The doorbell rang.

Sachiko Yagami yelled from the kitchen."Sayu, could you get that?"

"Why do I always have to answer?" The young teenager complained.

Light chuckled."I'll get it."

"Wow! Really? Thank you!" She exclaimed.

Shacking his head he opened the door, his eyes widened at the sight.

A woman was holding herself up with her right hand on the wall beside the door; her left arm was hanging at an odd angle. Long curly black hair was covering her face and her clothes were badly torn. She was badly trembling with blood trickling down her body. She was completely soaked, due to the rain.

Slowly, she lifted her head. Her eyes were green and she was about his own age.

"Light? Who is it?" His mother called.

It was at that moment when the unknown female fell right on top of him. Light quickly picked her up and hurried inside while kicking the door shut behind him.

"Light?" Sachiko asked coming from the kitchen with a handtowel, which fell when she saw the girl. "Oh, my."

"Call Dad!" He said while hurrying upstairs to his own room with the girl in his arms."Sayu, get some bandages, now!"

Both of them scurried to the tasks.

As for Light, he heard a lot of 'Hyuk's'

"What's so funny, Ryuck?" He mumbled furiously under his breath and laid the woman on his bed.

The Shinigami was smiling. "It's not like you to save lives."

"Shut up." Was Light's response as he stripted the cloth away from the girl's soaked body and moved the wet strands of hair out of his way. Completely ignoring her very feminine parts, he shed her of her clothes then brought his attention to her left arm. Seeing it wasn't broken but dislocated, he gently ran his fingers along her skin and found what he was looking for. Swiftly, he placed his knee onto her stomach and pulled on her arm. He felt the dislocated joint pop back into place.

Her eyes opened wide as gasps of pain suddenly came out from her. She gave a violent shudder and after a while longer her eyes closed again.

Sayu entered his room with the bandages. Light quickly retrieved them.

"Do you need help?" She asked.

He glanced at her. "No. Did Mom get ahold of Dad?"

"Uh, yeah." She answered. "Are you sure you don't need help?"

"Yes." He replied as he started to wrap a nasty cut on the woman's right arm.

Sayu retreated from the room and silently closed the door.

When Light finished wrapping all her wounds, he covered her with the blanket and made his way back downstairs where his father was sitting on the couch in the living room with his mother and sister.

"Has she awoke at all?" Soichiro questioned his son, who shook his head. Soichiro gave a sigh.

"What do you think happened to her?" Sachiko asked.

"Considering her wounds," Soichiro intertwined his fingers," she was probably raped."

"Poor dear." Sachiko gently whispered.

"In any case, her wounds weren't as severe as they seemed at first, so there's no need to notify a doctor and until she wakes up we'll let her stay where she is for now. You don't mind, do you Light?"

"No, I can sleep on either the couch or my bedroom floor." He answered with closed eyes.'I just hope she doesn't find the Death Note.' He added to himself.

"Well, sense there's no real reason to worry, I need to get back to work. Light, I'll leave the girl under your care for now." He stated, grabbing his suit jacket and heading out the door."Sachiko, I won't be home tonight, so you don't have to worry about my dinner. Good-bye."

"Bye, Dad!" Sayu called while waving her hand.

That night Light was meant to sleep on the coach. He had been laying there pondering over something for hours; however, his thoughts were cut short as a sudden earsplitting shriek ripped through the silence. Sitting straight up, he made his way up the stairs to his room and opened the door.

He turned on the lights.

There she was, sitting with a horrified expression. Some of the bandages had been bled through and the blankets and sheets were all asunder. As the bright light flooded the room, she turned her tears streaked face towards him. Her body was trembling again and when she spoke her voice shook.

"W-Where am I? Wh-Who're you?"

Light took a deep, calming breath, she was petrified and there was something about her that unnerved him. It wasn't her exactly, but more the way her eyes had strayed on him for a second and then had trailed to the seemingly empty space beside him. Only, it wasn't empty, that was where the Shinigami was standing.

She looked from Light to Ryuck and back to Light.

"My name is Yagami, Light. What's yours?"

She blinked as a vague recollection came to her. Yagami, yes, that had been the name on the wooden plaque. Though at the time, she could barely see.

Visibly gulping, she answered while pulling the covers back over her."Su-Suki. Uda, Suki."

"Light? Light, is something wrong?" He heard his mother asking.

"What's going on?" Sayu questioned from behind him.

"Nothing, she's just awake." He replied, answering both questions.

"Really?" Sayu excitedly exclaimed, running into the room while Sachiko hurriedly walked over. "We'll take her from here."

Suki was confused it had been at least a week since she had woke completely terrified and disoriented on Light's bed. Now, as far as she could tell, they were taking her in as their own.

As their family.

No final decisions had really been made, but she had told them she was an orphan at age sixteen and had no family. No one asked about her condition upon arriving and for that alone she was grateful, but...still...they didn't know her, had only met her a week ago and were embracing her as their own?

All this really confused her. Currently, she was sitting at the desk in Light's room.

"This is hopeless!" She said suddenly bringing her head into her hands with her elbows resting on the flat of the wooden surface.

Light was silently agreeing. He was to teach her, after all Suki didn't have too much schooling and both of his parents thought it would be good to bring her to the right level.Algebra was first, wasn't going so well.

Through the whole week, Light still hadn't figured her out. There were times when he could swear she had seen Ryuk or at least heard him, but then at other times, she just didn't seem to even notice him. And she never mentioned him to anyone, not that he could really blame her, but still.

The infamous Shinigami, known as Ryuk, wasn't helping in the slightest. Just as always.

With a sigh, he calmly said"Try again."

Suki gave him a distressed look. "Why are you even wasting your time? You know we're not getting anywhere."

"You're just not trying hard enough."

"I am to! Not all of us have such intelligent minds."

He folded his arms and looked down at her.

She took a deep breath, the pencil was in her fingers. She looked at the many books aligned against the wall "I am trying. It's just...I've never been good at math or anything else except drawing. Other than that it's just average at best." She told him with a hint of sadness. She looked back down at the paper. "That's why..."

"Why what?" Light asked sharply.

"Huh?" She looked back up at him, then her eyes slid to the side. "O-oh, it's nothing. Forget it."

Once again, she was looking at Ryuk.

Her behavior was frustrating him.

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