The italics prefacing every section are direct quotes from Daughter of the Forest

A tale can start in many ways.
Thus, it is many tales, and at the same time each of them is but one way of telling the same story…

I am not a teller of tales. I never have been, and I never will be. As a Briton, I haven't a childhood filled with stories and magic, Fair Folk and Fomhoire, as the children of Eire have. I was raised in a British household, younger brother to Hugh of Harrowfield – and while I would not inherit all my father's lands, nor rule with wealth and fame as my brother would, I spent my childhood trained in the same rigorous mode as he. There was no place for tales and lore in the life of a Briton.

There was a girl…the grandest teller of tales in all the earth. Her voice is soft and smooth, her hands the gentlest in the world. She is so different from me, so different from any creature in the world. She is a child of Eire, and her life is filled with tales. Her life itself is a tale, and I've become enchanted by her….

Somehow, the predictable line of my life became entangled with her story. Many have heard, many know her story – the miracle of her endurance, her strength. How she endured years of silence to restore her six brothers from their cursed form as swans. Perhaps you might have heard my name somewhere in the tale…perhaps not. But Sorcha's story is also, in part, my story, and my story hers. For Sorcha is the heart of my tale – its beginning, middle and end.

I am no teller of tales. My story won't attain the fame of hers. Perhaps it's not as grand. But at last, this Briton must tell the story that has haunted him for more than a lifetime….