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Waning Moon

1. Introductions

He is silent as he leaps towards the balcony he knows leads to his little brother's room, even more so is the screen he pushes aside to let himself in. He pauses by the door, bathed in blue light, his hair reflecting the moon as though it were made of calm water. His eyes glow with a gold hue as he takes in the room's décor and its occupant's cot with bored eyes.

The night is peaceful, but there is a sadness lingering about the baby's room, one that Sesshomaru doesn't doubt is caused by his father's death. The human woman is still in mourning, it has been a mere three days since his demise in that disgraceful place, the human's now burnt down home. Sesshomaru can smell her salty tears leaving her, even as she sleeps in the next room.

His steps are quiet as he lazily walks towards the intricately decorated, oak cot, and peers down. Sesshomaru isn't filled with much joy when he sets eyes on a half-blood bundle of white hair and smooth skin: His little brother, only a few days old. The blankets are wrapped around him and of a deeper blue than what his father's markings were.

Sesshomaru's cold eyes narrow and he idly stretches delicate, claw bearing fingers towards the baby's ears. As though each one were a fragile treasure Sesshomaru trails his claws lightly over the rim of his brother's right ear, so different to his own, before doing the same to the left. Sesshomaru studies them intently: Where Sesshomaru's ears stand on each side of his head, his little brother's sit atop of his head, and where the demon's ears are smooth, elegant and pointed, his brother's are triangular and covered in silken fur. Sesshomaru can't help but run the tips of his claws over them again. They remind him of a puppy's.

They twitch and a gurgle alerts Sesshomaru to the fact that the baby's awake. Surprisingly Sesshomaru finds eyes as golden as his own staring up at him curiously, almost far too big for his face. Mesmerised, the demon allows his fingers to trail over a soft cheek, and for one of his fingers to be caught by tiny hands. He receives a toothless grin and a giggle from the baby when he attempts to pull his claws free.

"So you are the disgrace my father allowed himself to die for?" Sesshomaru wonders out loud. The baby simply giggles again, still tugging pathetically on the demon's finger. Sesshomaru hunches himself, so that his moonlit hair falls from his shoulders and waves teasingly in front of the baby's face.

His fingers are immediately released, and Sesshomaru flinches and hurriedly straightens up with astonishment as the baby tugs on his hair. His little brother is wailing after a second of having pulled the silken strands from from his chubby grasp. Sesshomaru can't take his shrill crying, and quickly bends back over, allowing the baby to take hold of silky strands again. A bell-like giggle rings through the room.

"I still don't know of your name, little brother. Mine is Sesshomaru, the Lord of these lands you and your mother live and will walk on."

He gets a confused look in return. The baby is blinking up at him with his huge eyes. He then grins and coos again and pulls on Sesshomaru's hair playfully.

Sesshomaru can't help but feel a flutter of feeling in his chest at that toothless smile.

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