AN: I know this chapter is short, but it is the shortest one, and it gets better, I promise. Thank you for coming to read my story.

Chapter 1

Vader watched as Palpatine used Sith Lightning on his son. His son. "Now, young Skywalker, you will die." Brother to his daughter. His daughter, who would not forgive him if he let her brother die. Padmé's son. Padmé, who wouldn't forgive him if either of his children preceded him in joining her in the Force. His son, and he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if he let Luke die. Anakin Skywalker picked up the Emperor, using his massive height to get him high enough to move him over the abyss. Dropping the Sith over the side of the railing, he collapsed. I wish I could have known them, he thought, as he and Luke watched the body explode. He felt a pure, bright light envelope his tired form, and he released himself totally to it. He was ready to die.

Master Yoda sat in his meditation chamber. It was morning and light streamed through the windows, although the slats blocked a good portion of it out. The light made the carpet a blotchy gold and brown. Master Yoda was not paying attention to the carpet, but to some strange ripples in the force that he had come to investigate. He had thought that the ripples were quite odd, but never in his life had he sensed anything like it. Watching the ripples was like trying to see sound waves, but he caught evidence of their passing, now and again, with each one that passed being sooner than the one before it.

Eyes closed, he concentrated on the changes taking place. Strange, it is, this happening. He thought. No one had commented to him about it, and sensing was something that Yoda so far excelled at that anyone who had sensed it would have in all likelihood come to him. For myself alone, this is. Whatever was happening was getting closer, like a giant tetherball, wrapping around its pole. A crash in the room in front of him jostled him out of his meditation. An encased figure was the first to catch his eye; with that figure, there was a young man. A quick check showed them both to be strong force users. "Hmm-mm," Yoda said as he climbed down to get a closer look. The man was wearing all black, with a glove on one hand. He looked stunned. "What have you to say for yourself? Hmm?" Yoda poked him with his walking stick. "Interrupted my meditation you have. Hmm?" He looked at the young man, once more. "Recognize you I do not. Quick you shall be, or away you will go."

The man swallowed, and then started talking, "Master Yoda, I-I'm so sorry. I don't know what is going on. We were fighting the Emperor and then suddenly we were here."

"Humph. Know me, do you?" Master Yoda poked him again. "Unknown, you are still."

"Luke, Master Yoda," he said, "I am Luke. You trained me, and then you were no more." He seemed very surprised to see Master Yoda, but it appeared that through his Jedi training, he was simply dealing with the situation presented to him.

"Trained you, did I?" Master Yoda looked him over again. "Many years it has been since a Padawan's training I have undertaken." Yet Yoda's senses told him that this Luke was being truthful. "What of him?" Yoda poked the encased figure between them.

Luke looked startled, as he had obviously forgotten the man, at least momentarily. "This is my father," he said quietly.