Remus Lupin put down the Daily Prophet and sighed. This year, he would need to know. It would be his 'Christmas' present.

  Sirius had talked to Remus about it, and he was right. Harry would find out everything he needed to know about his parents, his parents' friends, and his parents' enemies.

  He dug through a box that had made its place next to his chair ever since he moved into the apartment. He found what he was looking for—his fifth year yearbook. The last one they had ever worked on.

  He flipped through the pages first. There sure were plenty of pictures that made the whole year worth it. Especially the one of Lily and James on the gazebo steps.

  His heart was heavy, especially as he fingered the small note Libby Black had owled to him, telling him she'd be at Hogwarts this year. What a bright girl. She truly had overcome her past and she no longer needed Sirius's approval.. Or so she pretended. She was definitely the next Lily. He got his quill and dipped it into a bottle of ink, flipping to the student profile pages. He found the picture of Munguldus and began scribbling next to it.

  Munguldus Fletcher- During the War, Munguldus was forced to change his name at the tender age of eighteen. He moved to the small country of Gryffindor, where magical 'freaks' and citizens with a serious need for protection flocked, and at the birth of his friends Lily and James's twins, moved back to England, knowing he would be safe. But to this day, he is known as Mundungus Fletcher, a slight change, but he's been safe. The prophet runs his own business in Diagon Alley for serious Divinators.

  He got out his wand and dried the ink with a single word. He wasn't going in any particular order, just flipping pages and finding people's pictures, trying to write all he could about them.

  Jacqueline Kensington- One of the first Gryffindors to die in the War, Jackie was a dear friend to all. Not only one of the youngest to die in the War, but the first girl and the first Seer. Sirius Black, her only boyfriend, admits that she has always been what women have to measure up to. She was Lily Evans-Potter's dearest friend, for the entire time that Lily was alive.

  Arabella Bones - Arabella left Hogwarts after Jackie was killed, feeling responsible. She finished her education at home and now resides in Surrey, in the home of her dead husband, who was a half-and-half. Her husband, Ronan, was killed the night before Halloween and Arabella, who became Liberty Black's godmother after Lily Evans-Potter died, is now caring for the soon-to-be fifteen-year-old girl as a wretched-looking old woman. Arabella is under many spells and they remove themselves whenever she approaches magical places such as Hogwarts or Diagon Alley.

  Ronan Figg- A close acquaintance of the Potters, Ronan died the night before Halloween, supposedly because he had discovered Peter Pettigrew's secret. He wasn't even able to tell his wife, Arabella. She takes care of his many cats in loving memory of his strong presence in her life.

  When he found Rafe's picture, it had dried teardrops like the ones around Jackie's picture. Remus recognized Lily's fancy handwriting that resembled the words near Jackie's picture, We Will Not Forget. Remus nodded in agreement. No, they never would.

  Rafael Hernandez- A fanatic about Quidditch, parents knowing the boy from their childhood often compare him to former Gryffindor Quidditch captain Oliver Wood. His passion for three things in life, Quidditch, Gryffindor spirit and the love of his life, Helen, are always going to be remembered. A true romantic, Rafe started the ball rolling on the whole Lily and James front. Without him, the many mechanisms pulled in their fifth year wouldn't have succeeded. He also planned to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Head Girl Helen Guevara, during his valedictorian speech, which was not at all sappy and quite good.

  Helen Guevara- Helen decided to go into Quidditch, knowing that it was Rafael's only career passion and she had none of her own. Now under the pseudonym Helen Hernandez, she hand-selects the players who play for the World Cup from England and Ireland's finest teams, as long as they possess the 'Rafe-like quality'.

  Peter Pettigrew- Peter lives in hiding alongside his master, Lord Voldemort. The news of Peter's mortality and where his loyalties lie has been distributed to a select few. All those who knew Peter, including his mother, would never have suspected that the stuttering fat boy would be a Death Eater. The news saddens friends of Lily and James Potter, knowing how close the couple could have been to true and utter happiness.

  Aphrodite St. Claire- Aphrodite was one of the first to die in the War, not knowing her high-maintenance behavior would drive James Potter into the arms of her rival and create the cure for the decade of massacre and tears.

  Severus Snape- Though he still hasn't gotten over the loss of his first and only love Lily Evans, Severus bides his time at Hogwarts as the potions professor. Severus has acted as some sort of godfather to the only child of his late close friend Nadia, though many see his actions as some sort of apology to Sirius Black, the child's father. On the contrary, Severus holds close ties to the daughter simply as redemption for his actions towards Lily's son. His efforts in the War have been greatly appreciated, though not many have voiced these emotions.

  Remus Lupin- After the supposed betrayal by his close friend Sirius, Remus Lupin cut off his connections to any of his former Hogwarts friends in hopes to remain safe. He did, however, participate in the upbringing of Sirius's daughter, knowing that his friends Lily and James would have done the same. The effort was rewarded when he discovered the truth through Lily and James's son. Remus bides his time until the truth is revealed and he is especially needed.

  Sirius Black- Though Sirius lives in hiding now, plans to reveal his innocence are in the works. He plans to unite his daughter and his godson under one roof and become the father of the year. Sirius assists in the War in secret, hoping to preserve the memory of his precious best friends and his lost son, wife, and love of his life, Jacqueline.

  Remus softly ran a finger of a picture of Lily. Her smile was wide and not forced at all, and she stood between Rafe and Jackie on the Quidditch field, some of her hair, pulled into perky ponytails on either side of the top of her head, was whipping her in the face as it was a windy day. He was glad that the picture hadn't been developed magically, because it capture her essence and her smile brightened the overcast sky and on the whole, the future.

  Lily Evans- As if the death of her daughter didn't hurt her enough, friends agree that the loss of her life, not being able to experience her son's childhood, was probably the biggest blow of Lily's existence, with us or not. It took her three scandalous years to sort out her life and we hope that she died in some peace, knowing that James died by her side and it wouldn't be long before her son would join them. Lily Evans was a presence that created a feeling you could never forget and no one ever will. Finding James was key to her existence, and ours.

 James Potter- Though he never knew it, James Potter would create a legacy away from his throne and away from a Quidditch field. If someone had documented his incredulous love story, it would have sold millions of copies, earn thousands of raving reviews and set the example for the perfect couple, something no one has yet to live up to. In a few words, James Potter lived to die. He lived for Lily, he lived for Quidditch, he lived for the throne, all three of which created life-threatening situations. Perchance he had survived the ordeal and watch his son grow, he would have been the greatest father there ever was, and he would have made his wife the happiest 'Princess' there ever could be.

  Remus put the last spell on the yearbook and found wrapping paper. He would owl it when the time was right.

To Libby and Harry,

Merry Christmas

Love from your favorite Marauder,


A/N: There. It's done. Gilded is already out, telling about how Liberty Black and Harry Potter don't get along, and an AU is in the works, and this AU isn't like what some people predicted, but with the baseline that Lily decides to let them live in the palace, under the Fidelius Charm with her friends and family, and both her daughter and Sirius's son survive (giving Sirius's daughter a completely new name). Draco Malfoy's life is also changed drastically, in both fics. Please, read Gilded, and when the AU comes out, please read it as well.