Melting the Ice Heart

Chapter One

Shaking East High

It was a dark and stormy lunchtime at East High. The cafeteria was gloomy and silent apart from the casual munching and milk cartons clacking against the trays.

The usual noisy chatter was gone and replaced with the crashing of lightning and the roar of thunder. The sombre mood of the students was accompanied with the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof and slowly sliding down the windows.

It was all quiet until the entrance doors were flung open as if by a ferocious wind, everyone stopped eating or looking outside to look at the doors.

A petite girl stood there unmoving. Brown curly hair cascading down her shoulders, the fringe held by a red barrette.

She was smiling but you could tell it was forced. The smile didn't reach her eyes. If you looked at her chocolate brown eyes you could see angry and bitterness and if you looked even closer specks of fear and terror were present.

The population of East High was sending the girl curious glances; the girl was now scowling back, back to exchanging speculating looks with their friends.

Mr. Matsui quickly strode into the room breaking the stares and the moment. His arms were positioned to show off the best features of the room.

"Well Miss Montez, welcome to East High, from your transfer scripts you should find fitting in very easy. The tour of East High ends here and I wish you the best of luck."

With that end statement he strode back out of view and left the girl vulnerable to stares again.

"What? You haven't seen a girl before?" She hissed. Everyone went to back to silence.

Her footsteps echoed against the silence and even though they had been warned the student's eyes were still following her every move.

She then sat at an empty corner table, reached for her bag, grabbed her notebook and began scribbling in it fiercely.

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