I needed a little writing exercise. And as I'm terribly in love with this couple, I decided to break their hearts for fun. Shoot me. Anyway, obviously, Bleach ain't mine, because if it is, it would probably suck. Hah. First person who sues gets a beating from Byakuya. He's just around the corner, waiting for my signal to strike. I'd appreciate reviews though. Enjoy!

No Happy Endings

She watched from a distance as her ever-reliable taichou strike the finishing blow, his eyes burning with an anger that resulted from the tears of a well-beloved childhood friend. It had been quite a while since then, but she realized that the child, for a child he was still, held on to that promise that he would kill him if he made Hinamori shed even a drop of blood. And as his vice-lieutenant she would never, never interfere with his fight, even if every muscle in her body was screaming Spare him! Spare him, taichou! I beg you!

So she stood there and watched as he slowly fell to the ground, his signature fox smile still affixed on his ever-taunting face. She couldn't see his eyes, but she knew, oh she knew that he was looking at her, teasing her, telling her silently that he knew this would happen, that she would take the side of her taichou in the end. But she knew he didn't blame her, that he would never blame her, because he was a vice-captain too and loyalty to your taichou is so much important than loyalty of any other kind.

And so he smiled one last time at her, and she had to bite her lower lip to keep herself from crying, and she knew Hitsugaya was staring at her with wary eyes, because he knew very well how much the silver-haired man meant to her, how much she would have wanted things to be different.

"Go to him, Matsumoto."

Her head snapped at the direction of her taichou, and with wide eyes she watched as Hitsugaya turned and started walking away. She wanted to run after him, assure him that she was loyal to him to the very end, but one glance at her fallen friend broke her resolve and within seconds she was kneeling on the cold ground, her hands clutching her knees tightly as she let the tears finally fall on his face.

"Neh, Ra-chan, why do you cry?"

And she tried to keep the sobs from coming, but out they came anyway – short, pathetic sobs followed by long, deep ones, until finally she felt him stir and lift a bloody hand to wipe her cheek.

"Gin, you baka, you should have never come back."

"You know 'tis gonna happen."

And she cried with a fierce intensity and dropped herself onto him, crushing him with her weight and gripping his shoulders in an attempt to be as close to him as possible.

"Baka, baka." She kept whispering, for though she wanted to ask him why he did the things he did, why he left with Aizen and betrayed Soul Society, why the freaking hell did he not take her with him beforeand why he thought he could take her with him now,she knew for the life of her that she could never voice out the words she need.

"Gomenasai." Startled as she was that he actually apologized… again… she continued to cry and curse and cling to him until she could cry no more. Only then did she realize that he was no longer breathing, but his arm was wrapped around her waist in an affectionate manner, and realizing that he really did care about her, she broke into a fit of tears once more.

"No happy endings, huh, Gin? No happy ending for us."

And she thought she heard his voice in the wind, an answer that she dreaded to hear:

"No, Ra-chan, no nothing. Gomen… ja ne."