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They paused, swords poised, each assessing the other. He had yet to see an opening, her a way past him.

To him she was just another shinigami to kill; to her he was just someone obstructing her way to the goal ahead.

He was there for the killing, her for revenge.

Clash for clash, they tested each other, and the Sexta Espada grinned as he managed to force her back a step. "Got a name, shinigami? You're not bad. Fast."

She snarled, irritated that he wouldn't simply let her past. Gathering herself for a kidou spell, she muttered in response, "Hinamori Momo, vice captain of the fifth division."

"Oh?" He laughed, cocky grin sliding into place. "Well, this ought to be interesting, considerin' you're meant to be fucking dead and all, peach."

She snarled again at the nickname, firing off the shakkahou blast as she slipped to the left. Another clash and he stepped back as she pushed against him in fury. "Let me past."

"Nah, I want to fight you."

They sprung apart, blades hitting dirt as the watched each other, the arrancar still grinning. "Move."


"Hajike!" Her first release met his blade in yet another crash, energy dissipating around them. She was forced back again, and he reached out to grab her throat, fully intending to snap her neck.

"Fast, but not good enough, peach."

A whimper, a spray of blood and they leapt apart again, him nursing a nasty cut and her checking her throat.

"Fuck, peach, but I'm done playing." He paused, however, at the determination in her eyes. There was fear too, the emotion he loved, but not fear induced by him, fear of something else he couldn't grasp, and yet something he could identify with. A fear of failure.

He sheathed his blade and, confused, she followed suit, watching him warily. "Giving up?"

He laughed derisively, moving to go past her. "Kill him if you can, shinigami. Maybe we'll follow you instead." He paused again, this time by her side, aware that the man they were talking about was watching. "Strongest wins, right? Don't you go dying on me, fucking peach. I want to do that myself." Glancing in the direction of the ex-captain he shrugged before turning his attention back to her. "I'll make sure it doesn't hurt as much, when I do it." Another grin, another whimper, a fierce and unrelenting kiss and the two parted.

Killing and revenge. No room for anything else on the battlefield.

And yet, he couldn't help but grin as he felled yet another shinigami, keeping track of her reiatsu as she continued to battle against other arrancar.