a/n: I think this story is what will really happen if Kathy (ARG!) and Elliot get back together...I will always dream of EO!

Chapter 6


Benson Residence

I hover over her. Her legs bent at the knees awaiting my entrance, "You were daring tonight in the squad car." I say teasing us both by moving my erection slowly along her center but not entering.

"I know." She says running her hands up and down my bare back begging me to get inside of her.

"It was hot." I say as I stare at her luscious lips.

"I know." She says lifting up her upper body to meet my lips in a steamy hot kiss. "No more talking…" She says as she lays her head back down taking me with her. Her legs wrap around my waist as I enter her immediately and once again I'm caught in the whirlwind of mind blowing sex with Olivia Benson. Life is good.


Stabler Residence

I'm so tired and I wish I just would have stayed at Olivia's. I make a mental note to make sure I always have a fresh set of clothes at her apartment. As I walk up the driveway I see that the kitchen light is on. How nice of Kathy to actually leave a light on.

When I walk inside I see why the light was on. I knew it was too good to actually think that Kathy did something nice, or even thoughtful for a change. "Maureen? What are you doing up?" I ask as I place my coat on the hook.

"Late case?" She asks me. I see that she is drinking a cup of coffee. When did she get so grown up? There is another cup of coffee on the kitchen table and she pushes it towards the seat in front of her, gesturing me to sit down.

"Uh…yeah." I lie.

"You've been working a lot lately…" She says with a raised brow.

Fuck, I hate lying to her. "Yeah." I say and look down at my cup of coffee. I can't look her in the eyes.

"So…how's Olivia doing?" SHIT.

"Ummm…" Shit I can feel the heat rise on my cheeks and the smile that appears on my face just by the pure mention of her name. "She's good."

Talk about role reversal here. My daughter is interrogating me! She knows. Shit!

"Good. She seeing anyone?"

"What?" Her question throws me off guard. For a couple of different reasons. Number one is the fact that the thought of Olivia seeing anyone else makes my rage go sky high, two the truthful answer is, 'yes' me. But I can't say that…

"Olivia. Is she seeing anyone?"

"Ah…no. Not that I know of anyway." I feel the sweat beads on the top of my forehead. What is it 100 degrees in here?

Thank God this conversation is interrupted by my cell.


"Hey." She says in a sexy, sexy voice that makes me want to run to her right now.

"Oh hey Cragen." I say and I hear her laugh. But more importantly I see Maureen roll her eyes. But it's not the typical 'work again' eye roll, which Kathy gives me on a daily basis. This eye roll, it was more of an, 'oh please, Cragen? You think I'm buying that?' sort of eye look. This makes me sweat even more. She knows…right? Is this what they call cheaters paranoia?

"Cragen huh? Someone with you?"

"Oh Yeah."

"Ok. I was just calling to say good night, and hope that you got home ok."

"Yeah I just got in."

"Well, I'll let you go; I just wanted to let you know I had a great time tonight."

"Me too. See you in the morning." I love you.

I click my phone shut and look at my daughter.

"You can drop the act Dad." She says in a huff and crosses her arms across her chest.

I clear my throat, "I'm sorry?"

"The act Dad. I know."

"You know what sweet heart?"

"About you and Olivia Dad. I know." She says just above a whisper.

FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I just stare at her…what the hell do you say to something like that?

"What about me and Olivia, Reen?"

"Give it up Dad. I saw you guys making out in the squad car tonight!" She says her voice getting louder.


"Um….Reen about that…it wasn't what you think…" Yes it was!

"Please Dad; don't tell me it was some undercover assignment. I see the way you look at her Dad…"


"Look Maureen honey--"

"Save it Dad. I don't want to hear it. Do you still love Mom?"

I release a deep breath, the million dollar question, "I don't know."

"Do you love Olivia?"

I can't tell my daughter I'm in love with another woman. I can't do it. I'm a horrible father.

"Well judging from your silence I'm going to take that as a 'yes'." She said in a soft tone.


"I'm going to bed. I just don't know what to think right now. Night Daddy." She says and gets up from the table leaving me there alone and feeling like the biggest jackass.

I unclip my cell phone.


"I love you. I didn't get to say it when we hung up last time."

I hear her laugh and it makes me feel like everything is going to be ok, "I love you too, El."

"I'll see you tomorrow."

"You know it."

6:52 am

Benson Residence

I sneak into her bed and cuddle up next her. "Morning beautiful." I say as I draw kisses around the crook of her neck.

"I love waking up like this." She says with eyes still closed.

"I love waking you up like this." I say holding her warm close to mine.

"Do we have to go in today?" She wines.

"Unfortunately yes…Um…listen Liv…there is something I need to tell you."

"You can't do this anymore." She said in such a low voice I barely heard her.

"No!...no I couldn't do that…It's Maureen. She knows."

"She knows? About us? How?"

"Yeah…she uh," I let out a little laugh, "She saw us actually. Yesterday in the squad car, she saw us kissing."

"Oh shit Elliot. I'm sorry. So what does that mean?"

"I have no idea, but I'm kind of glad she found out. I have to leave her, Liv. I have to leave Kathy because I don't love her, and that is not fair to any of us. I'm going to tell her tonight."