Goblin Conspiracy

By Loralee

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Vernon Dursley was quite happy for the first year after Harry Potter left his home for good however the government realized then that they were paying a maintenance stipend for a boy who had been emancipated and began an audit. Much to Vernon's disgust the government wanted its money back. When Vernon protested violently over the phone the disgruntled and abused clerk called a friend in internal revenue and began an audit there also. Vernon had never claimed the income from Harry's trust or the 5,000 pounds for signing the emancipation forms. Vernon discovered that 'Fraud' was not a good word for a nice, normal, average, family man. Vernon Dursley had a massive coronary in tax court the day they told him how much he must pay back.

Dudley Dursley spent half his life on the dole and living with his mother until the day he killed her in a drunken rage when she wouldn't give him money for cigarettes. He spent the rest of his life in prison.

Severus Snape left Hogwarts at the end of Harry Potter's sixth year. He used the money from his Order of Merlin stipend, savings from teaching and a research grant from the Padfoot Foundation to start his own Potions Research Lab. In the next year he patented several potions he'd invented over the previous years, poison antidotes, a better bruise salve, and a nerve regenerator for Cruciatus victims.

The next year he took on Padma Patil as an Apprentice, she earned her Mastery in three years. She continued to work with Snape and two years later married him much to the surprise of her friends and family. Together they created improved Wolfsbane with a longer shelf life and eventually a cure for Lycanthropy and over 200 different healing and cosmetic Potions.

Snape continued to take on an Apprentice about every five years and turned out vastly talented Potion Masters and Mistresses over the next six decades.

Neville Longbottom, though he had a passion for Herbology went on to become an Auror for the Ministry. He married Hannah Abbott shortly after graduation and they had four children. Neville became the youngest ever Head Auror at the age of thirty and Head of the DMLE at forty-eight. He accepted a seat on the Wizengamot when he retired from the DMLE at eighty-two and taught DADA at Hogwarts for the next five years. He then retired to his garden.

Ron Weasley married a pregnant Lavender Brown the day after graduation. Ten years and four children later they divorced. Two years later they remarried and had three more children. Ron worked for the twins on and off for several years until they and Harry got tired of him complaining about the Cannon's and bought the team. With Ron as Manager and an aggressive recruitment drive the Chudley Cannons won three straight championships and eight more over the next twenty years. Ron Weasley was killed in a freak broom accident at the age of forty-seven.

Ginny Weasley married Colin Creevey three years after graduation and they had nine children over the next twenty-five years. Colin became staff photographer for the Quibbler and started his own photography business on the side. He became famous after photographing Harry Potter's defeat of the Dark Lord Caligulus in 2010. Creevey provided most of the photos from Harry's Hogwarts years for the unauthorized Harry Potter: A Biography by Rita Skeeter in 2050. The matter was settled out of court and the book pulled within days of its release.

Luna Lovegood took over the Quibbler and turned it into a reputable paper with an international distribution five years after her graduation. She married Fred Weasley six years later and they had two children.

George Weasley never married although he fathered four children by three women over twenty years. He and Fred lived over their shop in Diagon Alley until Fred's marriage to Luna. George lived with them until his father's death in 2048 at which time he moved back to the Burrow to care for his Mum until her death several years later at which time he rejoined Fred and Luna.

Harry Potter founded the Padfoot Foundation, which provided grants for potions research into Lycanthropy and funded an orphanage for magical children, wizard and muggleborn. He took all O's on his NEWT's and then taught DADA for twenty years at Hogwarts, breaking the curse. He became Headmaster upon Filius Flitwick's retirement. Harry accepted a seat on the Wizengamot at age thirty where he advocated equal rights for all sentient magical beings, most prominently goblins, house elves and centaurs. He fought and defeated four would be Dark Lords that saw him as a way to instant fame. During his time as Headmaster, Harry taught at least two classes every year, the mandatory Intro to the Wizarding World for first year Muggle born and raised and Intro to the Muggle World for first year wizard born students.

Hermione Granger married Harry Potter two years after graduation and they had three children. Hermione worked in research in the Department of Mysteries for ten years and then taught Transfiguration at Hogwarts after Minerva McGonagall's retirement. She and Harry both retired from Hogwarts in 2091 and lived happily ever after.

Albus Dumbledore died in St Mungo's nine months after the defeat of Voldemort.

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