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It's dedicated to Transgenic-girl because she gave me the idea. Well, not really, but she gave me something to think about which caused me to create the idea. So she did give me the idea. Lol. Enjoy!


"Hey, uh, Dean," Sam asked from his place on the bed. He was reading over their father's journal. And he had found something very interesting.

"Yeah, Sam," Dean asked as he smelt a t-shirt. He was looking for something clean to wear since he was hitting a bar in about an hour. And guess what he was going to pick up at that bar?

Yup, a woman. A hot one with a big chest preferably.

"Dad researched our past lives."

"Really," Dean asked intrigued as he came over to he brother's bed and looked over Sammy's shoulder.

"Yeah. Apparently, I was a goose."

Dean snorted, "You look like a goose. With the long neck and all." That comment received a hit to the stomach. "What was I? A hot pole dancer?"

"Ha," Sam laughed. "You wish! You were a priest."

Dean's face contorted in thought before he became disgusted. "You mean I wasn't allowed to bang any girls?"

"Nope." Sam smiled. This would be fun.

"What about just grabbing?"


"No quickies in the hallway?"


"No blow jobs in the Impala's passenger seat."

"Nope." Sam's face contorted in disgust when he thought about Dean's last comment. "Dean! That's sick, man!"

Dean just laughed. "Hey! You made fun of me first!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Just think what I can do I the backseat."