I Do Not Own Companions!! --

Redd was riding through the woods to his grandmother's house one day on his horse Hood. Along the path he spotted a white horse. Frowning, he jumped off Hood and went up to the horse, noticing it had companion tack on it.

"My, what beautiful, big, blue eyes you have," he murmered as he approached.

:The better to choose you with, my dear!: came a motherly voice in his head.

Redd looked strangly at Wulf- somehow he just knew that was her name- and promptly fainted, hitting his head on a large rock. Startled, Wulf whinnied. A woodsman who had heard her came running and saw Redd unconcious. He picked him up and put him on Wulf. Taking Hood by the reins and telling Wulf to follow him, he walked up the path, hopning that there was a house nearby.

Luckily, Redd was very close to his grandmother's house when he met Wulf, so the wodsman did not have to walk far. He knocked on the door, and Redd's grandmother answered. Upon seeing Redd, she hurried the woodman inside and bandaged Redd's head. Soon he wokeup, and he and Wulf went on to Haven to become a herald, and the woodsman fell deeply in love with Redd's grandmother, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Until Karse attacked Valdemar again, and war forced Redd and Wulf to "trample-kill" a bunch of Karsites, and His grandmother and the woodsman had to flee their home and all kinds of evil stuff.

Sorry it's so short guys, Please don't flame me for it... V.V But do please reveiw!!