A New Beginning by Gina

copyright: 2007

Rating: R

Pairing: Willow/?

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Summary: It's six months after season 7 finale, can Willow make a new start with Kennedy or maybe someone new? Will someone from long ago get a new beginning?

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Chapter One

Willow sat in her office at the headquarters of the new Watchers Council. It had been just six short months since Sunnydale collapsed and their lives changed forever. Faith and a few of the more experienced trained slayers had chosen to split up into two groups for the fighting of demons around the world. Group one, led by Faith and the less experienced slayers, traveled mostly in the states. While the second group, led by Xander and Robin, with the more experienced slayers, chose to fight more extensively around the world. Thus, it was Buffy's job to find these new slayers once Willow had tracked them down. It remained Kennedy's job to help those who stayed at the hell mouth. Also, it was her job to assist in the training said slayers and defend the hellmouth.

Giles and Dawn helped with day-to-day operations of the headquarters when they weren't raising funds and continuing studies. The headquarters consisted of a dormitory, library, school, large dining area, training area, and other relaxation spots. It had nearly broke Giles and the funds left over from the council, but the buildings were needed to facilitate such a large group. In total, the group consisted of the remaining Scoobies, three surviving watchers, twenty-two slayers who were out in the field and sixty-seven younger trainees. Since the closing of the hellmouth in Sunnydale, the team had sadly lost twenty-three slayers. This was the downside to having so many slayers at once; they became easier targets since they had a larger number of slayers.

Willow had just finished paying some bills and signing some legal documents, when Dawn sauntered into her office. "Hey Will," Dawn said with a smile. She was attending college along with her duties at the headquarters in hopes of going into the medical field. "Have you spoke with Buffy or Faith lately?"

"Buffy will be back in town the day after tomorrow," Willow said, as she gave her notes a quick scan to verify her information. "Faith is bringing a couple from her group back. She says they fight decently but don't get on well with others. Go figure, Faith complaining about people interaction skills. "Both women had to chuckle at that thought, Faith was never a people person and was now reprimanding others who weren't.

"Well, I think we need to do a bit of shuffling around anyhow," Dawn added, as she took a sip of her hot drink. "Anyway, why I'm here isn't about that. Giles called me last night, um, I forget his location, but he said he would need to speak with you if a trend continued. He heard from Buffy that two of the four people she was going to bring back, don't seem to have full power. Kennedy mentioned this about a few of the newer trainees too I think."

"Yeah," Willow said in a thoughtful tone. "He's gone to look for some information and did speak with me. If he's forgetting, we may have another issue." Willow put her head in her hands, as Kennedy came in the room.

"We're discussing this slayer thing," Dawn offered in way of adding Kennedy to the conversation. She never liked Kennedy much but was willing to give her a chance for Willow's sake. Kennedy was nothing like Tara and the kid part of Dawn, missed Tara tremendously.

"I came to see if Willow was free for lunch." Kennedy stated and kissed her girlfriend. "You don't get out of here enough Willow. Everyone else tries to have some sort of social life but you." Kennedy gave Willow her best pouty face, as Dawn sneered. "C'mon, what do you say we go to that new posh restaurant up the street? I hear the food there is great."

"Kennedy," Willow began slowly. "We may end up with a crisis on our hands with these slayers. I'd rather do some research to see if we can get a jump on the situation." Willow gave her girlfriend a smile but one was not returned.

"I think this is a private conversation," Dawn said with a yawn, as she rose from her seat. "I'll talk to you later Willow. I want to check in with Dani anyhow and see if I can get the scoop on which one Faith is messing with, her or Robin."

"Probably both of them," Kennedy said with a snarky tone in her voice. "Faith is sleazy. Her family comes from the trashier side of Boston, while my family is from the more well to do side." Kennedy grinned at the two women who had disgusted looks on their faces.

"Let me tell you something," Dawn said as she stood in Kennedy's face. "If I were bisexual or lesbian, I would do Faith any day over your prissy ass!" She slammed the door on her way out, which garnered a snarl from Kennedy.

Kennedy crossed the room once more and kissed Willow aggressively. "C'mon Willow, we don't get much time together anymore. I might start to get a complex soon over the lack of personal time you give me lately." Kennedy smiled her best seduction smile in an effort to tempt her girlfriend into a little afternoon treat.

"First of all," Willow stood in a defiant manner as she spoke. "We have all been very busy with getting this facility underway. Secondly, I have told you repeatedly to stop messing with Faith as you do. That is child's play and, in case you haven't noticed, I am an adult. An adult who does not date children!"

"I'm sorry Willow," Kennedy flashed her best sad look. "Dawn and I just can't seem to click so I do what pisses her off the most. I think she has a crush on Faith and I want to push her into admitting it. Sure I don't like Faith but that honestly is why I do it when Dawn's around."

"Well knock it off because I'm tired of the childish crap that comes up when you and Dawn start jabbing at each other." Willow stated in an exasperated tone. "I feel like I'm your babysitter sometimes Kennedy and that's not cool for a lover to feel like that. That's one of the reasons I have avoided more us time. It's not the only reason, but one of them. Another reason is that I'm very busy and you know this."

Kennedy lowered her gaze from Willow. She knew the redhead was right and she had a few issues to work out. She was glad that the two got over the Tara issue, having believed it was settled the first night they made love. She believed that Willow would have never given herself fully to her if she weren't ready to close the Maclay chapter in her life.

In turn, Willow still loved and missed Tara a great deal. She had resolved to go on because it was the right thing to do, not because she was head over heels in love with Kennedy. She was very fond of Kennedy and, at times, wondered how deep her feelings ran but it was nowhere near the relationship she had with Tara. This was the main reason that Willow found excuses to not spend as much time with the third ranking slayer in charge. Willow felt it was wrong to do this but had not done anything about it thus far. She and Kennedy got on well most of the time and Willow felt that there was a possibility of a long lasting relationship there. Her problem was she could not fully let go of Tara. She didn't know why, as it had been nearly two years since her death. She knew that she had to find the strength within to move forward at a more rapid pace, but wasn't sure she had that strength.

"Kennedy," Willow lowered her gaze to the woman who had shown her devotion for the last year. "Let me get this work done and we'll go out tonight, I promise." She decided that tonight would truly be what the night they made love for the first time should have been, the moving on.

"Deal," Kennedy said with a big smile on her face. She truly loved Willow and wanted things to work out. She hoped that they would have a good time tonight as well as get some of the tension out of the way.

- - - - - -

Danielle Prescott was a tall deep brown-eyed, long wavy-haired 19-year-old dark-skinned woman from Louisiana. She had arrived at the school just four short months ago and was quickly rising through the slayer ranks. The talk was that she would replace Kennedy very soon as training leader. She was in training for the police force when Buffy located her, just days before her powers found her. She had accepted her calling eagerly and worked hard to do her job, which most newly gathered slayers did not do at first. What the gang came to realize was that, after the first batch of slayers were called to fight at the Sunnydale hellmouth, powers would be released more slowly and to a few at a time. Nobody knew how it worked or why it was that way, but the new group of watchers and head slayers were happy it worked out in that fashion. It made things much easier for training and locating girls.

"Hi Miss Willow," Danielle said, as Willow walked towards the dining room.

"Hi Dani," Willow smiled at the young woman. They'd had many talks and clicked instantly. Dani loved computers as did Willow, but Dani was most interested in the gaming aspect of them. Both women had a great love of reading demonology materials, as well as romance novels. Both women were easy to get along with, though Dani exuded confidence and Willow did not. Willow was able to share her intimate thoughts with Dani, her feelings of Tara and Kennedy being just a few of them. She found the young woman easy to talk with, as Dani did her. "I'm going out with Kennedy tonight, will you be able to look after the girls with Dawnie?"

"Sure Miss Willow," Dani said in a casual tone. "Are you deciding to try and close that painful chapter of your life then?" Dani spoke pointedly, as she and Willow discussed how hard it was to lose someone you held so dear to your heart. Dani too, had lost her lover just over a year ago in a tragic car accident.

"I don't know that I can close it Dani. Maybe I can heal enough to love Kennedy though. I mean, I care a great deal and maybe I do love her but I have to allow myself to see it." Willow said trying to convince herself as much as convince Dani.

"My Nancy will always be in my heart," Dani said, as she clutched a heart-shaped locket, which contained Nancy's picture in it, close to her. "We can't live in the past though Miss Willow, we've got to live in the here and now. They would want that for us. If Kennedy is the one you want, I wish you luck and if not, I hope the best for you both as you move forward separately."