

Tybalt: Tenten (Yes Tybalt is meant to be male, but Tenten's feisty so she'll do.)

Montague family:

Romeo: Sasuke

Lord Montague: Jiraya (See Tsunade's bracket thing)

Mercutio: Naruto

Benvolio: Shikamaru

Romeo's friend: Neji (soz but I had to put him in somewhere! Can't have a Naruto fic without ALL the best peeps – no offence to peeps who like other characters)


Friar: Kakashi

Prince: Asuma

Count Paris: Rock Lee

Note- these are NOT necessarily the actual families used by Shakespeare, but hey, poetic licence!

I would like to point out that this story takes place in two rival schools. Tsunade is the headmistress of the girls' school (Capulet High), and Jiraya is the Headmaster of the boys' school (Montague Finishing School). The schools are two NINJA schools and I will be keeping fight scenes short, as I am very bad at them, sorry for those people who are looking forward to fight scenes. The rivals here will be the SCHOOLS, that's why the Capulets are girls and the Montagues are boys, just wanted to clear that up. Also, don't expect deaths right now, because I am not planning any, as I said this is a HAPPY version of Romeo and Juliet. I will try and update often. Now the main story, however bad it may be.

Romeo and Juliet - SasuSaku style

Chapter 1

"Another school day, -sigh-, how troublesome." Shikamaru said.

"Yeah, for once I agree with you Lazy Ass." Said Naruto nodding. The bell for the start of school wasn't due for another 3 hours, and what Naruto and Shikamaru were doing up so early no one knew, but they were up nonetheless. Aimlessly wandering the streets, the two soon found themselves in Konoha market. Shikamaru nudged Naruto.

"Look out Capulet High girls at 2 o'clock." He said.

As the two girls came past Shikamaru stuck his middle finger up at them.

"Did you just stick your finger up at us?!" Shrieked the girl with two buns on her head.

"No Tenten. He did stick his finger up, but not at you." Naruto teased.

"Don't fuck with us Naruto!" Said the blonde.

"Who'd want to fuck with you Ino?" Shikamaru replied coolly. "You're so ugly no one in their right mind would. So is that why you get drunk guys to do it you whore?"

Ino turned bright red. "Who are you calling a whore!" She shouted.

"You, but then you're blonde so I guess you're a dumb whore." Came the reply.

"You are so dead!" Ino screamed. Then she attacked.

Ino ran towards Shikamaru and punched him. Shikamaru jumped back, and counterattacked. Ino blocked him with a punch to the stomach and leapt in the air throwing kunai at him. Shikamaru stopped them with his own kunai and ran in to attack. Ino charged as well and Naruto could just be heard shouting at Tenten.

"Tenten, help me stop them, for goodness' sake, someone innocent might get hurt!"

"No way." Said Tenten. "You two started it so you can deal with it."

"You idiot Tenten!" Naruto yelled, practically pulling out his hair.

"Don't call me an idiot you stupid blonde-haired baboon!" Tenten replied viciously. Then she lost it and attacked viciously. Naruto fought back and as more people from both schools joined the market place was turned into an all out brawl. Suddenly Asuma appeared and the fighting ceased.

"Stop this immediately!" Said the powerful law-enforcer. "Where are Tsunade and Jiraiya?"

Tsunade and Jiraiya were summoned and they faced Asuma.

"This is unacceptable!" Shouted Asuma. "Three brawls in 3 weeks! 5 people are injured and 1 is already dead! If there is one more brawl between your schools someone will have to pay the forfeit and be executed. Am I perfectly clear?"

"Yes Asuma-sama." The two head teachers replied.

"For your students' sake I hope so." Asuma snapped. He then turned and left shouting a final warning.

"Remember, next time a life forfeit will be paid!"

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