Nothing But Sense

A nautical nonsense story by HyperHarryPotterGoddesses

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Yup. This, you see. Is what we like to call the "Pink Journal." It dictates the time of two young girls as they spend time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hanging out with – who else? – Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Well, I think that's all they need to know…

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Nothing But Sense – Chapter One

Characters: Moira (M) – a young girl of seventeen who travels to Hogwarts

Sam (S) – her BFF, also seventeen years old and a bit naïve

Finny (F) – a friend of their, doesn't appear much

Lifeguard (L) – Captain Hook (C) in disguise

Peter Pan (PP) – Who do you think?

Olivia (O) – Moira's annoying sister

Harry Potter (HP) – self-explanatory

Hermione (H) – yeah…

Dumbledore (D) – If you all don't know then why are you here?

Kit (K) – The young wizard from So You Want to Be a Wizard?

Scene: At the YMCA on a Sunday afternoon. M, S, and F are in the pool.

M: This is boring.

S: Yeah…

F: That life guard is mean.

S: You don't know him.

M: Well, he looks mean.

F: I don't know… Doesn't he look familiar?

M: Yeah, sort of.

S: He does look familiar

M: But who is he?

F: Can't say.

S: I know! Tom Cruise!

M: (rolls eyes at S)

F: Nu-uh! Brad Pitt!

M: Noooo! I know! Captain Hook! (salutes)

S: yeah! That's who it is! (starts splashing around noisily)

Old woman: Will you stop that!

S: Oops! (swims to lifeguard)

M: (follows – pulling F) Sam…What are you doing?

F: Uh-oh. (sinks)

S: Excuse me?

L: What!

S: Are you Captain Hook?

C: Darn it! How'd you know?

M: The hook.

F: (still underwater) Mbblm…

M: (shakes head)

C: Drat you kids!

P: Don't do that! (soars up behind them)

F: (pops up)

S, F, M: Peter Pan!

P: Yup, that's me! Cock-a-doodle-doo!

S, F, M: Ahhhhh.

C: Drat! My lovely plan foiled! (runs off)

P: Come out of the water?

S: Why?

M: Why?

F: Huh?

P: Just get out.

S: Weeeeeee! (jumps out and runs around)

M: Oh, all right! (hops out, spreads arms and runs around)

F: Hmmmm. A plane! Moira's a plane! (gets out, sits on ground, clapping)

P: Yeah!

O: (walks in) You are all crazy.

P: Yeah!

F: (giggles)

S: Quack!

M: Vroooom!

O: Yup, crazy.

P: Yeah!

O: (shakes head) All right – woof, woof! (walks around on hands and knees – turns into a dog)

F: Ooohhh! Doggie!

P: Well, I leave you in good paws. (O pees on P's leg) Ewwww. (flies away)

S: Awwww. Peter left.

M: Yeah! It's her fault! (points to woman)

F: Yeah! Yeah! Get her! (picks up noodle and chases lady around)

W: Help!

M: We should stop Finny!

S: Yeah.

M: Oh well. (S nods and pats O's head)

O: (pees in pool)

Man: Oh, gross! (gets out and leaves)

O: Woof! (runs off)

F: Whahoo! (runs by, lady has left)

S: Hmmm.

M: Hmmm.

F: (pops) Hmmm.

H: Hmmm.

HP: Hmmm.

S: Oh, WOW!!!! Harry Potter!

M: Oh, my, GOD! Harry Potter!

F: (hyperventilating) Har-ry Pott-tter! (faints)

H: Heh! Har-ry Po-tt-tter! (snorts)

HP: (beams)

H: Hello? Hermo-ninny speaking.

S: Who's that?

M: Yeah, who, who?

H: Imbeciles! Hermione Granger.

F: (pops up) Who?

H: Uhhhh! Idiots! Harry and I are here to tell you…

HP: You're coming to Hogwarts!

H: Now, everyone hold hands…

S: With Harry? (faints)

F: (spits pool water on S)

S: Huh! Harry? (everyone holds hands)

H: Hogwarts!

M: Weeeee!

S: Yipeeeee!

F: Whopeee!

P: (flies up beside them) Where ya'll going?

H: To Hogwarts!

C: Where everyone grows up! (suddenly popping up then leaving)

P: What?! Noooo! You can't make me! I'll never grow up! NEVER! (flying off)

S: Wait! Peter…I…I love you! (P stops)

P: Uhhh…

M: Well, this is…ah…

F: Very awkward.

M: Put bluntly. Yes.

HP: We're here! (All land in D's office)

P: Noooo! (flies off)

H: What a strange fellow.

HP: (nods) Mmhmm.

M: do you know who that was?

S: Yeah!? (still staring where P flew off)

F: It was…

H: Peter Pan.

HP: Mmmhmm!

H: Still and strange fellow. Well, I gotta get to exams so…later! (walks out)

HP: Dumbledore will come soon.

D: Yes, he will.

HP, F, S M: Dumbledore!

D: Where? (looks around)

S: You!

D: Me?

M: Yes.

D: Oh.

F: I'm feeling faint. (faints)

K: (walks in) Hello. I'm Kit. I'll be your guide along with Harry Potter. (pours water on F)

S: It's Kit from…

M: From the Young Wizard Series.

F: Da whatty-whatty-what?

M: I'm not repeating myself!

F: Then I'm leaving. (walks off)

D: Hmmm…I know…NAKEY TIME!

S: What?

K: Ookaay! Let's go…NOW! (closes office door)

M: Weird.

Ma: Well, well, well. Look at what we have here. A bunch of Mudbloods and a few freaks!

K: (rolls eyes) Go away, Malfoy!

Ma: "Go away!" NERD! (laughs and walks off)

HP: Well, welcome to Hogwarts!

K: Yeah. (both walk off)

S: (turns to M) Very friendly here, aren't they?

M: Very. (both laugh and walk off)

Chapter 1 –Epilogue

S: You know something?

M: What?

S: We're still in our swimsuits.

M: Don't you think it's a little inappropriate to be wearing bikinis in school?

S: A little…

(guy whistles)

Or a lot…

M: Sooo?

S: Oh well! Let's go to the Great Hall…There will be so many hotties there!

M: Yeah! (both giggle and run off)

To Be Continued…

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