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Chapter 7 Christmas Day

Normal POV

Everyone was woken on Christmas morning to Domino jumping on beds and screaming that Santa had come. Casey came out of her room at the same time as Derek came out of his. She blushed when they looked at each other and muttered, "Good morning."


They walked down the stairs uncomfortably and went to the living room just as George and Nora were coming in yawning. They sat at opposite sides of the room.

Domino declared that Lizzie had to help her hand out the presents, since she couldn't read yet. So, Lizzie sat next to the tree and handed the little girl presents which she handed off to whoever was supposed to get it, then she waited until that person had opened the present before handing out the next one.

It took nearly two hours to get the the very last present. Domino picked it up, but didn't hand it to Lizzie to read. "I know this one," she said. "This one is to Momma from Daddy." She set the present in Casey's lap and she saw that the tag did say it was to her from Derek.

She looked up at him and noticed that he had a small smile on his face and a shine in his eyes. "What is it?"

He laughed. "I'm not telling. You have to open it."

Both were so caught up watching each other, they didn't notice the rest of the family staring on with hopeful faces.

Casey slowly took off the wrapping paper, being sure not to tear it. She soon found that this was something she was known to do when she saw Derek's handwriting on it. She frowned and read the note. 'I'm sorry.' She smiled and dig into the box only to find another box, also wrapped. She carefully unwrapped that one to find another message from Derek. 'I love you.' She smile wider, but still didn't look at Derek's face. She dug into that box to find a box that looked like it would hold a necklace from a jewelry store. She opened the box and saw, not a necklace, but a ring and on the inside of the lid Derek had written, 'Will you marry me?'

She stared at the writing for a moment before saying, without looking up, "Yes." She looked up to see Derek standing on the other side of the room grinning at her. Her face broke into a wide smile and she slipped the ring on her finger as she lunged for him. "Yes, Derek, I'll marry you."

They hugged in the middle of the living room on Christmas morning with the rest of their family cheering for them. Derek leaned his head down and kissed Casey for the first time in four years. He was finally getting his wish, she was finally getting her's, and Domino was dancing around them, ready to be included in the family hug.

That Christmas morning, everything not only fell into place, but everything became perfect. There were no more secrets, and everyone was ok with the ones that had come out. And the two who were meant to be together all along, had finally given in.


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