I laugh harshly as I hear the screams. I don't know why it is so funny to me, the death and destruction of my own people. It isn't really, but I have far gone past the point of caring. I did my best. I tried to warn them, I tried to save them, and you know what they have done to me? Do you know what they did? They have locked me up. In a cage where anyone could stop and laugh at my fallen form. For days I have had to endure their pitiful mocking as I counted the days until their downfall and now my chance of release. Maybe that's why I laugh. All I can do for revenge now is laugh. For I had warned them of their upcoming doom a while ago. They didn't take me seriously, they didn't believe me. It was a normal routine for me. Only now do I consider how little they thought of me beforehand. I guess I had fooled myself into thinking otherwise. We all know better now.

He was, is, and will always be my perfect enemy. He is the one who caused me to see my flaws. I am the one who marked him with my claws. We are the same, as much as I wish to deny it, as much as he would disagree it. And yet we are different. He would have done the exact same thing in my position and me in his. In fact, we had. We have played both roles in multiples and finally we are finishing the play. Was it not fun, my own? You are still only mine to destroy.

I am speaking calmly now. The fires in the distance are a different shade then the ones nearby. And all my brethren can now do is think to fly. But they can not. I myself saw him destroy any means of leaving this planet. All that is left now is his own, which he will be taking. He will take it and disappear from the surface, leaving my entire race to be burned, slaughtered, eaten, vaporized, tortured. He did quite a good job of it, I have to admit. I know he learned some of these techniques from me.

The door to my cage is melting, but not allowing me to escape. It melts together, keeping me from ever being able to leave. Soon, the smoke will not find a vantage point and will smother me. I am still waiting for my release. I will not die now, I can not! I may no longer want to work for my people, gather their revenge as I know none of them will be left, but I have other priorities that I find much more entertaining. My rival and now master in the arts is among them. He has not defeated me! I will become master over him, in the art of death, in the art of torture, if only to prove to him so that I am, as I have always been, superior to him

I jump out of the way as the wall behind me is broken, a silhouette standing in front of the flames he created. It is him. No one could have imagined that such a face was capable of such destruction, looking so innocent in face of what he has just done. Only to me does he show his true face, the one he is showing me now. A face covering the evil that has consumed both of us.

We have been at it far too long.

"Are you giving up?" his voice somehow penetrates the crackling fires that consume the planet. I feel anger well up within me. He dares think that I will give up?

"Never!" my voice manages to be strong, despite the dried blood and the lack of any substance having been down it for weeks. He smiles at me and I know things are going to change, for how else could our game continue?

"Then are you coming?" his hand reaches down for me, he doesn't even flinch as a wall falls down behind him. I am trapped, I know. I would not stay so if he left me behind. I still can feel my savior of instant death on my arm. But I will never give myself up to defeat.

Yet what I am doing is the greatest defeat I have yet known.

I take his hand and let him pull me to my feet.

"Zim will live for revenge!" I hiss at him. He will think I am saying that for my people, but little does he know how much he is wrong.

He only nods at me.

"I know."

We go to his ship where we will escape the atmosphere. Where we will go from there is not in my knowledge, but there is only one thing that is clear.

I may have admitted defeat, but only he will know.

And he will take it to his grave.