Enigma 12:

Mea Culpa

One day passed. Leon had anger to get him through. Oh yeah he was well and truly pissed. Why should D be faithful to him? He, Leon, was only human and D... D was some sort of god. He had lived for hundreds of years and would live beyond anything Leon was capable of. Three more days and anger turned into hurt. Hadn't he loved D enough? Wasn't he good enough? A week passed and Leon headed over to China town after he left work. He longed for the good old days of listening to Chris banter with growling animals and surreptitiously watching Count D.

Leon stood outside of the pet shop and sighed. It usually looked so inviting. Now he felt a cold chill just looking at the sign above the door. Leon hung his head before looked up at the night sky. The stars twinkled slowly as if they felt sorry for him. Leon took one last look at the pet shop. He imagined going in and pulling D into his arms, kissing him breathless then making passionate love on the thick carpet. Leon felt a strange moisture behind his eyes as he remembered the hurt look on D's face the last time they had spoken. Leon sniffled and turned away. He go home again tonight.

Unknown to Leon, a silk drape slid back into place and a slim hand wiped a sliver of tears from illusory purple and golden eyes. "You do that quite well, child." Count D turned and gazed at his grandfather. He tried to peer through the cloak and take comfort in a familiar face. He was awarded no such reprieve. "Enjoying your tryst with the human?" Count D tried not to sob at the pain Sofu D's words caused. Sofu D sighed and gave his grandson a melancholy look before he vanished from the pet shop.

D sat alone for a very long time. Nights were always like this. All he had was his broken heart to focus on. But tonight was worse. Leon... D could still smell traces of him on the wind. And... If he concentrated hard enough, he could taste the smoky sweetness of his skin. Count D could remember the tight embrace as they came together. He closed his eyes and could see the heavy moon shine down on them as they made love in his garden.

Pon-Chan tried to keep Chibi-D silent as they all gazed at Count D. "T-Chan," Pon-Chan whispered. When T-Chan looked down at her she grew worried at his stricken look on his face. "The Count is in pain, what should we do? I do not like when he cries. Will he be ok?"

"I should have eaten that damned human when I had the chance." T-Chan muttered before he crawled over to Count D. D felt the fur and absently petted and scratched around the protruding horns.

"It's late; we should all be getting to bed." Count D said and rose gracefully to his feet. T-Chan thought again of eating Leon when he saw the red rimmed eyes of the Count. T-Chan sighed and knew that come morning, the Counts pillow would be soaked through.

Leon felt like shit. He trudged into the PD and glared at anyone that dared to wish him a good morning. Jill sighed before she grabbed her jacket and headed for the pet shop. Hopefully Count D would be able to shed some light on Leon's foul mood of the past few weeks.

"Count D heard the footsteps on his stairs and looked up just as Jill opened the door of his shop. He caught the scent of the familiar tangy gun powder and blinked rapidly. "Hello Miss Jill. You look lovely as usual today."

"Thank you Count D." Jill said as she sat across from him and accepted a cup of tea. Count D sat Chibi in his bassinet and looked up at Jill. "How are... you?" Jill's words halted as she got a good look at D's face. It was artfully done- perfect even- But she had never known Count D to wear make-up. Jill noted that Count D's eyes were glassy before he quickly looked away and got to his feet.

"Would you like some lunch?" Count D said proud of the fact that his voice was not betraying the quivering of his heart.

"Oh no, I just stopped by to see how you were doing... uh..." Jill paused when Count D sat and smiled at her. "Leon is kind of..." Jill paused and stared in horror at the well of tears that filled Count D's exotic eyes.

"I have not seen him in three weeks." Count D gasped and brought a handkerchief to his face deeply ashamed of his lack of control. This was insane. Count D thought frantically. He should not have to deal with this. He was a Kami for the love of all that is logical in this realm and here he was broken hearted over a human... A HUMAN!

Jill sank into her plush chair backing as far away as she could from Count D's reddened cheeks. "Have you tried talking it over?" Jill asked gently and placed her hand on D's arm.

"What would be the point?" Count D sniffled ashamed to be falling so completely apart. "He does not trust me. I mean..." Count D paused and sipped at the tea cup he was clutching before he took another deep breath and started to speak again. "He did not trust me before and I was able to accept that, but now... After... I mean ...we..." Count D blushed red and Jill joined him. "He treated me like I was morally inept." Count D sat down his cup realizing that he could not enjoy the flavor. "I gave him what I had never thought to give anyone, not only my heart, but my body as well and..." Count D sniffled and Jill was sad that she well understood the bitter pain of feeling used.

"Oh..." Jill began and gave up the pretense of formality and pulled Count D into her arms. "Count D!" Jill shed tears of her own as the pain of past loves slide across her aching heart. Jill returned to the police department and vowed to have it out with Leon. He had no right to treat Count D so horribly. Jill rounded the corner and her anger melted away when she saw Leon sitting with his head in his hands. He was slumped over ignoring the pile of work that sat on his desk.

"If you are here to yell at me about the work… Ok." Leon said with a sigh not caring at this moment if he lost his job or not. After losing D, nothing else really seemed to matter. "Tell me something Jill, how can a man live, after his heart has been ripped out?"

"I was going to ask if you are ok," Jill hedged not admitting to what she really wanted to ask him. Leon looked up and Jill gasped, his eyes were red, he was pale and looked as if he had lost weight. "I can see that you are not. Why don't you try talking to him?" Jill suggested and sat carefully on the chair next to Leon's desk. "D is as miserable as you are. Before I left the shop he said something about leaving town. So why Don't you go home take a shower, pick up some flowers and…" Jill trailed off at Leon's alarmed look. Leon surged to his feet.

"I don't have time for a shower. I have to go to him. He can't leave me Jill." Leon grabbed his car keys and looked around frantically for his gun. Jill grew worried when he realized it was still strapped to his shoulder holster. "If he leaves, he'll never come back. I love him. I have to go," were the last words he said to Jill before he rushed out of the door. Jill vowed to make it right with the Chief; after all, Leon was no good to any of them if he were sitting around missing D.

Count D sat listening to his grandfather with his head bowed. He could not seem to stop the tears that fell from his eyes. He clutched his suitcase to his chest and nodded his understanding. Humans were a beastly race; selfish and uncaring. It was better for the Kami to remain detached, watching them, giving them what they deserved; preserving the world for those that truly loved it. "Now Child," Sofu D said and stood to his feet holding out a cape. "Come and in time this will all seem as an unpleasant dream." D nodded and stood to his feet. He was reaching for the cloak when the door crashed open.

"D!" Leon shouted and stormed into the shop. He saw Sofu offering the cape and grabbed D around the waist and pulled him behind him. "No! You are not leaving! I love you!"

"What is love but a fool's dream?" Count D asked bitterness tinged his voice. With a mighty effort he ceased the tears that fell from his eyes. T-Chan looked at Count D and sighed. Though he hated Leon with all his heart, he loved D. T-Chan had to admit that he had never seen D happier than when he had been with Leon. "I am done being a fool." D said and stepped around Leon.

Leon grabbed D's hand as he pulled his gun from his holster. D gasped when he felt the cold steel pressed into the palm of his hand. "I am sorry D. I love you so much. When I came in here and saw that Bastard with his hands on you I wanted to kill him. But I know now that it was not my place to deal with him and that I should have trusted you. I understand now what it is to love and I do love you. I know I can't make you stay, but I know I can't live with out you." Leon looked up and D was lost in the wet, blue eyes that stared back at him. "Put me out of my misery, cause I know damned well that I can't live another day without you."

D clenched his hand around the gun and gasped as Leon lowered his head and waited. Count D choked back tears as he held the gun pointed at Leon's golden, bent head. What was he to do? He began to shake and brought his other hand up to hold the gun steady. "It is alright Child, do what you must." Sofu said as D broke down into sobs that shook his entire body.

"I… I … Love you Leon." D admitted and Leon refused to budge from his place on the floor. Leon felt the gun brushing against his bangs as D's trembling became worse. D remembered the ecstasy and fear he had felt when Leon had confessed his love. He remembered the wonder and joy of making love for the first time and every time thereafter. Count D had never thought to feel anything so exquisite in mind, heart and body as Leon had made him feel. Anger, yes, he had felt anger, but in that anger he had felt alive; more alive than he could remember feeling in his life. Leon started when he heard t he loud clunk of the gun falling to the soft carpet.

Slime fingers wound their way thought blond strands of hair as D stepped closer to Leon. "I… Leon, I do not wish to live without you." Count D said and Sofu stared at his grandson before he swept up the cloak and vanished from the shop leaving Chibi D in the care of T-Chan. T-Chan picked up the small baby and ushered the other animals from the room.

"Oh… D… Baby," Leon said and wrapped his arms around D's waist and pressed his head against his tummy. D sank to his knees and Leon kissed his chest through the silk of his robe. Leon moved up to his neck then stared deep into Count D's mis-matched overflowing eyes. Count D let out a startled gasp as Leon lunged for his lips and toppled him over backwards onto the carpet.

"Leon," D gasped and moaned when Leon found the buttons of the cheongsam and began to undo them. Slipping a hand inside, Leon caressed a nipple causing D to arch his back in pleasure. "I have missed you my detective." D gasped when Leon pinched the nipple before moving the silk aside exposing it to the warm air of the shop.

"I have missed you too." Leon admitted before he lowered his head and took the tortured nub between his lips. Count D cried out when Leon's tongue circled around and his teeth sank into his flesh. Leon smiled and soothed the small discomfort with licks. D's skin turned molten and he blushed at his obvious response to Leon's touch. Leon felt it pressing against his leg and brought a hand down to stroke D through his layers of silk. D panted and raised his backside pressing into Leon's hand while spreading his legs in wanton invitation. "Is this what you want?" Leon asked when he found the clasp on the silk ants and pulled it apart.

D could not catch enough breath to speak, so he simply nodded and rose up so that Leon could remove his pants. D became flustered when he tried to help and realized that his arms were trapped in his voluminous sleeves. "Leon…" D panted in wild desperation.

"It's ok," Leon said as he shed his shirt and began undoing his pants. "I'll take care of you." Leon promised and lifted D's legs over his shoulder. D heard someone cry out loudly when Leon took him fully into his mouth. It would be some time before he realized that the person was himself. "I don't have any lubrication… Can you take it? I can't wait any more. I missed too damn much." Leon panted as he slurped D's testicles. He pulled them into his mouth and rolled them around with his tongue.

"Yes… oh yes… Leon, take me now." D begged spreading his legs further apart as Leon's tongue found his opening and delved inside. "Leon… SO good…" D moaned again trying to move his arms. Leon was momentarily blinded by deep blue silk as D tangled his fingers in his hair holding his head in place. "Right there… more… there." D begged and Leon sucked a finger into his mouth before he began to probe D's entrance. He gently massaged and stroked until D gasped in pleasure and his body relaxed enough for the finger to slip inside. Leon took D's engorged member back into his mouth as another finger joined the first loosing and wetting D as much as he could.

Leon's name became a litany from D's luscious lips as he cried out his joy in a sweet song of surrender. Leon sucked hard and shoved his fingers in deep as D erupted into his mouth. Leon spit some of the excess into his hands and spread on himself. Leon crawled over D and D wrapped his silk clad arms around Leon's neck as Leon pressed the head of his excited member against the tightness he remembered so well. D gasped and raised his legs wrapping them around Leon's waist. He clung to Leon like warm ivy as Leon pushed every inch of himself deep inside. D shivered when Leon pressed against his sensitive flesh.

"Oh baby, you don't know just what you do to me." Leon panted and pressed his forehead to D's before he claimed his mouth. D was beyond understanding a spoken language and so he simply raised his hips hoping to take more of Leon inside of him. Leon obliged him and began to move with a furious passion that had been too long denied. "D…" Leon panted when he saw colored lights dance before his eyes. D's face swam before him in passion fogged bliss. "D…" Leon panted again knowing he could not last much longer. Not with D writhing underneath him and moaning into his ear how good he felt. Leon reached down between them and stroked D as Leon filled D with his release D covered them both with his own pleasure.

Leon collapsed onto D and was surprised to look down and see D smiling contentedly at him. "Leon I love you. I want you to know and understand that there is no one on this planet that will ever change that. Not even you." D added with what he hoped was a threatening menace in his voice. The effect was lost for Leon shifted pulling free of D's warmth and D blushed and sighed in joy. "I am yours Detective Leon Orcot."

"Yeah," Leon said and kissed D deeply drinking in lips and tongue as if he were a dying man in the dessert and D was a cool spring. "All mine and I'm yours." D could not have been happier.