'After he had caught Jenn making out with Ryan Dunn, he realized something. He wasn't mad at Jenn, it wasn't anger he felt, it was jealousy. Ryan Dunn was HIS friend, not Jenn's. When he had confronted Ryan about it, well, that was another story.'

"Owwww!" Bam had just punched Ryan in the shoulder, for no reason. Again. It was raining outside, so everyone was lounging around, either playing pool or arguing with each other. Ryan glared at Bam, and then slugged him back.

"Fucker!" Bam yelled.

"You started it!"

"You deserved it!"

"Yeah well you…you…YOU!" Wow, Random Hero had the best comebacks ever, that'll show him.

"Good one, Dunn."

"Why thank you." Ry said, taking a deep bow. He briefly looked outside at the storm. It was coming down in buckets.

"Dico, you playing, or what?" Bam looked at Brandon, his pool partner, who smirked and swung at Rake with the pool cue.

"Ha, Rake, I just whacked you...with my stick." DiCo laughed at his joke. No one else did. It just wasn't funny. The rain seemed to make Brandon even more retarded. Well, whatever, he's a cool guy, even if he did hit Dunn in the nuts with a 3 wood. He did seem truly sorry though, maybe even a little gay about it, but that's how they make jokes around there. What most people might call gay, they call amusement.

"DUNN!" Raab screamed into Ryan's ear. He yelped like a schoolgirl and fell backwards onto the pool table, while everyone else laughed. Finally Ryan laughed at himself. He silently wished he had had that on video so he could watch it later.

"Pool is a game for talented people. I'm going to go get a beer instead." He told everyone.

"Wait up. I'll come too. Anyone else want one?" Bam asked everyone. Raab, naturally, stuck his hand in the air, along with Rake and Glomb who had been lying on the floor, sketching something onto a piece of scrap paper.

Ryan and Bam silently trudged down the stairs and across the floor in the Pirate Bar. Ryan opened the fridge and stared into it, forgetting what he hauled his ass all the way down there for.

"Ry?" Bam asked, making Ryan jump a little.

"Dude, why are we in the Pirate bar?"

"Think about it." Bam rolled his eyes.

"Beer. Right. Thanks."


"Didn't you just say that?"

"Shut up, I need to ask you something."

"Sure, go ahead." Ryan said, grabbing an armful of alcohol and setting it down on the counter.

"This isn't easy for me to say-"

"OH MY GOD YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Bam stared at Ryan wide eyed, and Dunn burst out laughing. Bam cracked a smile and then looked at his friend with the sorrowful eyes he only used when something was seriously wrong.

"Bam? What's the matter?" Ryan walked over to him as Bam sat on a stool. Ryan jumped up beside him and sat on the counter. Ryan looked at Bam's bowed head with a concerned stare. Bam sniffled a little and Ryan hopped off the counter and sat on a chair beside him. He wrapped his arm around the shoulders of the skater and held him for a few minutes.


"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. What's the matter? You don't cry."

"Never mind, lets just get back upstairs." Bam tried to stand up but Ryan held him in his seat.

"Not until you tell me what the fucks wrong. Are you dying? Did Captain throw up in your shoes again? Are you out of whole wheat bread? What the fuck is going on?"

"I hate whole wheat bread." Bam looked up and smiled. Ryan looked deeper into his eyes.

"Please tell me." He said, sticking out his lower lip.

"First you have to promise you won't ever hate me." Bam's voice shook slightly.

Ryan's eyes got exceptionally wide and he jumped up. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY CAR?!"

"Car? What? Nothing! Just sit down." Bam's hand started to tremble. He knew if he didn't tell Dunn now, there might not be another opportunity. Bam took a deep breath in, exhaled, and looked around the room.

"Bam? Seriously, what the fuck is wro-" Before Ryan could finish his sentence, Bam grabbed him by the back of the neck and kissed him. Bam pulled away and stared at the floor, tears filling his eyes. Ryan sat, stunned, as his childhood friend started to cry. Bam's shoulders heaved with each sob, and Ryan could only stare.

Ryan's world had stopped. He could no longer hear the laughter from upstairs, he couldn't hear the clock ticking on the wall beside him, he couldn't hear the washing machine banging around. All he could hear were Bam's violent sobs and his heart beating at a very unusual pace.

"I-I saw you and J-Jenn." Bam choked out. Ryan's face started to glow a deep crimson.

"But I don't underst-"

"I fucking love you Ryan." Bam stared at Ryan as the tears continued to skate down his cheeks.


"I love you." Bam said again.

"I love you too Bam, but, well, you know, I mean, I'm not, I-I mean…I won't…"

"I understand." Bam whispered. He calmly stood up, kissed Ryan's cheek and went outside to go for a walk. The rain was still coming down incredibly hard, but he didn't care.

"I'm sorry…" Ryan whispered to himself. He grabbed the semi-warm beers off of the counter and headed upstairs.