Chapter 5

Jeff Leaned up against the cold, waiting room wall. He hated hospitals. Ever since Lucy had died he'd hated them. He slowly turned his head and looked at where Tin-tin and Scott had fallen asleep. Virgil had taken Thunderbird two to pick up Gordon, Fermat and Brains, whilst Penelope and Parker headed across 'the pond' from England in FAB 1. He started slightly when Scott had groaned in his sleep, but other than that, nothing within the room stirred. Jeff groaned and bowed his head. After the Thunderbirds had arrived at the hospital, Alan had been whisked away to see how severe the damage was to his body. That had been hours ago now, and Jeff was feeling impatient. Why was it taking so long. He was distracted when the waiting room door opened and a kind faced doctor poked their face through the door.

"Um, are you the guy from International Rescue?" The doctor asked, entering the room. From where he sat, Scott instantly began waking up. Jeff had to smile at his son's seeming sixth sense when it came to his younger brothers.

"Yes, my name is Jeff, Are you our operative's doctor?" Jeff replied. The doctor nodded.

"Yes, I am. We've stabilised your operative's condition. He had several broken ribs, and had punctured his lung, but those have been surgically fixed. He also has a concussion, and has bruised many of the bones that make up his arms and legs. We have conducted scans, and we have determined that there isn't any more internal bleeding, although he'll be very bruised, battered and sore for awhile." The doctor told Jeff. From behind him, he heard Scott exhale noisily and Tin-tin sob.

"So, he'll be okay?' Jeff asked, his hopes slightly rising.

"Eventually, yeas" The doctor nodded. Jeff smiled, relieved. Scott and Tin-tin were getting to their feet, Tin-tin sobbing, whilst Scott grinned.

"Can we see him?" asked Scott, speaking for his father and tin-tin, whom both were to relieved to speak. The doctor nodded

"Yes, I think that would be allowable" he smiled.

In Alan's hospital room Jeff sat at his youngest son's bedside. Alan still looked pale and weak, but his chest was rising and falling evenly with each of his breaths. Jeff gently swept a stray strand of Alan's blond hair off his forehead. He looked so young and innocent, lying there, unconscious. Jeff found it hard to believe that this was the same boy that had defeated the Hood, less than six months ago. Alan whimpered slightly as he slowly began to return to consciousness. He felt awful, his head ached, and his chest almost screamed in agony with every breath he took. Squinting, he tried to open his eyes, but the lights of the bright room hurt his eyes, and he hastily sht them. From seemingly far away, he heard his father's voice.

"Scott, turn down the lights, he's starting to wake up, It's okay, Alan, I'm here, the lights are darker now." Alan groaned and opened his eyes again. The room was much darker now, and Alan found himself able to focus weakly on his father from behind his oxygen mask. Alan turned his head to see the rest of the room. Scott was perched at the end of his bed, and Tin-tin, who sat on his other side, smiling tearfully at him. Alan cleared his throat and tried to speak.

"What happened?" he croaked out. Jeff placed his arm on Alan's shoulder.

"We were at an earthquake site, it was a mine. You had Mystery One and were checking out one of the mineshafts. Mystery One's battery failed, so you started walking back to the surface, but there was an aftershock. You were buried. It seemed to take us forever to find you. When we did, you were only semiconscious. You gave a scare numerous times" he explained, his voice catching slightly. Alan blinked his eyes.

"I remember Mystery One's batteries failing, and me leaving her, and then there was this odd rumbling sound, and then everything goes black" He whispered, his voice hoarce from lack of use. From where he was sitting, Scott took up the story.

"You were really lucky, Alan, you broke four of your ribs, punctured a lung, bruised pretty much all of your insides, including most of your bones, and got one hell of a concussion."

'That explains the headache" Alan groaned as his head throbbed. Jeff frowned.

"Do you want me to ask if they can up the painkillers a bit?" asked he.

"No, it'll be okay. Where's Virgil?"

"He went home to grab Gordon, Brains and Fermat. He should be arriving in an hour. Lady P is on her way as well." Jeff told his youngest son. Alan shifted on his pillows, darkness becoming to him. Jeff noticed the movement.

"It's alright, Alan, you can go back to sleep, we aren't going anywhere." Alan blinked, trying to keep awake, but he was so tired. Slowly, his eyes began to droop and he fell into dream filled slumbers and a pain free existence.

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