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Want Mihawk to kill you? are 35 intresting options to tick him off, just enough...

-Thanks go to Madlibs44 for helping me with this list-

35 Ways to Get Mihawk to Kill You:

1.) Paint his sword pink.

2.) Blow his candles out.

3.) Take away his Zoro dart board.

4.) Hum an annoying, catchy tune around him.

5.) Poke him consistently with a plastic lightsaber.

6.) Give him a "Swordsmanship for Dummies" book for his birthday.

7.) Or, for a more painful death, give him "Santoryu for Dummies."

8.) Throw garlic at him.

9.) Tell him guys with green hair are better swordsmen.

10.) Tell him guys with green hair are sexier.

11.) Ask him if he's French.

12.) Shave his eyebrows.

13.) Give him a pink hat that says "Go Zoro!!"

14.) Wake him up whe-...on second thought, NEVER wake him up while he's napping.

15.)Go to--- www (dot) freewebs (dot) com (slash) lilygirl33 (slash) myoppics (dot) htm

16.) Give him a hug.

17.) Two words: Marco Polo

18.) Stare at him. When he blinks, yell, "You blinked, I win!"

19.) Hide a kitten in his boat...poor kitten...

20.) Put a whoopie cushion on his chair.

21.) Keep repeating lines from a stupid movie.

22.) Put a flag on his ship that says swordmaster.

23.) Show him it, make sure he's ok with it.

24.) When he's not looking, cross out sword and write gay.

25.) Shine a bright light in his face and yell, "DIE!"

26.) Pretend to get mad, then throw his hat on the floor and stomp on it.

27.) Repeat everything he says in a sqeaky, hamster voice.

28.) Follow him everywhere he goes, when he asks while your following him, whine, "Why won't you leave me alone?!?"

29.) Keep calling him Romeo and insist that your name is Juliet.

30.) Play possum everytime he looks at you.

31.) When he asks you why you're playing dead, tell him that his face keeps killing you.

32.) "I like you're hair, can i have it?"

33.) Talk nonstop about a hot guy/girl you met on the last island, make sure its clear that he/she was HOT.

34.) When he's going to the top floor in and elevator, press every other button.

35.) Cut his boat in half and see how he likes it!

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