High Above the Ground.

Their fingers are sticky with melted ice cream, the sun almost blinding. Hayner takes the ice cream from Roxas' fingers and licks at the melting side. Then, he clicks his tongue.

"Man, where are they?"

Roxas rises an eyebrow and smiles, taking the ice cream back, moving one of his hands below to catch a few drops. It's kind of sad that summer's barely starting and they're already so broke that they can't even manage to get an ice cream each. "Doing homework, remember? Olette wanted a head start."

"Oh, yeah," Hayner shakes his head and leans backwards on his hands, half closing his eyes to protect them against the light. "I SO don't understand her. We still have whole weeks before going back to school. And gimme."

Roxas decides to surrender the last of the ice cream after sucking a last bit, too content in the lazy glow of the afternoon to endulge into anything more than just enjoying it. He licks his palm and fingers a bit before wiping his hands on his pants. Hayner is still sucking at the popsicle.

"It's okay," he says with a shrug. Hayner shakes his head.

"It's boring. And it's summer. We should be having adventures!"

Roxas laughs. "Sure, whatever."

Hayner punches his shoulder and pretends to frown, but his lips curl into a smile around the popsicle.

"Roxas! I mean it! Sheeze, what's up with you," but he continues, eyes looking forward. "Starting now, I say that each day until the festival will be an adventure!"

"Don't forget the Struggle Battle," Roxas add, just to see Hayner grin. Hayner does so and nods, throwing a punch to the air.

"Of course I won't forget!" His grin broadens and Roxas laughs again, amused, already half guessing what his friend is thinking. "I can't wait to see Seifer's face when you and I kick his sorry ass. I bet he'll go crying for his mommy!"

"You and I, huh?" Roxas smiles and Hayner nods, offering his hand. Roxas takes it and ignores the feeling of sticky fingers against sticky fingers, much more focused on Hayner's familiar smile and the warmth on hazel eyes.

"Of course you and I! First and second place, right? No grudges to whoever wins."

"No grudges," Roxas nods, giving a squeeze to Hayner's hand, but he doesn't resist a last dig. "I'll try not to win you by much."

Hayner snorts and laughs, punching his shoulder again, this time harder. "As if! Who taught you all that you know, huh?"

Roxas grins, rubbing his arm and shaking his head, and goes back to looking at the sunset, feeling warmth inside him, and peace.