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The girl known as Tenten was confused. For years now, she had found as her partner in training, her comrade, Neji Hyuga. In all that time she had never once fooled herself into thinking she was truly a match for this prodigy; it was only through significant effort that she managed to keep up during practice sessions. Of late even that was impossible. Tenten had found herself terminally distracted of late, and the results were indeed noticeable.

"You're slow and your aim's off. If you're not going to try, then this will be a wasted effort on us both." The Byakugan master said smugly with an undertone of concern.

"S-sorry. I'm a little off today. I can do better." Tenten forced confidence as she retrieved an armament from her stock.

"Yes. But if real danger were to strike such lapses could prove fatal. The reason we train in the first place is to keep our skills sharp." Neji replied authoritatively dropping his battle posture.

"I'm just a little distracted today." The girl remarked simply.

"Then perhaps you need a moment to rest and clear your mind." Nejis added coolly.

"Alright, I'm going to take a walk and perhaps we can continue after that." Tenten said graciously.

This particular training exercise as most was carried out in the vicinity of the Hyuga family home. As such, the large structure's grounds would seem ideal for such a task as clearing one's mind. However as Tenten went about her way she found her mind once more coursing into the matter that held it captive of late.

For some time now, Tenten had found herself entranced by another. For an independent girl, such as herself, thoughts of romance were foreign and reason for panic. Still of late as she spent more and more time in this grand building's shadow she knew she had become more and more interested in one of its residents.

Tenten had always found the Byakugan eye to be particularly beautiful. Its means of sight, its incredible utility, its pearl white color, and gentle dull sheen, all lent to that view.

After a few moments of walking, Tenten had found in her path the one whom she desired. She offered a smile and a casual greeting and received much the same before continuing on her way. Feelings like this were unbefitting of a dedicated shinobi.

As the figure of Hinata Hyuga disappeared into the distance, the only thing Tenten could do was wish that she was stronger.

"So are you in a right mood now." Neji said with a hint of disdain.

"I don't know, perhaps we should just stop for today. You probably don't get much stronger from sparring with me anymore anyway." Tenten said sorrowfully.

"Is that what you think? There's no doubt you're strong. In your area you're the best I know, but perhaps my being selected as a jounin does show a stress in the difference of our skill." Neji said confidently.

Tenten really hadn't given her partner's recent promotion much thought. Sure, it was a big deal, but Tenten knew things like ranks and status weren't a true reflection of a person's strength.

"Maybe you're right. Maybe it's time we end these sessions of ours." Tenten spoke in a melancholy tone.

"…Or at the very least find you a new partner." Neji added calculatingly.

"Wha? I don't know about that. I think I just need some serious time off then maybe we can pick up in a few weeks or something." Tenten figured that if she had time away maybe these confusing feelings would disappear.

"You could use a partner closer to your skill level, and I happen to know someone who could use more training against ranged attacks." Neji gave smug smile.

"R-really, and who do you have in mind, Neji." Tenten responded unsure.

"The main branch heir…" Neji said with certainty.

"H-Hinata? You want me to train with her?" Tenten responded taken aback, terribly unsure of how to approach this new proposal.

"It would be a good opportunity for the both of you to polish your abilities. I think it would work out well." The Hyuga shrugged.

Tenten thought for a moment. She desired desperately to distance herself from her feelings, to shrug them off at nothing. Perhaps if she faced them head on she would be able to do so. Perhaps, but Tenten knew she was lying herself into believing this, that the reason she accepted her teammate's proposal was not to remove herself from these feelings but rather the off hope of partly acting on them.

"I see. I already know Hinata and I'm already used to the Hyuga style, and she's a chunin like me, that probably would work out perfectly." Tenten said with a reluctant but exuberant smile.

"Good. Then I shall tell her to meet you here tomorrow." Neji returned her smile with a slight one of his own.

Tenten was still confused when she went to this designated meeting. Her feelings were deeply clouded. It was true that Hinata was, like her, a girl, a fact that instantly set her feelings as something of social stigma. Hinata was furthermore the highborn heir of the most legendary of all clans in her village. The more she thought about, the more she realized how foolish she was to have even a hope of finding happiness in this. Tenten wanted to spend time with Hinata, to come to better know the girl who had captured her heart, but Tenten realized that such desires were foolish for one such as herself. That did not stop her from going that day.

"Hey Hinata, so you ready." Tenten greeted her new partner with marked enthusiasm.

"Y-yeah." Hinata replied softly.

Tenten didn't want to hurt the one she admired, but she did enjoy watching the beautiful girl's graceful movements as she avoided her attacks. It was different than with Neji. Her style and his were much the same, but her movements were softer and more elegant. Tenten felt herself be lulled by her own desires, as she knew that any hopes of her abandoning her feelings had dissipated in the hours.

"You ready for a break, Hinata?" Tenten said awkwardly, knowing that if she continued her guard would become sloppy and she'd end up getting hurt.

"Okay. Why don't we relax for a minute." Hinata replied in heated breath, she was obviously not accustomed to as training sessions matching the length of her cousin.

"Ha, I figured being his cousin you'd be used to this kind of stuff." Tenten remarked lightly.

"I-I'm fine. When Neji told me to become your training partner, I expected it to be intense." Hinata commented simply.

"I'll tone it down for you don't worry." Tenten said with a smile.

"No. I need to be strong. I want to become someone strong like him… or like you." Hinata said with a shy somberness.

"I'm nothing special, even when you were exhausted I was unable to get a clear shot at you." Tenten added intently.

"T-that's because you were holding back, you're not used to fighting me and you didn't want to hurt me." Hinata accused reservedly.

"I wasn't really, not that much at least." Tenten regressed, knowing full well she had been doing her best through her distractions.

"I'm not as strong as Neji, I'm actually glad you didn't make things too difficult for me at first but I don't want you to easy on me either." Hinata added meekly.

"You'll be just as good as him some day, probably better." Tenten said optimistically.

"I doubt that… Tenten, but… what was it like being his partner for all that time?" The Hyuga girl questioned softly.

"It was fine even if it only ever was through a default." Tenten said simply.

"What do you mean?" Hinata asked.

"I was assigned to Neji's team, being the most unimpressively average kunoichi in our class. The only reason I'm the one who got to train with him, is that Lee demands the near entirety of Gai-sensei's attention." Tenten spoke precisely.

"My sensei has always had enough time to train all of us, and we work well together, but sometimes I think I let them all down…" Hinata said with a withdrawn gaze.

"I highly doubt that. A ninja team requires people of different abilities. I probably am the weakest on my team now, but I know for a fact that I'm of use to them, that my skill really matters when it's needed. I can't imagine a team that would have no use for you." Tenten spoke with enthusiasm.

"I guess I'm able to help out sometimes, but I'm not as great as you, Tenten, I could never be someone Neji would trust as much as you." Hinata continued in her self-doubting tone.

"I'm sure he trusts you a lot. You and he are family after all. With Neji it can just be a little hard to tell some times. I've known him for a while now, and he's a lot nicer than he appears." Tentren spoke in a light manner.

"I… guess. Say, um… Tenten… Do you and Neji… I mean… how do you feel about him?" Hinata asked with intense shyness.

"I don't know, he's great but I'm not particularly interested. I figure if I did develop feelings for a prodigal child of the Hyuga clan, I'd only end up with disappointment anyway." Tenten inserted slyly.

"Oh, I don't…" Hinata started.

"…Besides your clan probably plans on seeing you and him together anyway." Tenten continued with a hint of bitterness.

"T-that would be… I mean, I always have thought of Neji like a brother… I don't know if I could do that." Hinata said nervously.

"I doubt your father would force it on you then… So is there someone you'd rather end up with?" Tenten asked half wishing to hear her own name but realizing that wouldn't happen.

"I-I don't know… I mean… there's someone… I admire, but I don't know what I want yet. I don't know if I'd be accepted" Hinata responded brokenly.

"I'm in a similar situation. Somehow I doubt the one I admire wants me for anything more than a friend." Tenten smiled under her heavy breaths.

"T-that's not right, you should tell him. I'm shy and awkward, b-but you're really great, no one would reject you. I mean… If I knew I had someone strong like you for an admirer… that would make me happy." Hinata spoke with a force to her words that left Tenten in a daze.

Tenten half considered blurting it out then. Raising her voice and declaring openly "Hinata, I love you.","Hinata, I want you.","Hinata please be mine." If she was stronger perhaps she would have, but no declarations came. Instead, just a shy pause and a slight nod was made before the girls resumed their strenuous training and later parted for the day. As Tenten lie alone that night she found comfort in the dark. She was cursed to be alone, to be unfit for the one she cherished, and to have a heart that could only be broken. Or so she thought as she let her sleepless night mix with thoughts of desire.

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