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Waning Moon

25. Waning Moon

It is known to his close advisors, Rin and Ah Un, that Sesshomaru can be a patient, considerate, demon Lord. It isn't often (unless he is attacked) that he would instantly strike out at his subordinates, be them human or demon. But Sesshomaru hasn't had a day without Inuyasha stalking him in over a month now and he is sick of it. He wishes for the half-breed to state what he finds so interesting about him and why he must insist upon staring with his critically appreciating gaze. It seems he is 'love sick' if he is to believe Rin.

He turns from his garden's, serene, blue lake and stares discouragingly at his brother, who is sitting underneath his seemingly favourite Sakura tree, watching him as he ponders over his lands. Sesshomaru is to be meeting the Southern Lord in order to discuss the problems a particular monkey tribe has been causing their villagers.

"Is this Sesshomaru different from the ones you have spent time with in the past?" He asks coldly, eyeing his brother's strewn about form. Inuyasha is sitting lazily against the tree, his posture horrendous. He is frowning, but the demon Lord ignores the expression stubbornly. Sesshomaru doesn't doubt why Inuyasha sometimes complains about his back, not with the way he is slouched.

Inuyasha seems oddly solemn, even as he stands and strides to Sesshomaru's side. He lowers himself to the grass beside his brother, his golden eyes staring into his own with a questioning expression flickering inside them.

"You look," Inuyasha pauses, and Sesshomaru hears him swallow as his serious and calm façade disappears. He is suddenly looking very nervous, "You look good, just like always, Sesshomaru."

Sesshomaru blinks, slowly and then blinks again. This is odd. "Thank you, but I would prefer it if you would not stare. It is considered disrespectful."

Inuyasha doesn't seem to hear as he continues to watch Sesshomaru speak, ignorant of his words. Sesshomaru sits straighter and lifts his remaining hand so that it is in his lap. His brother's actions are strange; he is acting bizarre: calm, then nervous, still odd. He is being nothing like the brash, heathen his brother usually is.

"How many demons have you bedded?" The sudden question and the question itself knock Sesshomaru from his thoughts and he stares unabashedly at his brother who is looking more than a bit angry, his brows furrowed and his frown cutting deeper into his face. His personal life is just that, personal.

Sesshomaru can count on his fingers how many people he has allowed to bed him. But he will not tell Inuyasha that. The fool has been raised around humans; he is bound to think him impaired. Male humans seemed to pride themselves in how many times they have sex, and if they did not, they were considered unable to or crippled by an evil spirit. Sesshomaru will not be explaining his few couplings to his brother.

"I do not know. I do not count how many people I sleep with, little brother." Sesshomaru regards Inuyasha with critical, narrow, liquid gold eyes.

Inuyasha snorts and looks away, a petulant pout on his lips, "So you've slept with heaps. Figures…" He is now frowning darkly.

The demon Lord cannot make decide what is wrong with his brother. He seems downcast, nervous and he seems to be taking his misconception of Sesshomaru's bedding habits to heart. Sesshomaru doesn't appreciate his brother's comment or tone one bit. It is disrespectful and Sesshomaru will not allow even his younger brother to speak to him as he had.

"You misunderstand. I said I will not tell you, I do not mean I have bedded many, Inuyasha." His expression is calm and Sesshomaru stares with wonder as Inuyasha brightens.

It is true that Sesshomaru hasn't bedded many. He finds it annoying to have women through themselves upon him, or hide behind their colourful fans attempting to look alluring. He finds men to be even worse, thinking they will have a beta to take to bed with his feminine appearance. It is far too troublesome and there had been no point; Sesshomaru had never stayed home for long before Inuyasha decided to live with him.

Sesshomaru remembers a particularly embarrassing attempt to bed him when another Lord's son was visiting to talk to his father. At that age, he hadn't been able to control the colour that had instantly rushed to his cheeks when the Lord had taken his hand, slipped his arm around his thin waist and pulled him into his lap, all the while making suggestive comments of his hair, hands, lips and - other places. It seemed, even with his struggling and demanding to be released, the blush that had been staining his cheeks had only seemed to give the ignorant lizard the idea that he was playing coy. That had been when his father had found them and threatened the heathen with death.

Sesshomaru is glad the Lord hasn't shown his face in his lands; he doubts he will be able to control himself and might burn the fool's face off, or other parts of his anatomy; no one treats him as though he is a common whore.

"I want to tell you something." Inuyasha says suddenly, after a few minutes of silence.

Sesshomaru nods, which is the slightest tilt of his head. Sesshomaru feels his pulse pick up; he feels as though he is being flirted with. Inuyasha is being far more subtle, he is being cautious, but his tone drips of that the monk uses with him and his mate when he was being his usual degrading, lecherous self.

"Sesshomaru, I know we – we've had our differences," He says as though he'd practiced his forthcoming speech, "I know we haven't exactly gotten along." He looks confused, he looks frustrated and Sesshomaru finds it amusing how the half-breed's eyes close tightly and his fists clench in an attempt to calm himself.

"You are not very good at this." He states blandly. "If you continue to waste my time I will simply leave; I have more important matters to attend to."

Inuyasha lets out a deep growl before he shouts, "Oi! Shut up, asshole! It's hard to tell someone you love them!"

Once again, Sesshomaru finds that he can only stare and blink as his brother's face colours and he is suddenly quiet. Then he suddenly feels very angry. Sesshomaru rises gracefully from where he was kneeling, "You should know better, Inuyasha. I am the Lord of these-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know! You're the Lord of the Western Lands. Big deal! I just admitted to loving you! It has nothing to do with your position; I could care less for these lands!" It seems, Sesshomaru notes, as though Inuyasha has once again stoked the fire that burns inside his eyes.

Inuyasha also returns to his feet and stands directly in front of his, staring him in the eyes stubbornly. He is a half a head shorter than Sesshomaru, but the Lord doesn't doubt that Inuyasha doesn't care; he has faced foes three – four times his size and bigger. Why would his brother not attack him, especially after slicing off his arm?

The half-breed's voice is smug when he speaks and a smirk graces his features, "It's a worry that you want to run from love, Sesshomaru. I never considered you a coward." Sesshomaru's cold stare turns to a glare at his brother's insinuation and he opens his mouth to speak, "Now shut up, stop running and bend down so I can fucking kiss you."

Sesshomaru doesn't receive the chance to accept or decline Inuyasha's kiss, when he feels his kimono crumple under Inuyasha's unskilled hands and he is yanked forward. Their lips meet clumsily and Sesshomaru idly notices that his brother's lips are moist and soft and he remembers the lesson he'd provided him on the matter.

A moment later, Inuyasha has pulled back and he is studying Sesshomaru's face with all of his attention.

Sesshomaru cannot believe the half-breed's nerve! No one has ever disregarded his orders! They are all smart enough and respect him enough not to! His hand moves to Inuyasha's shoulder, ready to push him away – far away! – When he yet again pulled down. This time, a mere second after their lips are joined, Sesshomaru feels Inuyasha's tongue lap at his lips and, when he doesn't respond, his right claws stroke down his cheek, over his markings.

The demon Lord cannot help but moan and shiver at the tingly pleasure that flows with his blood at the caress it is a swiftly used opportunity as Inuyasha slithers his tongue into his mouth to lap at his own.

Sesshomaru's hand clutches onto Inuyasha's fire-rat clothed shoulder tighter; he doesn't know what to do. Inuyasha will be punished for his disrespect! But Sesshomaru doesn't push him away; he hasn't done this in a long time and his markings are starting to pulse with pleasure as Inuyasha swipes at them again. Push or pull? He sighs and moans again as Inuyasha's claws scratch at his striped left cheek.

Perhaps - Perhaps they could. Just once, just to humour Inuyasha…

Sesshomaru pushes Inuyasha away, sending him a couple of steps back, when he feels the half-breed nip at his lip and tug, drawing blood. He licks it away before glancing at Inuyasha, "You will not take me here." He says.

Inuyasha reddens, "I-I wasn't planning to – you know…?"

Sesshomaru's stare holds no shame as he gasps in breath, "I was under the impression that you would want to be alpha; you approached me. You do not want to?"

"No! I mean yes! I do want to have sex with you! But not right away! I-"

Sesshomaru regards Inuyasha's flushed face with a raised brow, "Is this another of your human customs?" Inuyasha nods. Sesshomaru turns, ready to head to his chambers. Humans are fickle creatures, he decides finally, he shall never understand them.

There is a tense silence between them. Sesshomaru breathes deeply, trying to calm his body. He is sure he smells of arousal because of Inuyasha's caressing of his markings, and quickly chooses to take a bath. It is best that he doesn't alert his advisors as to what has happened between them.

"You do realise we can still kiss?" Inuyasha asks and Sesshomaru is sure he can hear hope in the half-breed's voice.

Sesshomaru turns back to his brother, "Not if you continue as you are. I am sure we will not abide by your human custom should we continue as we were."

Suddenly, Inuyasha is grinning, seemingly more relaxed than he had been, "So you will? But only if I bed you?"

Sesshomaru scowls, "No, stop thinking like the monk. It is disgraceful."

The next thing he knows, Sesshomaru is being tugged along after the half-breed, the markings adorning his wrist trapped beneath a warm palm and figners, "Inuyasha, stop this at once."

"Shut up! You'll enjoy yourself and this is your idea!"

Sesshomaru frowns as he is tugged into a large long leap, one that places him outside his chamber's window, "You are not going to follow your custom, Inuyasha?" He asks, cheeks pink from Inuyasha's hand.

"Since when have I followed anyone's rules? Now hurry up and undress, I've been wanting to do this for ages."

"I will not be beta," Sesshomaru says as he tugs at his armour's ties.

Inuyasha turns on him and once again they are kissing. Sesshomaru idly realises his kimono is being stripped from his pale form. He feels warm, clawed fingertips rub at the magenta markings on his hips and gasps.

Perhaps it will not hurt to allow Inuyasha to take him this once; he is feeling shaky.

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