Glomb watched as the clock ticked from 2:14 to 2:15am. His insomnia was getting worse and no matter how many sheep he counted, no matter how many songs he sang to himself, he couldn't sleep. His house was too quiet and too peaceful. He hated it. He looked back and forth from the ceiling to the clock and it was driving him insane.

"Just close your eyes, Dude. It's not rocket science." DiCo always told him.

"Have a few drinks first, then just pass out!" Raabs advice, of course.

"Need something to help you sleep?" The ever powerful Novak, naturally.

"Warm milk does the trick!"

"A sandwich works better." Ape and Phil...bless 'em.

"Just think of me...I'm boring enough."

Ryan. Advice from the furry beast himself. Tim smiled. Ryan. The only human being that could make Tim's legs turn to jelly and clog his throat with metaphorical peanut butter. Tim was never one to question his sexuality. Straight as spaghetti, as a wise man once said. Straight as spaghetti...'til it hits the water, that is, and if that were the case, Ryan was a boiling pot full. Pass the garlic bread. Thinking of Ryan always brought a smile to Tim's face, and the memories back into his mind.

He couldn't help but remember that night in the Louisiana swamps when they went Gator hunting and Frog gigging. He couldn't help but blush remembering how nervous he was, almost alone, on a boat, in the middle of the night, with Ryan. He remembered the way his heart fluttered when Ryan was holding that six foot long reptile in his strong hands while Tim sub conciously stroked the gator's tail. He remembered blurting out the illigalities of lassoing fish to avoid thinking about how badly he wanted to pull Ryan into his arms and kiss him.

Tim slid his hand underneath the sheets and into his boxers, rubbing himself. He shut his eyes and ran through every memory he could think of, every moment of uncomfortable silence when their eyes would meet. He felt the blood rush through him as he pictured Ryan's hand gently stroking him, as opposed to his own.

He mumbled Ryan's name, stroking himself faster, feeling every muscle in his body tense up. His breath came in short gasps and his soft moans shattered the glassy silence.


With a lust-filled, hoarse whisper of his fantasy's name, he released, coating his hand and stomach with cum. He fought to regain his breath as he settled his head into the pillow. He shut his eyes for only a moment.

Tim opened his eyes and stared at his clock. 7:32am.

"Ryan Dunn. My cure for insomnia." He said to himself, smiling.