My daughter the brightest witch

Twenty years ago Remus Lupin stumbled in to the muggle world with his best friend James Potter. And though he tried to brush off his one night stand he could never forget the silky brown haired woman.

And nineteen years later he finally understands why when a young bushy haired witch sparks a revelation for the werewolf. Remus Lupin is a father and it can only bring more problems for his daughter.


Remus Lupin attempted to wipe the smile from his face but failed, James potter attempting to non-magically balance a plastic glass on his nose was to Remus, in that moment at least, the funniest thing he had seen since Hogwarts all those years ago.

"What" James snapped glaring at his best friend but Remus shook his head "nothing my dear friend… just wondering how Lilly could allow you out" Remus stated only to receive a snort in return "I, my dear moony, can do as I please" James declared loosing the fight to balance the plastic cup which fell into his lap.

"Really… so why is Lilly standing there" Remus pointed generally over James's shoulder towards the door only to hold back the bellow of laughter wanting to stream from his lips as James nearly snapped his neck looking over his shoulder searching for his wife.

Remus couldn't fight the laughter as James turned his brown/green eyes back to his friend and shoved his heavy black hair back and huffed "that was not funny Remus" James scolded reaching for his muggle drink and drained nearly half of it, Remus simply laughed and shook his head "oh but it was, you've been married what two-" "four years" James winched when Remus grinned brightly and lowered his head.

"Whipped" Remus offered but James gave him a withering look "I am not… so what if I love my wife, what can you say- your last relationship was three years ago and that lasted how long" James asked with a proud smile as a sour look crossed the werewolf's face and he turned to his drink "ha, you know I'm right" James declared loudly even with the heavy music pounding from behind them, a few other drinkers looked at them for a moment but went back to their drinks.

"So… it's not like I really need to be tied down" Remus stated determinedly his lips pursing and his shoulders set back "oh please I know you Remus, your looking for love, marriage and everything else that comes with finding someone you love" Remus glared at his friend but said nothing because he was right.

Ever since discovering his condition Remus had wanted nothing more to find a somewhat normal life and when James and Lilly finally stopped fighting what was so clear to everyone else and got married Remus found himself want desperately a beautiful wife, a happy life and many children.

"Right because werewolves always end up with a happy ending don't they James" Remus questioned shooting his eyebrows up. James looked sadly at his friend before taking a deep breath looking into his drink.

"Your not a werewolf Remus… you're Remus Lupin a good man who happens to turn into a drooling mutt at the night of the full moon" James stated causing his friend to grin at him and roll his eyes "you always saw the good side of this" Remus declared as James grinned "well we all have to keep you in check… and that's really why I needed you to come here tonight because I have to tell you something that will affect our family" James stated causing Remus to frown and sit up straight "what… James what's happened" Remus demanded almost sniffling the confusion rolling from James.

"It's Lilly and me, we're going to change this family we've made… including you, Sirius and Peter" James admitted causing Remus to take a deep shuddering breath. He never did like it when James took this sort of serious tone; he was always good hearted and always humorous.

"James please, what ever it is" "me and Lilly are going to be adding to the family" James admitted with a smile as he looked to Remus who frowned then raised his eyebrows when it hit him… well he hadn't been called a bright young wizard for no reason.

"you mean you and Lilly… she's… your going to be a father" Remus finally spat out causing James to widen his smile proudly while nodding "yes… and you and Sirius are going to be god fathers" James stated as Remus sat in shock before grinning at his best friend "this is big James… your going to be great parents unbelievable and… wait what me and Sirius are going to be what" Remus exclaimed as James chuckled placing a restraining hand on his friends shoulder.

"Me and Lilly have discussed this… we want you and Sirius to become the babies godfathers, and if anything happens to either me or Lilly the baby will go to you" James declared but Remus snapped his head around and stared at him "no" he said forcibly causing James to frown "I'm going to ask you this one favour dear friend… if anything should ever happen to either you or Lilly, which as far as I'm concerned will be never, the child should go to Sirius… James I know none of us truly like admitting this but I could be a danger to the child and you know that" Remus reminded him causing James to lower his eyes sadly and sigh.

He wouldn't dare speak the words but James did nod not looking to his friend "but like I said James Potter nothing will happen to you or Lilly as far as I'm concerned" Remus chuffed his shoulder lightly bringing his bespectacled friend to look at him a grin.

"Firewhiskey for all" Remus declared loudly causing James to shake his head and laugh softly "I think it's just called whiskey here Moony" James hissed to his friend who blushed lightly and nodded before looking to the bar keeper "whiskeys for all or what ever you mug- er other drinkers are drinking" Remus declared loudly as the bar keeper raised an eyebrow and glanced to James who shrugged "he's going to be my unborn child's godfather" James explained and the bar keeper nodded. Remus beamed brightly before glancing down the bar only to find a pair of chocolate brown eyes glancing at him. Pushing some golden brown hair from his face he smiled brightly at the woman who blushed lightly and turned to her rather loud and obviously drunk friend.

Remus grinned to himself and looked at James who was rolling off names for a child "we were thinking if it's a boy he should be called Harry… Lilly has this notion for calling him Harry James Evan Potter" James stated as Remus shrugged and gave his friend a look "long name for a child…besides haven't you got long enough to decide… wait how long have you got" Remus declared as James grinned madly "oh say about eight months and a week… Lilly's three weeks gone" James declared as he went back to looking forward while Remus simply nodded and glanced back down the bar to see a head of silky chestnut brown hair that sat in untamed curls. He was about to turn away once more but the woman turned her head clearly bored with her drunken friends ranting and caught Remus eyes once more and she offered him a wonderful smile… her prefect white teeth digging lightly into her lower lip when she blushed and looked away.

But that was it for the rest of the night neither being able to stop the glances towards each other smiling to each other. James was now on to why he should have a boy and most defiantly not twins when his eyes began to droop, glancing to Remus who was staring down the bar James tapped his friend drunkenly on the shoulder causing the werewolf to jump slightly before spinning to look at his friend "I need to go- go-go- to that place that I have one of those large things that are soft and you go to sleep on" James waved his hand wildly around him causing Remus to chuckle and stand swaying just a little "home" he questioned as James beamed and stabbed a finger towards Remus "yes old man that's it… god what would happen if I didn't have you moony" James questioned loudly as Remus steady himself "I don't really know Jam-jam- Potter" Remus declared slapping his friend on the back "Lilly's going to hex me into next year… no-no-no-no-no she's going to CURSE me to just in time to see my baby being born so she can hex and curse me into next year" James declared as Remus grinned wildly at him whilst trying to steady James as he stood "as long as it isn't me" Remus stated with relief only to be shot a drunken withering look before James turned "right home to my lovely beautiful and pregnant wife" James ordered as he stumbled to the door followed by Remus who was just trying to focus on the door.

However when the cool air hit both Remaus and James felt the drink hitting them hard and they began to laugh a little too loudly "quiet Remus or they will get their muggle police onto us" James ordered but this only made Remus laugh even louder bending over and slapping his knee.

"Ooh I know lets go to Diagon Ally and find Snape… I bet we could get some eggs and charm them so they will never wash off from his door" James offered causing Remus to shake his head and carry on laughing "we could spell out snivelling sissy Snape lives here" James declared before Remus stumbled into the wall his breath ragged as his laughter continued to bubble over.

After a few minutes they both controlled their laughter and managed to stand up wiping the tears away "I think it's really time for me to go back to Lilly" James admitted as Remus nodded before frowning "can you know… apparent back" he questioned as James stood up proudly albeit wavering and nodded "of course I can… I'm James Potter" James declared loudly before digging through his pockets for his wand sending him to spin in a circle when he found it but couldn't pull it out "James in there you fool" Remus snapped pointing to a large bush that would hide the magic James was about to perform.

James looked at him startled then confused then blankly before he finally understood why he held his wand in his hand "oh… oopps" he started to giggle before he was shoved in to the bushes and Remus shook his head "goodnight daddy" Remus stated before James's head popped up through the bushes and he frowned before he understood and he beamed "that's right I'm going to be a daddy… wow I wonder if Lilly knows" and with that James popped out from in front of Remus and probably crashing into his home where his pregnant wife would threaten to hex him.

Remus shook his head and turned ready to walk back to Sirius's home, he took a step forward just in time to see the chestnut brown haired woman waving to a taxi pulling away and gripping the jacket she wore a little tighter around her. Remus's stomach tightened as both his pulse and heart beats raced, the woman was beautiful… when he saw her in the bar from the waist up she was beautiful and now seeing her fully shivering slightly in the cool air she was breathtaking beautiful.

He allowed his hazel eyes to travel over her body before settling on her chocolate hair that seemed to frizzy lightly but still remained silky. Catching his breath feeling all heat rush to both his face and to second part of his lower body Remus smiled when the woman looked up… and for a second she blushed but returned the smile.

At this point Remus believed that his wolf side took over and he boldly stepped forward "hello" he greeted causing the woman to brighten and grin even more at him "oh hello… you were in the bar earlier on" she stated flicking her hair back exposing her creamy white neck, it also gave Remus an undiluted wave of light perfume and hidden beneath was honey, apples and cinnamon.

The smell though homely and sweet drove Remus's senses into over drive, licking his lips greedily "yes… I hope your friend is ok" Remus said in a husky tone that made his blood boil. The woman before him seemed taken back by the change to his tone but to his joy and animal desires she didn't step back instead she flushed her self and her tight grip on her jacket loosen "yes, she was upset her marriage came to an end and I was helping her forget her troubles" she stated as Remus nodded tantalized by her fully pink lips that seemed to be begged to be inspected by him.

"You seemed to be celebrating with your friend" she said innocently lowering her upper lids slightly causing Remus to clear his throat and thoughts before smiling and shoving his hands into his pockets "why yes I was… my friend is expecting his first child-and I may mention not to be his last- and I'm be god father" Remus declared proudly smiling when the woman smiled at him "then both you and your friend are very lucky" she stated as Remus nodded shifting when silence settled between them.

"Maggie" the woman suddenly declared before holding her hand out "my names Maggie" she declared as Remus grinned and took her hand gently noting how soft it felt in his callous hand running his thumb over her knuckles enjoying the slight shiver he felt "Remus it is a pleasure to meet you Maggie" Remus declared bending down the kiss her hand lightly.

"Remus would you like to get a coffee" she questioned as little more boldly while Remus straighten still holding her hand in his loving the feel of her soft and warm hand in his while finding the way she spoke his name the most pleasurable thing in both the Muggle and Magical world.

"I would like nothing more Maggie" he admitted before draping her arm over his and turned her to a small café.

Maggie quickly adjusted her shirt after buttoning it back up. Her high heel shoes were still in her hands as she scanned the dark bedroom for anything else she may have left behind. As she searched her eyes settled on the naked form beneath the covers, she watched the pale chest raise and fall barely hidden beneath the tangled and twisted sheets.

Catching her lower lip between her teeth Maggie resisted the urge to run her fingers through the tussled golden brown hair or kiss those red lips that she had explored only an hour ago. Biting back the groan and moan from the memories of the nights actions Maggie swiftly made her way around to Remus and she bent down beside him, clenching her fist tighter around her shoes and pressed her lips to his cheek quickly but could not hold her self back from pressing them harder against his lips. When she felt him begin to react to her kiss she darted back nearly knocking the note she had left from the bedside table. She pushed the tears back before spinning and running from the room before her lover would wake.

She had managed to slip into her home without a noise, after a quick shower and changing her clothes she entered her bedroom to find her bed empty and already made, swallowing hard she attempted to wipe the horror from her face before smoothing her hair down and turning around.

When she walked into the kitchen she saw a figure leaning against the counter with a blue mug clasped in their hand "morning" the dark haired man greeted as Maggie grinned at him falsely wondering what would happen next. She waited for the shouts or the questions of where she was but instead the man pushed off the counter and walked over to her pecking her lightly on the lips he grinned "hope Jenna is ok" he stated as he walked back to the counter and began to ready another mug. Maggie stood shocked for a moment but shook it off before walking over to him "she is- did I wake you" she questioned as the man looked at her and shook his head "no honey… though you didn't have to make the bed while I was still in it, it surprise me you were up this early I didn't hear you come in at all" the man declared whilst looking at her with nothing but love.

Maggie could only give him a half hearted smile but seeing his worry she yawned "I'm still a little queasy" she stated as the man grinned and wrapped a arm around her waist "how about you go back up to bed and I'll bring you some tea and breakfast" he ordered as Maggie nodded absentmindedly and kissed him on his cheek.

Maggie found her self being ushered out of the kitchen before she stopped and looked back round. The man she promised her life to… the man she cheated on stood there preparing lovingly her breakfast.

"Roger" she started unsure where she was going to end up… her stomach deciding to flip and flop on it's own, her husband turned and looked at her with a small smile "yes honey" he asked as for a moment the truth wanted to spill forth but Maggie always clung to the image she had created when Roger first asked her to marry him… their children. They would have Roger's smooth dark brown hair and her hazel eyes….how could she rip that apart.

"Roger… I love you so much" she finished knowing she was a coward and never deserved the man standing before her. Roger simply smiled and nodded "I know sweetheart… but not as much as I love you" he chimed before Maggie nodded then turned and headed upstairs, where she found her clothes from the night before and quickly threw them in the bin. Remaus was forgotten… it was a one night stand that would never be remembered nor mentioned. It would be all about Roger and her love for him.

As she laid down Maggie felt her stomach flip once more and sickness rose up… shaking her head she pulled the covers up and smelt her husband, they would try for a baby soon… when she didn't feel so sick.

Seven months later

"Ok Maggie push please… just one more push" Roger urged his wife as she clutched his hand tightly when pain coursed through out her body "the babies too early" she wept for what seemed the hundredth time since she her water broke. Roger kissed her forehead and blinked back his tears "our baby is going to be fine… our baby is a fighter, don't you know that sweetheart can't you feel the baby how strong they are" Roger demanded as Maggie wept before slumping against "the baby's two months too early Roger what if… what if something is wrong" Maggie growled when pain hit her and she pushed.

She pushed for a minute before there was a loud smack and a cry echoed through out the room. Blinking back in surprise Maggie looked up "is that the" "she's on the small side… she will have to stay here" the doctor stated as he cut the cord and handed the small crying mass to a nurse who rushed over to a table.

Roger cried against his wife as Maggie watched the flurry of activity going around them while the doctor smile "don't worry you have a beautiful little girl" the doctor announced before a nurse brought a pink cover over to her and Maggie was shocked to see her baby no bigger then a toy doll. She didn't stop the tears as she held the child in her arms and she couldn't make the smile remain when she saw his eyes… not Rogers but Remus's eyes.

Taking a shuddering breath she glanced up to Roger whose smile faulted and he turned his grey blue eyes to his wife "we-we need a name" he offered but Maggie saw the sadness and broken heart in his eyes "Roger- please… I know she isn't… but she could be" Maggie whispered before Roger focused on the tiny creature in his wife's arms and then in an act to surprise her he ran his finger through the soft golden brown curls peppering the babies head "I think one of my cousins has hair like this and eyes too, must run in the girl side of the family" Roger declared before he kissed his wife's head quickly.

The nurses grinned at the sight but none heard the whispers Roger spoke "I know… she's not mine but-but- but you came home that night, you choose me that night and have done everyday since… I accept that and I'm happy for it, this baby will always feel love from me no matter what" Roger promised before pulling back and taking the baby from his stunned wife's arms and handing it to the nurse "she's too small to be left out here for so long… she has to get healthy I demand it" Roger ordered as the nurse nodded briskly "her name… or do we call" "Hermione" Maggie spoke causing Roger to glance at her, happiness alighting his eyes for a moment but then it was gone and pretence took over "after my mother" he asked as Maggie nodded "yes… Hermione Jane Granger… her fathers daughter" Maggie declared looking deep into Roger's eyes hoping he understood that he would always be Hermione's father. Roger nodded lightly before turning back to the nurse and his daughter, he bent down and kissed her gently on the head and smiled "welcome to the world Hermione Jane Granger" he said before she was taken away.

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