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A Dance in the Woods

Night had fallen upon Primary Village. The sky was filled with clouds, obscuring the moon and stars. Yet, despite the complete darkness, T.K couldn't sleep. Apocalyomonwas dead, and a rest was well deserved, yet no matter what he did, he could not sleep. The digi-destined were camped out in the middle of the village, surrounded by digi-eggs.

T.K, no matter how hard he tried could fall asleep. So, rather than toss, turn and now and again throw a pebble at his snoring older brother, he decided to go for a walk. Judging by Patamon's snoring in the spare crib next to him, T.K decided that it would be too difficult to wake him and walked off into the woods. He had spent the last few days playing with the other digi-destined in the forest so he thought he knew his way around, "although," he thought to himself, "we didn't play hide and seek in the dark." After a few minutes of walking around and into a few trees, he found his way to his favourite tree near the crest of a hill and climbed into the higher branches. This tree was perfect for climbing, with the lowest branches being at the right height for him and the top branches were strong enough to hold him, but none of the big kids. In short, it was the perfect hiding place. He'd climbed up high enough to see all the way back to the village and saw the rest of the digi-destined asleep, occasionally illuminated by Agumon's fiery snoring. He thought he could hear Matt's snoring and started laughing; half because he could hear Matt's snoring from so far away, half because he was amazed that anyone near him could sleep. Then he noticed that there were only six sleeping bodies. He knew where he was, so who was missing? This was answered by pine cone whizzing past his ear.

"AHH!" he cried, nearly falling out of the tree, "Stay away. I know kendo." He tried to pull one of the smaller branches off the tree to defend himself, but ended up holding a rather pathetic looking twig. He was weighing up the odds of surviving a jump from the tree to escape were when he saw a pair eyes staring down at him from a branch a few metres above him. Then the eyes purred at him.

"Ga..Gatomon?" he asked tentatively. He felt the branch bend slightly and, spinning around, nearly knocked the branch's new occupant out of the tree.

"Kari" he said. There was no mistaking those eyes. But still, what would Tai's sister be doing at the top of his tree? How could a girl even climb all the way up to his secret hiding spot?

"Hello T.K" she said, still visibly surprised that someone had found her at the top of this tree. "Wait a minute, why is she holding a pinecone in her hand?" T.K thought, "She tried to knock me out of my tree!"

"I didn't hear you come up," Kari explained quickly, blushing and throwing the pine cone out of the tree "I was afraid so I defended myself. You're very good at climbing trees" She said the last bit very fast and while staring at her shoes. T.K was speechless. No one had ever complimented on what a good tree climber he was, let alone a girl.

"You're a good tree-climber too," he said; Kari grinned, "but why did you climb up here?"

"Oh, Right. I was looking for Gatomon. She ran off in the night."

"I only ran off because I couldn't stand your brother's snoring Kari."

"Be nice Gatomon"

"That was being nice." Replied Gatomon before jumping up a few more branches and promptly falling asleep.

"Oh" said T.K. That made sense. He'd do the same if it was Patamon who had run off in the night. But wait; that still gave her no right to climb his tree.

"That makes sense," he said puffing his chest out a bit, "but you have to get out now, this is my tree."

"Is it?" she smirked.


"Prove it."

"I will" and so he started racing her down. He lost.

"No fair, you cheated" he panted as he reached the bottom of the tree and looked for where he had carved his name into the trunk a few days a…

"Huh" That was all he could say. He had carved the words 'T.K's Tree' in big jagged letters, but someone had gone and changed the wording with what looked suspiciously like cat claws. The 'T' had been scratched out of recognition so the carving now read 'Kari's Tree'. T.K just stood on in silence.

"You stole my tree!"

"Prove it." Kari giggled before running off into the woods.

"Girls" T.K muttered to himself before he started after her yelling "Tree-Stealer!"

The sky was beginning to clear.


T.K was lost and he knew it. It had been half an hour since he had gone after Kari and even with the moonlight he still couldn't figure out where he was.

"She tricked me," he grumbled to no one in particular, "She's probably already back at the camp asleep and warm and…" His rant was interrupted by a sudden gleam in the moonlight from one of the nearby trees. It was Kari's whistle.

He moved silently towards her, planning to teach her a lesson for knocking her out of his tree when he heard the quiet sobs.

"Kari?" he said. Obviously she hadn't heard him sneak up towards her; she jumped and spun around, tears staining her cheeks. "Wow," T.K thought to himself, "She looks pretty in the moonlight. What was that?" What a strange thought to flit across his mind.

"Oh T.K," Kari flung her arms around him, "I was so scared. I don't know which direction the camp is or even where I was." She wiped the tears from her face. "So, how do we get back?" T.K thought for a while and finally had an idea.

"We could climb that big tree over there" he said, pointing to the absolutely huge tree on an opposing hill. "We'd be able to see the rest from the top, or," he grinned, "we'd be able to hear our dopey brothers' snoring." They both laughed at this.

"Ok" she said before grabbing T.K's arm and dragging him towards the hill on the other side of the valley. They walked in silence for a few minutes, both of them jumping at every sound and then laughing when they realised that it was only a squirrel.

Kari finally broke the silence, "Tai seems to like you"


"He doesn't mind you talking to me" she continued as if T.K hadn't interrupted and everything she had just said made sense.

"Whenever a boy came up to me in the park," she explained, "Tai used to throw them into the pond…" Then she told him about the time that Tai had thrown one of the boys from her class, Davis, into the pond when he had tried to kiss her, but then he had tried again. "…and then Tai picked him up and hung him from the tree by his jacket. Then he walked me home like nothing had happened, and Davis was still stuck on the tree screaming and kicking." Kari laughed hard remembering that story.

They trundled on in silence for a few more minutes before Kari broke the silence once more.

"Thanks for finding me T.K"

"That's ok"

"You know what?"


"You must be a prince."


"Well in all the stories, the handsome prince comes and saves the beautiful princess, and because I'm a beautiful princess, then you must be a prince"

T.K thought on this for a moment

"Does this mean we get married?"

"I suppose so."

This conversation came to a stop as the pair suddenly stopped. In front of them was a small clearing. It looked no different from any other clearing, but there was something…calming about it, something soothing. Then there was the music. It was a soft music, a mystical music that seemed to come from the forest itself, but impossible to track down. The clouds had fully cleared and starlight lit up the clearing.

The two just stood there for a moment as the music started, then, "Dance with me T.K" said Kari, dragging T.K into the centre of the clearing before he could open his mouth in protest.

"I don't now how to dance though."

"Then I'll teach you"

The dance was awkward; mainly because T.K had two left feet. But there also something else. Whenever they looked at each other, one of them turned away after a few seconds blushing. T.K had to admit that Kari was a good dancer. The music carried by the winds swept and twirled around the clearing as Kari gracefully lead T.K around while T.K sort of stumbled around with considerably less grace or poise. After a good long while, when even Kari's feet were staring to hurt, they sat down and started eating the crackers that Kari had brought with her to feed Gatomon. Kari yawned and laid her head against T.K's shoulder. "You'd better get better at dancing before we get married" she said sleepily. When there was no response, she looked over a saw that T.K was already asleep. At least he doesn't snore she thought to herself before cuddling up to her friend for warmth and falling asleep. The music was so soothing. The sky was beginning to cloud over again.


Sora woke up with a start and instantly knew that something was wrong, she just didn't know what it was. As she rubbed the sleep from her eyes it came to her; Kari! The girl usually slept right next to and she definitely remembered her going to sleep next to her that night, so where had she gone?

"Pssst. Mimi" she hissed across to what resembled a pile of pink rags.

"Wake Up!" God the girl could sleep. Finally, after some prodding with a stick Sora finally woke Mimi up and told her that Kari was missing. Looking back on it, Sora had felt that Mimi was perhaps lacking in her concern, mainly because Kari refused her fashion advice.

"She's probably just gone for a stroll"

"At two in the morning?"

"Good point." Mimi waited a few seconds as she thought. "So what do we do?"

"We go looking for her of course!"

"Should we wake Tai up?"

"Sure," responded Sora sarcastically, "then we can watch him and Agumon burn down everything in a five mile radius to find her. No, this needs a woman's touch"

So the two set off to look around Primary Village. After wandering around the town of giant building blocks for a while, it was pretty obvious that Kari had not passed through the village. This left…

"The forest?" gasped Mimi when Sora suggested that they should check the woods, "Bu…but it's dark in there. And anyway, how would we even start to find them?"

"Well we have to at least try" And that was that. The two girls wandered into the woods, Mimi clinging to Sora's arm and jumping at every single noise. Sora didn't have to put up with it for long though. About 50m into the forest they came across the clearing. They found the two in the centre of the clearing, still both asleep, but T.K's arm was draped around Kari's shoulder and Kari's head resting against T.K's shoulder while the two slept peacefully.

"Awwwww They're so cute together. I can't wait to tell Tai"

"Mimi," Sora slowed down her sentences in an effort to get the meaning across, "what do you think would happen if you told Tai about this?"

"I dunno"

"Matt would high-five him, and then Tai would kill him"

"Tai can get a bit overprotective sometimes can't he?"


"So what do we do?" Sora thought for a few moments.

"We wait 'til dawn then we come back and wake them up" The two set off back to the village, leaving the two youngest digi-destined together in the woods to sleep peacefully. The years would pass, but neither of them would ever forget that night.