Resurrection by SLynn
Summary: It wasn't their destiny to stop an explosion. It was their destiny to stop him. Sequel to 'Apocalypse'.
Spoilers: Up to 'Fallout'
Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I'm just borrowing and will return them all when I'm done, virtually untouched.

Notes: These last two chapters (FINALLY!) are unbeta'd, so the mistakes are all my own. I appreciate everyone sticking through this with me, I know I've been the world's worst updater, but I hope it was worth it. Overall, it's now officially 2/3rds complete, can you believe it? I'm already drafting the third and final part, so never fear. I have answers and I will finish, I will. I'm not sure when I can begin, but I have at least one other story I need to complete beforehand, but then -- definately!. So, again thank you and enjoy!

Chapter 30: Fight

Hiro wasn't far from City Hall when he noticed the blood on the ground. The trail began as large puddle, out nearly in the open, that led off toward an alleyway between two of the buildings.

There was so much blood that Hiro assumed that the person, whoever it was, had been moved in an effort to hide the crime.

But why?

If Primatech or the Order had killed someone would they care if it was seen? Would they even bother? It was fairly obvious now that no one was supposed to be left in the city. Why go through the trouble to hide one body?

Cautiously, he followed the trail, hoping that maybe the person had survived, but not overly optimistic given the sheer volume of blood he'd found.

Stopping as the blood continued off into an open doorway, Hiro wasn't sure he wanted to continue on. Finally a half-stifled moan of pain drove him forward. Whoever it was they were hurt and he should help them. He wasn't going to run any longer, not from what he knew was the right thing to do.

Pushing open the door, he found her.

Audrey gazed up at him from where she sat, leaned up against the opposite wall, her eyes glossy but still alive.

"I didn't think anyone was coming," she said weakly, coughing hard at the end.

"What happened?" Hiro asked, hurrying to her side and trying to take a look at the wound she was guarding fiercely with an arm pulled tight across her stomach.

"Franco," she practically spat out, her face contorting in pain. The effort of speaking was clearly too much, but she continued on. "He's working for her. For the Order. He's been spying on you all."

"He shot you?" Hiro asked, unable to help himself. "He did this and…"

"I made it inside," Audrey finished for him, gasping for breath between sentences. "It's not too bad. It doesn't hurt as much as it did."

Hiro wanted to believe her, but couldn't. Audrey was pale and shaking, and it seemed as if willpower alone was keeping her alive.

"I was hoping someone would come," she continued, still taking in huge, ragged breaths after every other word. "I needed to tell someone… I tried to tell Peter but there wasn't enough time. There was never enough time…"

"It's alright," Hiro lied. "You can tell me now. Just take it easy, Audrey. Don't…"

"I will," she interrupted. "I'll relax when I'm done, but you have to know. You need to know the truth. It's so much clearer now than it was. I've had a lot of time to think and work it out, sitting here."

She stopped and coughed, harder this time than the last; blood trickling out of the corner of her mouth.

"Project Genesis," Audrey said, looking Hiro firmly in the eyes. "It all comes back to that. They started it. Primatech did, but they couldn't control it. This was never meant to happen. It was supposed to be a controlled experiment. They were looking…"

Audrey stopped once more to gather what little strength she had left.

"They were looking for a specific power. They were triggering dormant ones in search of it, but it got out of control. There are massive files on it. Tons of data. I didn't see everything…"

"They made us?" Hiro asked, confused at the thought. His power was so much a part of him, so natural to him, that it seemed a contradictory statement.

"Not made," Audrey answered slowly. "Triggered. It's important you understand. Not made. They can't make a power. And they can't control what they don't make."

"Okay," Hiro said quickly, her agitated state beginning to worry him.

"They triggered people who were never meant… Matt was right," Audrey said, trailing off and looking down. "He'd told me that they did this to him, long ago, and I didn't believe him. But he was right."

"Audrey," Hiro said as gently as he could, prodding her forward; sensing her time was short.

"They wanted to harvest the powers they'd triggered," she went on after a lengthy pause. "I don't know why. It wasn't all there. But the one power they'd kept looking for, they couldn't find. The one power that would make them invincible."


"Claire," Audrey repeated with a sigh. "This won't end until they find her. They're convinced she's the key to it all. The key to eternal life. They want her more than anything and… and they're willing to kill all of you to get to her."

Hiro knew she was done. Audrey, as soon as she'd finished her last warning, visibly relaxed and stared up at the ceiling as if waiting for something more.

"Audrey," Hiro said, nearly frantic. "Don't. You can make it. You can. You've made it this long."

"I had to tell someone," she said, her voice sounding far weaker than before as she continued to stare up into nothing. "I had to set it right."

"Audrey," said Hiro once more, trying not to panic at the thought of losing another friend that night.

"Tell Matt," Audrey began, her voice now no more than a whisper, "that it was quick. And painless. Tell him that and… and…"

Audrey looked at him with a weak smile as a few tears slid down her cheeks, before finally her eyes simply rolled back and she took one last breath.

Claire was the only one of the four who didn't appear completely exhausted by the time they'd landed back in what was once Washington, D.C. The flight had been very long and it didn't look as if they were going to get to rest any time soon.

They had landed at the White House, which despite the times looked completely unchanged, and were immediately separated from one another. No one protested, no one but Claire had the energy to; they all assumed they'd be seeing one another soon enough.

Matt was the worst off. The gaps and memory loss was always worse when he hadn't slept properly. That and, despite feeling cold, he was certain he was running a fever; still sick with whatever he'd caught on the way up to Boston.

He was only half aware of what was going on around him, only becoming fully conscious of the events after they'd shaved his head and made him shower.

Next it was a series of questions about his life, complete with lie detector, half of which Matt didn't even bother to respond to it was so ridiculous. Then they drew blood. A doctor or nurse, probably not a real one, asked more questions, these about his general health, and again Matt just kind of laughed and shrugged them off.

It was so completely ridiculous.

This wasn't why Jenny brought them here, he was sure of it. She didn't care about their health or their lives. She liked to cause pain. It made so little sense that Matt was beginning to question whether or not it was really even happening at all. That maybe, just maybe, Jenny was pulling a major mind bender on him and he was so messed up from whatever Primatech had done to him that he couldn't even tell.

Finally, left alone for nearly a half hour in a small room that could have possibly doubled as an office at one time, the first real sign that he wasn't having a massive hallucination came through the door.


She smiled feebly at him, tears in her eyes, and Matt swore under his breath upon seeing her so miserable.

They'd shaved her head too.

She sat down next to him, still handcuffed the same way he was and tried to wipe her eyes the best she could.

"It's only hair, right?" she joked. "It'll grow back."

"Yours will," Matt returned. "You never know at my age."

Claire laughed loudly, catching even herself off guard, before bursting into tears and leaning her head onto his shoulder.

"It's going to be fine," he said quietly. "It is, Claire. We're still together. We're going to make it through this. I promise."

Claire sat up straight again, looking him in the eyes and nodding fervently in agreement.

"Sorry," she said, wiping her cheek against her shoulder. "Sorry. It's just stress. I was worried about you. I know how she is with you and…"

Claire stopped cold as the door opened again, this time bringing in Mohinder.

"Oh, good," he said taking in both of their appearances. "It's not just me."

Claire smiled at him and shrugged good-naturedly.

"What else did they do to you two?" Mohinder asked, leaning in closer as if afraid they were being eavesdropped on.

"Shower, change of clothes, bunch of random questions about my family," Claire rattled off. "Oh and some fake doctor tried to take blood from me but had to give up after twelve attempts."

"They got me in one," Matt said with a laugh.

"Same with me," Mohinder added, smiling as well.

"What do you think she wants from us?" asked Claire, serious now.

"Well, she wants me dead," Nathan answered as he entered the room. "Not much of a surprise, most people do."

Nathan, like the others, had also been deprived of his hair, but seemed to be taking it well.

"Did you answer any of their questions?" he asked the three of them.

All of them shook their heads in the negative making Nathan smile.

"Good," he said. "Excellent. But I don't think our hostess will be too happy with our noncompliance."

"No," Jenny said, startling them all as she now entered the room along with two of her men, "I'm not. Not at all. But we have plenty of time to talk. Loads of it, actually."

She glared at each of them in turn as if daring them to speak up now that she was among them.

Nathan was the first who did dare.

"So, are we allowed to ask questions now? Are you going to tell us why you dragged us here?"

"Mr. Petrelli," Jenny said, her voice dripping sarcasm, "I've brought you home. I thought you'd be grateful. I'm so sorry if your reception here wasn't filled with all the pomp and circumstance befitting a ruler returning from exile, but I did my best, I assure you."

"No, no," Nathan said, sounding almost as if he was the one still giving the orders. "The reception was most kind. Although, I usually prepare my guests dinner and show them their rooms, not force examinations on them and shave their heads. But you and I have always had different styles."

"The examinations were precautionary," she returned coolly, not giving an inch. "As were the unfortunate haircuts. We've had problems with lice and scabies over the past few months. Anyone new introduced to the compound gets their head shaved. It wasn't meant as a punishment."

Nathan nodded but didn't believe it.

"And?" he asked.

"And what?" she repeated.

"Why are we here?" Mohinder asked having grown inpatient with all of this nonsense.

"I'd thought that would be obvious."

"It isn't," Matt said flatly.

Again she gave them each hard, scrutinizing looks before finally letting out a sharp, shrill laugh.

"You honestly don't know, do you?"

"No," Nathan said harshly. "We don't. We honestly don't."

"My God," Jenny continued to laugh. "That little colony of your must have been really secluded."

"Not secluded enough if you ask me," Mohinder returned coldly.

"But you," Jenny said, turning to Matt and ignoring Mohinder completely, "you must have known. You must have at least a small clue as to why…"

"Tell us if you're going to," Matt interrupted.

The smile died slowly on Jenny's face as she nodded crisply at him.

"Primatech is looking to end their little project," she said after a lengthy pause. "They're looking to end us all."

Claire looked at Matt, clearly confused. Matt didn't know what to say. He still didn't know what Jenny was talking about. Mohinder also appeared to be at a loss over the supposed impact Jenny had expected from this statement.

"They can't."

The three turned as one toward Nathan whose expression clearly showed shock.

"They are," Jenny replied. "Trust me, they are."

"And they don't know that you… that you plan…" Nathan continued to stammer. "What are you planning?"

"I'm planning to fight," she said fiercely.

"And we're supposed to help you?" Matt asked.



"Why?" she laughed. "Why? You ask me why. You of all people. You really don't remember, do you? They said you wouldn't, but they say a lot of things. Most of it lies. Primatech breeds lies; it's their way of protecting the truth."

"I still don't know…"

"You're patient zero."

Matt looked at Claire, who seemed just as lost as he did, before turning first to Mohinder and then to Nathan. Both men looked slightly fearful.

"What does that mean? What are you talking about?" he asked, again turning back to Jenny for an explanation.

"It means that our termination starts with you," Nathan supplied instead. "There was a disease, a virus, Primatech had been working on for a number of years. Many, many years before any of this. It was meant to end their experiment should things get too far out of control."

"What experiment?" Claire asked, still not understanding what was going on.

"Us," Nathan said in a hollow voice. "We're the experiment."

"You knew this," Matt said, unable to keep the bitterness out of his voice. "You knew about all of this and you never said anything?"

"I didn't know until well after," said Nathan, trying to defend himself the best he could and knowing he was not succeeding. "Not until after everything had already happened. Not until… I didn't think it mattered anymore. The virus had been tested several times and failed. I thought they'd given up. I thought we were safe from them and from it."

"They never gave up," Jenny confirmed quietly. "It's gone too far now and they want it over."

"Well, yes," Nathan said dryly, "obviously they still do. But the virus. They never got it working. It never spread the way they wanted it to. How? How did they…"

Nathan cast a nervous glance toward Matt, almost as if he was afraid of him.

"They found one of us with a special power. She's almost like Claire here, in reverse. Instead of healing, she kills. Pheromones, I think. Sends them out and infects the target. She's very accurate. They were able to duplicate her power and infect Matt just before sending him back up to the colony."

"Then it's too late," Nathan said.

"No it's not."

"If he was infected and it's airborne than we'd all have it by now," Nathan argued.

"But you don't," Jenny returned. "You've been tested. None of you have it. Not even Matt anymore."

"But…" Nathan stammered, unsure what to say next.

"They weren't aiming to kill this time," Jenny provided. "They were merely testing something, or rather, someone."

Mohinder perked up, having caught on to her meaning.

"They knew," he said simply.

"Of course they did," Jenny said, giving him a small smile. "They knew that if Matt was really sick…"

"Claire would cure him," Nathan finished.

"So, they gave me some fatal virus just to see if Claire could cure it?" Matt asked, shaking his head slowly in disbelief.

"Yes," Jenny responded.

"And there's nothing else that works."

"That's right."

"So, if she hadn't been able to stop it or kill it or whatever it she does…"

"You'd be dead," Jenny finished for him. "Or, on your way to dead. Not really sure how long it takes."

"And Nathan?"

"Infected and on his way to dead," Jenny answered.

"But Mohinder?"

"Immune. It only affects us."

"So it failed," Matt finished lamely.

"It was a successful failure," Jenny conceded. "They know now that Claire can combat the virus; it just gives them another reason to want to find her. Isolate her from the population and try again."

"You didn't know this until now," Mohinder added. "You didn't know if what Claire did worked, did you?"

"No," Jenny admitted, "but I was willing to take the risk."

"I still don't understand," Claire said after a long pause. "I get that you're trying to stop Primatech from killing us all, but I don't understand why. And I still don't know exactly what you want from us. What are we supposed to do?"

"Don't worry," Jenny said, smiling once more. "You'll know soon enough."

The sun was well into the sky as they'd finished burying their three friends, their three family members. They'd chosen a nice spot near the lake, but after it was done, no one knew what to say. There simply weren't enough words to convey the loss they all felt.

D.L. was the first to turn away, unable to stare any longer at the spot where his wife was now at rest. He got several yards away before he realized he was not alone, that Hiro had joined him.

"We need to act," he said quietly. "Quickly. If what Audrey said was true…"

"They messed with her head, just like they did Matt's," D.L. argued. "For all we know, they planted that. They wanted us to think…"

"Why? Why would they want us to think that? The colony was never a threat to them. Not really. The only reason to come here was to destroy us and to find Claire."

"Then it's over either way," D.L. continued sounding defeated. "You heard Micah. Jenny's got her. She's got Claire. Whatever they've planned, it's done."

"Jenny Yi is not Primatech," Hiro said forcefully. "And it is not over. Not as long as we still fight."

"Fight? Hiro, look around you," D.L. sighed. "There aren't enough of us left to fight."

"We can't just… we can't give up," said Hiro, determined not to give an inch. "Not after we've gone this far. After it's cost us so much."

D.L. lowered his head and looked toward his son who was still standing with Lauren next to the freshly dug graves.

"If Jenny has Claire…"

"Listen to me," and Hiro with great animation. "Last night, two things were happening at once. Primatech was here and the Order was here, but they were not working together. Had they been, we'd all be dead or dragged off. If what Audrey said was true, then it would make sense that Jenny Yi would want out of the arrangement with Primatech. She would want to save herself."

"And by capturing Claire she'd at least assure herself a bargaining chip," D.L. concluded, finally understanding Hiro's point.


"But," D.L. said, as something else dawned on him as well, "what about Peter? If Primatech took him, if they took Sylar, wouldn't that be nearly the same as having Claire? Peter can duplicate her power. He can duplicate any power."

Hiro nodded slowly, almost sadly, before finally finishing.

"That is why we have to go to Primatech. That is why we must try and fight while we still can."

Waking was a struggle and it took several attempts before he could actually open his eyes. Even once they were open, only part of the way, he couldn't really see. The lights, flying by overhead, were so bright that nothing was distinct.

Not only could he see nothing, he couldn't move either.

It suddenly occurred to him that he was strapped to some type of gurney; strapped so securely in place that even his breathing was constricted.

And still, Peter had no idea where he was.

Finally whoever it was doing the steering stopped.

"He's awake," Peter heard a man's voice say from not too far away.

"Doesn't matter," another man answered.

"But what if he…"

"He's not going to do nothing," the second man interrupted harshly, laughing at the fear in the first man's voice. "Not with that necklace on. He's harmless."

"Then why do we keep drugging him up?"

Peter felt a sudden cool sensation float up his arm, only then aware he must be attached to an IV.

"Doctor's orders," the second man laughed as Peter drifted back off to sleep.

It could have been hours or days, Peter wasn't sure, but the next time he woke up he was alone in what appeared to be a hospital room.

Still strapped in place, Peter craned his neck from side to side, trying to take in as much of the room as he could. There were IV stands, monitors, carts full of supplies and even a defibrillator, but it still felt off. It was only on his third look around did Peter notice the camera trained on him and the fact that the room was completely windowless. Even worse in his opinion, Peter realized that he couldn't see the door from where he lay.

He struggled momentarily against his bonds, but to no avail. Finally Peter tried to summon a power, any power, although nothing he could bring to mind could possible help him at the moment.

Not that it mattered.

No matter what he tried, it didn't work.

That man had been right after all, even if Peter didn't fully understand what he'd meant; he was harmless.

After a few more minutes spent in fruitless struggle, Peter heard the door to his room click open.

"Hello," Peter struggled to say, his voice weak from lack of use. "Who's there?"

"Mr. Petrelli," a new voice said, stepping closer but still out of sight. "Glad to see you are awake. We've been expecting you back for some time now."

The voice sounded vaguely familiar, but Peter could not put a face to it.

"I'll admit, you weren't our first choice, but you'll do."

"Who are you?" Peter asked, still struggling to see his questioner. "What am I doing here?"

"You don't recognize my voice?" the man asked. "Well, of course you might not. It's been years. Many, many years."


Peter's voice died in his throat as the man behind the voice finally stepped into view.

"Your parents would be disappointed in you, not recognizing me," he continued. "I am, after all, an old friend of the family."

"That's not true."

"It is, I assure you. Very true, whatever it is you choose to believe. Even parents have their secrets."

Peter didn't want to hear this.

"I still imagine you think Nathan is innocent in this. That he's been my dupe, my cover. Your faith in people has always been extraordinary, Peter. Truly remarkable. I used to believe, like your father, that it made you weak. But I've seen the error of my ways."

Peter shook his head harshly, turning away and refusing to look or listen any more.

"Yes, Peter," he continued, un-affronted by Peter's actions. "I was mistaken in you, just as I was mistaken in Nathan. Natural mistake given, well, given a lot of things. But no more. Now, now we are finally getting somewhere."

Despite himself Peter turned and looked, disturbed by the unexplainable joy in the other man's tone.

"Peter," whispered Mr. Linderman as he leaned in closer, a perverse smile on his face. "You and I. We're going to change the world."

The End