Resurrection by SLynn

Summary: It wasn't their destiny to stop an explosion. It was their destiny to stop him. Sequel to 'Apocalypse'.

Spoilers: Up to 'Fallout'

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing and will return them all when I'm done, virtually untouched.

Notes: Thank you Tripp3235. I held off for as long as I could.

Chapter 1: Harbinger

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The sound drove him down the corridor. The sound of dripping. It didn't feel natural.


He stopped in the center of Quincy Market. The entire building was dark. Dark and silent except for the rhythmic drops of falling water.

Peter stared transfixed at the woman in the center of the room.

All of the furniture that normally belonged to the place was gone. It was just her. Her long blond hair, lank and wet, was obscuring her face.

Her mouth barely moving.

Her eyes were white and fixed on him.

"Who are you?"

Her mouth moved but there was no noise. No words. She wasn't speaking..

The only sound was that of dripping water. She was standing in a pool of it. It was dripping off of her hair and her hands.

It was filling the room.

"What do you want?"


Peter couldn't move.

The water surrounding her was expanding, had nearly reached him. He wanted to run. Something about that water…

' the woods…whispers…'

He could hear her voice, raspy and cold inside his head.

'…destiny…hasn't forgotten…'

"What do you mean? Destiny…"

'…he hasn't forgotten…'

Peter awoke with a start.

It was the third night in a row he'd had that exact same dream and he didn't know what to make of it.

He checked the clock and rubbed his eyes in an effort to rid the images from his head.

It didn't work.

Peter could still see her there, soaking wet and staring at him; almost accusing him. And he really couldn't figure if it was just a nightmare or something else; something worse.

Most of his dreams were connected to people he knew and despite the fact that this woman bore a passing resemblance to Claire, it wasn't Claire. And even though she spoke inside his head like Matt, it definitely wasn't Matt.

It was plain confusing.

And Peter didn't have time for it.

Today was going to be long enough without worrying about some nightmare that may not mean anything.

It was Thursday, and Thursday's were always bad.

Once the colony had migrated to Boston, they'd set up residence in the area surrounding Faneuil Hall. It was the perfect size for them and most of the facilities still worked. Plus Quincy Market and the surrounding shops and hotels made an ideal spot to house and run a new society.

The whole process of relocating had taken six months; they'd been in Boston now for a year and a half total.

After they were all settled elections were held as planned. Jacobs was the clear winner and, much to his surprise, Peter was selected to join the council as well. The third member was a woman Peter knew well by reputation, Marissa Collingsworth. She was the council's first non-gifted member and unlikely to be the last. She had a solid head on her shoulders and wasn't prone to rash decisions. Both Peter and Jacobs liked her immensely.

The council basically organized the colony, decided what needed to be done and, occasionally, resolved conflicts; occasionally meaning every Thursday.

Peter hated it.

For the most part what they did seemed important; this part just gave him a headache.

Peter regularly suggested they appoint a mediator for these types of things, but so far he'd been out of luck.

The council had made a lot of small appointments since they'd first started making decisions. Hiro, for instance, had been placed in charge of scouting the general area and making contact with other smaller colonies and townships. He took it very seriously, regularly leaving for weeks at a time, and did an outstanding job.

If there was anything to look forward to today, it was the fact that Hiro would be back from one of those missions.

He knew what that meant to the rest of the colony, to Claire in particular.

Hiro and his scouting parties were the colony's primary source of information from the outside world. By visiting other places, other sets of people, Hiro was able to keep an ear out for rumors of the Order, of Primatech, of people in general.

Peter dressed in a hurry and made his way across the street to where he knew Claire would be waiting. He wasn't disappointed.

About four months ago Mohinder had approached Claire with the idea of starting a school. The colony still wasn't very large, it was still hovering around two hundred members, but there were enough children to warrant attention; enough children and the possibility of more.

Mohinder taught most of the older students while Claire took care of the younger ones. They created the curriculum together and so far it was working out very well. Claire was actually very proud of what they'd accomplished, even if some of the students, Micah in particular, weren't exactly thrilled.

"Any word yet?" Peter asked as he entered the room.

Claire looked up from her desk and smiled, shaking her head as she did so.

"No. Nothing."

"Well," Peter said coming over and pulling up a chair, "it's still early. He's not usually back before dawn."

"True," Claire said with a laugh. "I was just hoping…"

"I know," Peter said quietly.

"It's hard not knowing."

"I'm sure this time he'll have something…"

Claire shook her head slightly, not expecting this time to be any different than the last, or the time before that.

Peter reached out tentatively and covered her hands with one of his own giving them a light squeeze.

"It's been a year and a half," she nearly choked out. "You know, when he said he needed some time, I thought he meant a month or two. I didn't think he'd be gone for this long."


"Do you think something happened? Maybe they aren't…"

"I'm sure they're fine," Peter said quickly, even if he wasn't quite sure of how truthful that statement was. "And they'll be back. You said he promised you, right?"

"Yeah," Claire said softly. "I just… You know, I knew Matt was mad, but I didn't think he was so mad that he'd…"

She didn't finish, too aware of how it sounded. How it would probably sound to Peter.

But Peter only smiled at her, seeing it just the way it was. Claire was worried about her friend, her best friend. Matt and Audrey had been gone a lot longer than anyone thought they would be. Even Jacobs had begun to sound worried, and nothing ever worried that man.

"Good morning," Mohinder called cheerfully from the doorway, breaking both of their trains of thoughts.

"How's it going?" Peter asked, quickly standing and moving away from Claire to join him on the other side of the room.

"Pretty much the same as always," he returned. "My water is out again."

"I'm not hearing complaints until nine," Peter shot back at him good-naturedly.

"Well, I'll be first in line then," Mohinder said with a smile.

"You and everyone else," Peter sighed, looking over at Claire one more time and just catching her smile.

"Speaking of everyone being after you," Mohinder continued. "I saw Jacobs upstairs. He'd asked if I'd seen you yet."


Mohinder only nodded.

"Alright," Peter said, "I'd better go find him then."

But instead of leaving right away, Peter came back over to Claire's desk.

"What are you doing for lunch today?" he asked her quietly, leaning in towards her.

Claire momentarily froze, first looking up and seeing Mohinder smiling at them, and then back to Peter who looked surprisingly serious.

"I don't know," she admitted. "I haven't exactly thought about it. Probably just peanut butter and carrots with the kids."

"Can I…"

Claire's nodded a bit more enthusiastically than she knew she should have, but Peter smiled just the same.

"I'll see you later," he said, heading out the door with one last wave at them both.

"Peanut butter and carrots?" Mohinder asked from across the room without looking up from his book.

"I know," Claire responded, pressing her head to the desk. "I'm an idiot."

Mohinder only laughed and shook his head.

"Was that a date?" Claire asked as she looked up at him. "I mean, did he just ask me out?"

"Would you like me to go ask him?"

"No," Claire said quickly. "I just… you know Peter, he talks to you…"

"He talks to you, too."

"But it's different. You're a guy," Claire answered. "Does he, you know, talk about me?"

"I could pass him a note in gym class and find out."

"Shut up," Claire said with a laugh. "And be serious. This is serious."

"Yes, Claire. There is nothing I take more serious than your love life."

"I don't have a love life. And at the rate Peter is going…"

Claire sighed, trailing off into silence.

"Peter likes you, Claire," Mohinder said. "He does. He just has a lot of things to deal with right now. It doesn't leave a lot of time for anything else."

"It's just so hard to tell with him," Claire said.

"Well, why don't you just ask him then?"

"Are you suggesting I pass him a note in gym class?" Claire replied sarcastically.

"No," Mohinder said, still smiling. "Just ask him."

"You really think…"

"Yes," he interrupted. "You should."

Claire nodded.

It was good advice. It was something she should have done a long time ago, but Mohinder was also right that they'd all been too busy for that kind of thing. There was a lot to deal with.

They'd both settled into a comfortable silence, each working on the day to come, when Lauren entered the room.

"You're back," Claire said, happy to see the other woman. "I didn't think you'd be back so soon."

"We got back late last night," Lauren said as Claire got up and gave her a brief hug. "Actually, it was more like early this morning. Hiro was in a hurry."

Lauren Taylor was one of the few people Hiro had found living in the city on his initial scouting expedition. She was only two years older than Claire, average height with dark hair and light eyes. Lauren didn't talk much, especially about her time in the city, but Claire liked her. Claire liked just having someone near her own age around again.

"Welcome back, Lauren," Mohinder said, coming over and joining them as well.

"Thanks," she said, sitting down and looking around her a bit expectantly.

"So?" Claire asked. "How was the trip?"

"Good," Lauren returned. "We'll probably head back out again in a few days, a week at the latest. We made good contacts with the township in Salem."

"Are they going to join us?"

"No," she answered, "but they do want to set up trade."

"What do we have to trade?" Claire asked somewhat skeptically.

"They've heard about Micah," Lauren said with a small smile. "They don't have any of us in their group. I don't think they want any of us to be honest. They do have plenty of food, but wouldn't mind some electricity. Hiro said he'd talk to the council for them, maybe work a deal."

"He may want to talk to Niki about that first," Mohinder laughed.

"That's what D.L. said," Lauren replied. "He wouldn't dare say yes or no without her approval."

The scouting missions usually contained just three or four people. Hiro nearly always led them and Lauren nearly always accompanied him. D.L. and Maggie had gone along this time, but that was rare.

"So," Claire said hopefully, "did you hear anything new? Any news?"

"No," she answered. "Most of the same. Stories about the Order. Executions. Nothing we haven't heard from Franco."

Claire nodded. It wasn't good news, but at least it wasn't worse.

Jon Franco had rejoined the colony six months ago when things had begun to rapidly deteriorate for those labeled abnormalities inside the Order. Jenny Yi, no doubt with Primatech's help, had rapidly changed how things were done. All prisoners being held were executed. There were forced relocations of all citizens to the capital. Re-education camps, labor camps, death squads; it was horrifying.

The Order was tightening it's grip and now had the technology and the power to do so.

But so far, they'd left them alone.

The colony was considered a myth inside the Order and it seemed the Jenny Yi was happy with that. It was as if she was purposefully ignoring their existence.

Sort of.

The new wanted list featured Nathan Petrelli right at the top.

It was Nathan, followed by Matt, followed by Claire.

Jenny Yi may not have been actively pursuing them, but she hadn't forgotten.

"Oh," Lauren said as she remembered, "we did hear about…"

Lauren stopped as she saw both Claire and Mohinder tense up at the potential news.

"Heard about what?" Claire asked quickly.

"Maybe I should let Hiro tell you."

"No," Claire said shaking her head. "If you know something… If you've heard…"

Lauren paused, considering it before ultimately deciding to get it over with. There was no point it trying to hide it from her.

"There were a few new arrivals in the township that had made their way up from the Order. They said that the patrols are now killing anyone they capture trying to get out. Killing and… and hanging the bodies up as a kind of warning. Leaving them…"

"That could just be rumor," Claire said.

"They saw some bodies. They saw it."

"How many?" Claire asked quietly.

"I'm sure it…"

"How many?" she repeated.


Claire said nothing, but it was easy to see she was already assuming the worst.

"I'm sure it wasn't them," Mohinder said gently.

"D.L. is going to go check later today," Lauren added. "It'll take him a few days, but…"

"No," Claire said with a shake of head. "No, he shouldn't do that. It's not…"

She didn't know how to go on. Claire desperately wanted to know the truth, but if they were dead it really wasn't worth the risk D.L. would be taking to find out.

"Besides," Claire continued to reason with herself out loud, "if it was him, it's not like the Order would waste that opportunity. They'd be broadcasting it by now. Everywhere."

"That's true," Mohinder said.

It wasn't exactly a reassuring thought, but it was true.

"He shouldn't go," Claire said, firmly now. "It's not worth the risk. If it is them, well, it's not like he can help them and I'm sure it's not. I'm sure it isn't."

Claire got up and went back to her desk, mostly so she could be alone; to have a moment to compose her thoughts.

Matt and Audrey had been gone so long that the only news she expected to hear was bad news. She hadn't given up hope, not entirely, but each day made it harder and harder to hold on to.

And those the executions sat heavily in her mind.

Even if it wasn't them, and Claire was certain it wasn't, it didn't bode well.

It seemed like a bad omen.