Blood is splattered throughout the ship. It was a thorough job, but I couldn't afford for less. I need to make sure that he is never coming back. I look around to find something to check, his body to make sure there was no pulse.

I can't find a piece big enough to contain a vein.

I won.

The glee that is overtaking me is wonderful. Never before have I felt so fulfilled. Never before have I felt such accomplishment. It is a wondrous feeling one can never hope to describe in words. It is all one wants to experience after coming into existence.

I realize that it does not sate my hunger for long. My mind becomes occupied with the ship. It is mine now and I can take it where I want it. He no longer requires to go where we were heading.

I will not miss him. I have won the game and survived. It is past time to move on.

I nearly slip in the redness that coats the entire floor. It doesn't matter though, no one is here to see. My body is nearly red itself, covered in the revolting substance. It burns, but only slightly. I thought it would hurt more, but I don't mind being wrong about that.

I recognize the text in the computer's name. It is his self-made code, the one he boasted would never be translated by the likes of me. Nothing can damper my victory though, I know that for certain. I know it so well that I can see through some of it just by glancing. I sit down at the front to begin deciphering the text.

I am distracted by a rattling noise from my back. This interference is annoying at the least so I check my pak to see why it had bothered me. I don't touch my insides, for the damage done seems unrepairable for only my hands. Narrowing my eyes to scan all of it, I set it back on me. I don't worry about it, all it said was that I was running out of air, and my pak would no longer be able to provide a supplement. I can get to a planet though, the ship is fast enough to get to one before I even have to worry about suffocation.

I finish translating his language, feeling my victory heap upon itself again. I can control the ship and-


Ah, he has locked the controls with a password. Very well, it would make sense, Humans always did use passwords for everything. I can use his older passwords and then enter anything he could have heard of in any language. It is only a four letter word. Should not be that hard.

My breath is becoming harsh. He is still trying to thwart me, even in death. I can regard his intelligence and trickery with a respect, but that only mocks what I am trying to accomplish. What is this password Dib?

It seems to be the tenth time I am turning down the ships thermostat. There is nothing turning it back up, so I should be getting cold at this degree. It does not make any sense. My brain is spinning from the heat and the air. This password shouldn't be so hard! What am I missing! What am I-

A star. I am orbiting a star, being pulled in to it's fiery depths. So is this what you had planned, Dib? Sending us both to a star? I don't understand your logic of that, but right now it is bothering me.

A beep informs me there is no more any breathable atmosphere.

He has tricked me. His grave is my own. And neither of us will have a burial. Neither of us will be mourned.

A world without Zim?


A world... who has forgotten... Zim...?


Zim- Zim will... will live! Live...

I will...