By: Seto's Princess

Disclaimer - Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix and Disney... not me... so yeah...

This is actually my recent AP Writing class assignment. What was the assignment? Attempt to describe an abstract intangible idea. (Such as a feeling.) And I've been on a huge Kingdom Hearts kick lately... And we all know I love Demyx. Haha... So I wrote about his determination. This whole essay was inspired by his line: "Oh, we do too have hearts! Don't be mad!" XD Ahh, Demyx. I don't like the way this turned out too much, but I got a 90 on it and my teacher is one TOUGH grader... so getting a 90 on a paper is a big deal. Anyway, enjoy... if you can understand my point.

Demyx was his name. He was number IX of Organization XIII, a group of thirteen beings who had lost their hearts to the darkness but managed to exist as incomplete humans. He detested fighting but like the other members, he had a weapon and control of an element. To the other members, he was a failure, never successfully completing a mission the superior gave him, claiming that he was the "wrong guy for this." To them he was a fool for constantly claiming that they did have hearts, but he was determined. That determination kept him going.

Music inspired his determination. On nights when he did not have a mission, he left the confines of his room and ventured outside the usually quiet castle. He had his own little refuge, a place where he could play. Although the others constantly complained about his "stupid noise," he never stopped playing. He firmly believed that if he kept on creating music, it proved he had a heart. Even if Larxene loomed over him with a lightning bolt or Marluxia tried to slice him with his scythe, Demyx would not part with his passion for music.

Demyx walked out to his favorite spot and summoned his sitar, which was ironically also his weapon, carefully strumming a few notes on it before falling into a soft melody. "They call me a fool. They're the fools. I have a heart. I know it," he muttered to himself with a dedicated look on his face as he continued playing. "Music comes from the heart and soul. They could never understand," he mused as his fingers danced along the strings.

Demyx gazed out onto the lake before him and concentrated. His self-confidence in his musical power and the mixture of purpose, desire, ambition, persistence, devotion and perseverance filled his body, feeding his willpower. Bubbles of water rose from the lake, forming shapes, slowly becoming tiny human models. Demyx continued playing as the water figures danced to his song.

Laughter echoed in his head, the laughter of the other organization members whenever he failed a mission or when he stubbornly insisted that they had hearts. They called it foolish stubbornness. To Demyx, it was determination, and although he was a weak fighter, he could never fail as long as he stuck to whatever he loved and never gave in. He finished playing the last few notes of his song on his sitar as the water forms gently splashed back onto the lake where they came from. Demyx looked up at the luminous moon. "Screw what they believe. I have a heart. I can feel it."

For anyone who has read "A Night Out With Demyx and Axel," you might recognize a few things from that in here. Yeah, I kinda took a few snippets from that fic to help me write this essay. Anyway, thank you very much for reading!