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Quidditch 101



"Basic rules," he said sitting her down on the edge of the bed.


"Now," he crouched in front of her. "The Quaffle."

"You score with it," she said, watching him pull her boots off, lifting her feet to help him.


"By throwing it threw your teams hoops."

The socks followed, "How many points do you get?"


"Bludger," he pulled her jumper over her head.

"You use it to unsettle the other players, knock them off their broom, hurt them."

"Right fun," he laughed grinning at her, she tried to scowl but failed miserably as he unbuttoned her blouse. When he pushed that off her shoulders, "Up," he ordered, "Last one, the Snitch."

"The most important part, the Seeker has to catch it, but it's hard to get," she said as he pulled her trousers down, "You catch the Snitch you are pretty much guaranteed victory, with the 150 points you get."

"Well done Miss Granger, I do believe you passed Quidditch 101."

"Yet another O," she smiled, pressing herself against him, "Your turn."

"Later," he said repeating her words.

"Uh uh," she tutted, pushing him as well as she could over to the bed. He fell backwards as his knees hit it, "So Mr Flint, when did the Goblin Rebellion occur?"