Title: A Natural Progression
Author: desolate butterfly
Genre: smut
Pairing: Kisame/Itachi
Rating: R
Summary: Itachi finds nothing particularly enthralling about masturbation until Kisame starts watching him do it.


Despite being a ruthless murderer, a psychopath, and in Sasori's words "as frigid as a Mist-nin's jutsu", Itachi was still a teenaged boy when he joined the Akatsuki

And teenaged boys had certain problems they had to deal with every so often. For Itachi it was probably less often then most: about three nights a week he would wake in the darkness, hot and sticky, to find his hand had made its way into his sleeping pants again.

If, on some occasions, he had not finished while still unconscious, Itachi would quickly and efficiently stroke himself to completion, wipe himself off on a corner of the sheets, and go back to sleep.

When Sir Leader divided them into pairs and sent them out on missions, Itachi acted no differently. It was a natural bodily function, and nothing to be embarrassed or stressed about, and if he made noise while doing it, then Kisame was far too polite to say anything about it.

However, there were some nights when Itachi would wake from jumbled and confusing dreams of hard flesh and soft lips to see Kisame watching from his bedroll as Itachi's hand moved rhythmically over his own erection.

It didn't particularly concern Itachi. As long as it didn't affect their partnership or Kisame's ability to carry out missions, Itachi really didn't care if his night-time activities were observed.

He was curious, however, that Kisame would be so bold as to watch him. It seemed crude, and unlike the man, to not respect Itachi's privacy in this one regard.

As it began to happen more often, Itachi found himself being a little less perfunctory about his masturbation, touching longer, letting his breathing and pulse-rate escalate just a bit more. He waited to see if Kisame would say anything to him, but the man never mentioned Itachi's small show or his own interest in viewing it, even though he had to know that Itachi knew he was watching.

One night, after enduring a particularly erotic dream, Itachi turned on his side and locked eyes with the other man. Kisame stared back, silent but with a hint of challenge in his gaze. Minutes went by, and Itachi held the stare, ignoring the ache between his legs and the burn of the sheets against his sensitive skin.

Finally, Kisame broke the silence.

"Itachi-san," he said, voice quiet and polite, "would you like me to take care of that for you?"

Itachi considered the offer, and could find nothing wrong with it. It wasn't necessary to use another to assuage this need, but if Kisame wanted to give his assistance then Itachi wouldn't object to a little help.

What else were partners for, anyway?