"What's all this?"

Glomb smiled as he looked at Ryan, who was blushing furiously and staring at his shoes.

"I wanted to do something special, it being our one month anniversary and all."

Glomb smiled and kissed Ryan's cheek. He stared at the back of his Pick-up truck which had a red and white checkered table cloth laid out in the box. A candlebra illuminated the darkness, the light flickering off of Ryan's eyes, making them sparkle. Glomb hopped into the back with Ryan and sat on the wheel hub, staring at the beautiful feast Ryan had cooked up for them. Well, it wasn't fancy, with just a couple of pizzas and two cases of beer, but the company made it perfect.

"I have something else for you." Ryan blushed harder and reached into the truck, pulling out a bouquet of red and white roses. "Here."

"Oh man, Ryan! You spoil me." Glomb smiled, fighting back tears as he held the flowers to his nose and inhaled deeply.

"You're worth spoiling." Ryan muttered, barely audible.

Glomb stood up and bent over, kissing him softly.

"These are beautiful, hun. Thank you so much."

Ryan smiled, embarrassed, and reached into the truck again, pulling out a bottle of champagne. He struggled with the cork for a moment before it flew off into the darkness and the foam fizzed out of the bottle and onto his jeans.


Glomb laughed as Ryan poured two flutes and passed him one. They sat in silence for a while, eating the pizza and sipping champagne, just enjoying their time together.

"I'm really happy we're together, Ry." Glomb whispered, his voice seemed so loud in the quiet yard.

"Me too."

Ryan stood up and shuffled his way past the pizza boxes and candles and sat beside Tim, placing soft kisses on his neck.

Before long, the pizza and champagne were forgotten, their lips locked, their hands gently rubbing each others bodies. Ryan's placed his left hand on Glomb's thigh, working it slowly upwards before gently rubbing his cock through his jeans. Glomb moaned his approval and Ryan quickly went to work on getting the zipper open.

Ryan slid his jeans and boxers down and wrapped his hand around around Tim's growing erection and started stroking him. Glomb broke their kiss just long enough to whisper a hoarse 'I Love You' into Ryan's ear. Ryan quickened his pace and the truck started to rock, with all the squirming going on.

"I'm gonna cum." Glomb whispered, breathless, his head buried in Ryan's neck.

With a grunt and a low moan, Tim released onto Ryan's hand. He sat back, trying to catch his breath, his eyes closed and mouth hanging open. When he opened his eyes, Ryan was staring at him, a satisfied smile on his face and the all-too familiar blush on his cheeks.

"I love you." Tim said, kissing Ryan's nose.

"Happy anniversary."