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I had to sit down in a chair at the kitchen table while I poured the milk into my cardboard-like cereal.

"You okay, Bells?" Charlie walked in.

I could tell he really was in on the whole proposal thing because he wasn't even trying to be inconspicuous about looking at my left hand.

"Bella, you said yes?!" He looked more shocked than was truly called for. "Oh my God, it's amazing!" Didn't women usually marvel over the ring?

I looked down at my hand. It really was amazing. It was pink, but it was amazing.

"How noticeable is it?" I asked, biting my lip.

"You can only see it shining from about a mile away." Yeah, Charlie was MUCH too excited about this.

Uh-oh. It was noticeable? How was I supposed to hide it at school? I wasn't about to take it off, no, that would hurt Edward.

"Well, I am just gonna go." I stood up. I had just heard a car on the driveway.

"Bells, you barely ate a thing." Oh, of course, NOW he starts paying attention to me!

"Um, I'm not hungry-over excitement, you know, the whole bit." I ran for the door, pulling on my rain coat as I went.

Edward was at the door when I opened it.

Making sure that Charlie was nowhere in sight, I stood on my toes to reach his lips. They touched for the slightest of seconds before I pulled away. Charlie was coming.

I knew it didn't really matter now. He knew that we were getting married, so there wasn't a point in hiding ourselves, but there is just something about kissing your fiancée in front of your father that is very unnerving.

I climbed into the passenger's seat of the silver car.


"AH!" I wasn't expecting to hear Alice's greeting followed by her wind-chime laughter at my head hitting the roof of the Volvo.

"Ow! What is wrong with you?" I moaned, holding my head with both hands.

Alice was still giggling as Edward got into the car. He slid my hands off of my head, placing his own left one there.

His hand worked like an ice-pack again, not to mention the pitter-patter of my heart which made him laugh. I liked that.

"I am sorry, Bella." She articulated every word with finesse. "I saw my car breaking down later today and I can't just run to school, it would attract too much attention." She smiled apologetically. "So Edward offered me a ride."

"Yeah, I did, before I knew you were going to give Bella a concussion!" He shot back at her.

"Would you rather me be stuck on some dirt road in the middle of a desert right now?" She asked as we pulled off the drive-way.

"A) you could drag your car back without anyone seeing. B) There is no desert in Forks. C) Yes, Alice. I really would rather you be somewhere else."

Alice stuck her tongue out behind his back.

Edward pulled his hand away from my head. The pain came back, making my eyes water. "Anything else?"

"Okay, Sor-ry! And Bella, I am sorry." She pecked my cheek.

"So Bella, we had a deal, regardless of the black haired 'thing' in the back." He nodded his head toward Alice, who grimaced in turn. "Your dream?"

"Oh yeah…" And I explained my dream. Actually, once I got started it was hard to stop, so I wound up explaining everything in my dream, down to the arch-way of roses and colors of gowns.

Edward and Alice were a very good audience to my endless ranting. Alice, I could see, was making mental notes about all of my pesky little details. But when I got to the part where Mike Newton came in, Edward gave off a low snarl.

"Behave!" I warned him. "It's not his fault."

"Well it's not yours." He sided.

"It was a dream, let it go." I rolled my eyes.

The explanation, combined with Edward's reckless driving carried us all the way to Forks High-school.

"Now, that's what colored roses on the arch way?" Alice asked eagerly.

"Red." I sighed. If I couldn't fight it, I may as well enjoy it.

"So now, you're having dreams about marrying Mike Newton?" Edward prompted sardonically.

"Nightmare, Edward, and I said drop it." My fingers absently traced the outline of the square ring on my finger.

Realizing this, he reached out and grabbed my left hand. Examining the layered, precise diamond, he held my hand up to kiss it.

I didn't lose consciousness that time, but even that slight touch sent my heart on a marathon.

But was it just me or did he seem distant? He didn't really meet my eyes, though he looked at them. It wasn't right. Whatever had happened last night to make him silent for any period of time appeared to be resurfacing. Either that or he really was insulted that I had a nightmare about Mike. But that was impossible. Edward knew better than any that I had eyes only for him.

We got out of the car without a word. Then I realized that Alice was no longer with us.

"Where'd Alice-" I started before noting that Alice was still in the car, eyes closed. Edward glided over to her side of the car.

"What is it Alice? What did you see?" His voice was nearly too soft for me to hear.

But Alice didn't look at him. Her eyes looked past his onyx ones to penetrate mine.

"What are your plans for tonight?" She asked me. "'Cause you're not going to like what I saw."

To my confusion, Edward went ridged. "Alice, maybe we should talk about what you saw…in private!" He snarled through his gritted teeth.

What? This vision was supposed to be about me! How come I wasn't aloud to hear of it?

Alice's eyes widened in horror at his reaction. "No, Edward. Bad phrasing on my part, it's not like that, it's about something stupid." She blurred it all together so quickly that I had to virtually hang on every individual word to make it comprehensible.

"What?" I was definitely missing some vital piece of information.

Alice turned back to me. "Mike Newman likes you a bit too much." She grinned. "He'll be at your window at about eight o'clock pm tonight. He's planning to throw rocks until you come down." She giggled, rolling out of her seat onto sturdy ground, fluently. "Have fun with that!" She chimed her aluminum laugh once more before dancing off to first hour.

"That Over-eager Puppy is going to crack my window!" I whined.

Edward loosened his fists, but his face was still tense, as we walked to our first class.

Though we walked together, we didn't talk all the way through the morning, which was unprecedented unless considering the days prior to the start of my new life. But I made myself promise that that would change by lunch. I mean, hadn't he just asked me to marry him for goodness sake. Didn't he owe it to me to at least look at me?

But he wasn't in the cafeteria. Nor was Alice, for that matter. It didn't make any sense. The weather was perfectly dreary, no forecast for sun or anything. They had no reason to skip class, least of all in the middle of the day. And why on earth did he not tell me that he was leaving?

The anger that churned in my throat must have made its way to the surface of my cheeks, because Angela leaned over and said, "You okay, Bella?"

"Yeah." I sighed, containing myself. I let my cheek fall to rest in my hand.

"Ohhh, nice ring!" She said, reaching for my engagement ring. "You know you're not supposed to have a ring on this finger until you're engaged." She scolded me.

Angela thought that it was just any old ring. My cheeks, already flushed in frustration, turned if possible redder.

"Oh, it's pink, didn't think you liked pink…or jewelry. But it's gorgeous, can I try it on?" She made a slight move to take the ring off of my finger.

"NO!" I pulled back.

"Okay, sorry, if it's that-Bella?" She had started to give in, but then she grabbed my hand before I could pull it away.

"Bella who gave you this ring?" Her voice was sharper than I had heard in a while. Come to think of it, I had never heard her voice so pin-pricked. "I think that's a real diamond! Is it a family heirloom or something? Bella, this is a wedding ring." I hated how perceptive Angela could be sometimes.

"It's not a family heirloom, no." I spoke with sincerity, preying that she couldn't see past it. I would have to tell her eventually, but the lunchroom wasn't the best of places.

"Then what is it?" She wasn't giving up that easily. I internally sighed at the thought that I had to tell her. She was to smart to be deceived by my lying techniques. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Um well, after graduation, Edward and I thought that maybe we would um…" I swallowed. "Get married."

I closed my eyes, preparing for the explosion. If there was ever a time that I would get such a lecture…

"MARRIED?!" She drew quite a few eyes from the innocently eating classmen. "Bella, this is huge! HUGE! When did he propose? How? Tell me everything!" She gushed.

"When did you turn into Jessica?" It wasn't like Angela to react like this.

"When you decided to marry Edward Cullen!" She oozed with girliness that wasn't usually there in Angela's eyes. She drew out the syllables of 'Edward,' making him seem like the most popular guy in Hollywood movies. But he was so much more. "Now, SPILL!"

"Fine!" I couldn't help the small smile that escaped my lips. "It was last night, and it was sort of messed up by Alice." Angela, being a good listener, did not intrude, so I would have to continue.

I lost all interest in hiding my ecstasy, and gave her the entire play-by-play of the previous night, all the way up to when I fell asleep.

"Oh my God! Bella Cullen. Hmmm, Bella Cullen. I like it!" She really was a good friend.

"So do I."

We stared at the ring for at least five more minutes. Then we decided that we should probably get going to next period.

As I stood up, however, the ring fell off my finger, slitting itself off with the strap of my bag.

"Shoot!" I scrambled to pick it up. But who would get there first, but Jessica Stanley?

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