"I want the truth, Bella!"

Charlie shouted as his fists hit the table with an audible crack, making me flinch. It wasn't fair. I had been on house arrest for about two months with stupid rules like no Edward after school hours… of course he would sneak in to stay the night with me but Charlie's random checks he would always be too tense to relax.

"I am telling the truth, Dad! Edward just dropped me off after school!"

It was only partial truth and it was nagging me that I was lying, "We didn't do anything!" Yet another lie. Edward had stayed for a few hours after to watch a movie with me. I wanted him to stay but I wanted something else too but that won't happen.

"Okay, Bella…Fine."

He stormed out of the kitchen and a few minutes later the door slammed and the cruiser roared to life. Edward was by my side in an instant smiling hugely like a child in a candy store. Just looking at him made me feel horrible about all the lies I told just to keep our forbidden relationship together; Charlie hated Edward and has yet to be swayed from his rock solid resolve.

"Hello, Bella."

He smiled my favorite crooked smile and leaned down to touch his lips to mine carefully,

"So what are we doing today? Charlie's gone fishing with some guys at work…."

His eyes glinted as an idea sparked there. Before I could protest, he was throwing me on the sofa growling playfully.

"Edward, you aren't being funny…that scared me half to death."

He smiled and paused before replying probably to listen to my hearts pounding.

"Your heart is fine and you are very much alive."

He leaned over me, kissing up my neck, easing my legs part with his. I gasped and immediately pulled away.

"What are you doing?!"

I breathed the question only to have him shrug and kiss me. I forgot everything and wrapped my arms around his neck. It barely registered that he didn't push me away as always. When he pulled his lips away from mine he was breathing hard, his eyes wide with amazement.

"Loving you, Bella."

His hand snaked up my shirt and towards my bra clasp but I pushed his hands away.


He looked crushed but sat up and straightened his shirt out. I sighed as I stood and took his hand. He watched me with wary eyes as I led him up the stairs.

"Not in the living room…."

He sighed as I closed the door, not even waiting a moment until he pulled my shirt off. I laughed nervously as he undid my bra and let it fall to the floor.

"Edward! Don't stare like that!"

He ignored me and carried me to the bed pulling off my pajama bottoms with his teeth.

"Hey...I'm naked you have to at least join me." He smiled and sooner than I ever could've realized he was naked as well, snaking under the covers to join me.

"I swear I won't hurt you Bella..." I barely heard him whisper before everything blurred into a rainbow cloud of fantasy.