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Nothing but Sense Ch.5

Scene: The Gryffindor Common Room…Saturday before Lunch…

Characters: HP: Harry Potter and R: Ron are laying wizards chess. H: Hermione and G: Ginny are knitting M: Moira busy reading and S: Sam is writing avidly on parchment.

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M: Sam, what are you writing?

S: An apology letter…

M: To who?

H: Who do you think?!

HP R: (begin laughing loudly)

S: Oh shut-up! (Throws book at Harry's head)

HP: Hey! We're trying to play chess here!

(A girl walks into the room)

M: Victoria?!

V: Erm, yeah.

S: What are you doing here?!

V:Well, I transferred…by boyfriend is here too.

M: Where? (Jumps up and frantically looks for him)

V: He's a ravenclaw.

S: So you finally hooked up with someone…

R: Checkmate! (Jumps onto table)

H: Ron, get off the table…

R: (Sticks out tongue) Make me!

H: Okay. Ron I want to spend the whole day with you, lets start with a picnic!

R: (wipes off drool) Alright!

(Ron and Hermione walk out)


(Ron's head reappears)

R: The whole day TOGETHER!

V: Alrighty…

S: (Still scribbling madly) Don't even.

M: Aren't you done?

S: As a matter of fact...I am.

M: Lemme have it!

S: (shrugs) Okay.(Pulls out pie)

M: I didn't mean that!

(Ducks as Sam throws pie)

HP: Ginny you're awefully quiet…

G: (Frowns as she tries to refocus on her knitting) Oh, shut your pie hole!

S: (Somehow aquires anther pie) Pie? (Throws pie at Ginny)

G: (Now covered in pie) Why you….

HP: Someone's moody today!

G: That's it! I've had it with you Harry! (Slaps Harry and walks off)

S: I agree, Harry, she is moody today.

M: Sam! Your letter to Peter has fallen into the fire!

S: (Looking innocently at letter) Oops, how careless of me!

V: Well I'd better pop off to see my beau…

M: Bye Vicky!

S: Bye-Bye!

HP: (Grunts)

S: Now what…

M: We could…no. Well we…no…. Hmmm. I know we should…NO…

S: Okay you got nothing. So Harry our first dates in Hogsmeade right?

HP: Yeah…I just got to destroy a horxicruxe first.

S: What?! But Harry-poo you promised that you'd save the world later. That I Sam came first!

M: First off-When did they start dating and Second-Ewwww! But Harry if you promised…and besides us, girls always come before the fate of the world.

S: And its not like anything really bad could happen. Just millions of people dying and Lord Whatsisface taking over!

HP: (Totally brainwashed) You're right, nothing that bad will happen…


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