Title: The Dance

Author: Delen2000

Rating: G

Pairing: Saa/Sp

Summary: This is a was a one shot that came from reading something on about those two having been at a dance together for some formal function and my mind filled the blanks. I don't remember who wrote it, or if they eventually wrote their own version, but here is what I thought would have happened. I have decided to add more chapters on to this, because of some wonderful reviews I received. Forgive me for the underlines, I have no idea what that was about.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Chapter 1

Saavik looked at her figurative mother who was gushing at the thought of dressing her up for an evening.

"I know just the thing! You cannot go in your Starfleet uniform! That would not do on such an occasion. You are being honored by the Vulcan Science Academy and by Starfleet as well. You need to dress up formally for this ball. You might need to dance!"

Saavik concluded, rather quickly, that it was better to humor Amanda than to fight her. She usually lost these matches, particularly when Sarek was called in to give his opinion.

"Besides Spock will be there, and you wouldn't want to disappoint him." Amanda said knowingly as she took off toward her room, searching for the dress.

Saavik felt her cheeks heat and she turned so that Amanda would not see the effect she'd had on her when she returned. She did not know why Amanda insisted on bringing up what Spock would think on certain subjects. Even more puzzling, was her recent reaction to such suggestions. Why would what Spock think of her personal appearance matter to her so much?

Amanda bounded into the room, holding the garment out toward Saavik eagerly.

"My dear, you are going to turn heads in this!"


Spock stood in the grand ballroom of the Science Academy talking with other fellow crewmembers. He had been with some delegates earlier, discussing certain politics and tried to pave roads for some possible ambassadorial work to work its way through at a later date. He often found such formal occasions a good time to try to make inroads, and tried to make use of them whenever he could.

He had then spotted McCoy and Mr. Scott and had headed toward them to forego anymore mingling. Once he had reached them, Kirk and Uhura had also joined the small group. He merely listened to their comments on everyone else in the room, and corrected or interjected whenever he felt it was necessary to. Every so often someone was announced and would come through the doors, getting the attentions of everyone in the room. His parents were announced and he went to greet them as they came down the staircase.

"Mother. Father." Spock greeted them formally.

"Hello, Spock. Just wait until you see her!"

"Hello, Spock. I have to admit that you will be somewhat taken by your charge's appearance." Sarek added, with the same knowing look that Amanda had given Saavik earlier.

Spock had had many years at controlling his bio responses and gave no outward symbol of his inward reaction to his father's words other than a raised eyebrow. He had noticed in recent weeks his reaction to Saavik had changed. He felt attracted to her and he relied on her more and more. He wondered if Saavik had felt it as well.

"Saavik of Vulcan." The guard announced at the top and she appeared.

Spock was sure that he stopped breathing for the entire time it took her to walk down the stairs. He didn't count the steps or know the precise amount of time it took her to traverse the steps. He ceased to pay attention to anyone or anything in the room save her.

She was dressed in a green velvet gown that had two separate shades of green. One was a deep forest green and one was a cooler shade. They adorned the dress with a band of color in a sweeping fashion, picking up as one color left off. The dark green set off her eyes and made them stand out on face that cleared of her hair, because she had swept it up in a soft becoming fashion. The dress came to the floor and sported a sweetheart neckline as well as a full skirt. The back he noted, from what he could see, also sported a sweetheart neckline, but much lower and much more daring. The lighter shade of green set off her skin tone wonderfully and made her glow.

She finally arrived at the bottom and immediately came over to where they were standing. She held up her hand in greeting to her teacher and mentor. Her hand shook slightly. It was not cold and Saavik did not ever suffer from nerves. It was so slight that a non-Vulcan possibly would never have seen it, but Spock did and he knew what it meant. She was just as affected by him, as he was her.

He breathed again and returned her greeting, and then invited her over to see the Enterprise crew. She was eager to go, since she had not seen them since her training cruise. Uhura appraised the dress and made similar remarks to what Amanda had said. McCoy and Jim, however, seemed to be having a silent joke running between the two of them. Spock seemed to know that he was the cause. He knew that his two friends possibly would know his signals and reactions even better than his father and mother. He realized that they knew that Saavik had affected him as well.

It was new. It was too new. Spock didn't want all this attention before he had even gotten her attention. He waited.

The conversation lulled a little and Spock got up the words to suggest going out on the balcony to discuss something she had written in her latest letter to him. She saw nothing unusual in this and nobody else would either, except Kirk, McCoy, Amanda and Sarek it seemed.

Once he had led her out there, he could not find words to say. He could not even recall the letter he had used as a convenient excuse to get her alone.

"What do you wish to speak about? Was there something that interested you in my letter?"

He had her all alone on the balcony. No one else had come out and he had shut the doors behind them to dissuade others from following. The humans would not follow because of the temperatures of the desert planet, and the Vulcan's would not intrude on a closed door.

His silence unnerved her and left her wondering and confused. "I am sorry, Spock if I have done something to offend…is it the dress?" Her hand swept down to touch the garment around her midsection.

"No, Saavikum…" he chuckled. "It is not the dress. You have done nothing to offend." He looked out to the desert and then summoned up his courage. "It is you. I find that you are beautiful, tonight." He spoke directly at her, looking into her eyes, and noted the second a slight flush appeared on her cheeks.

"Is it just tonight you find me this way?"

He wasn't sure if she had decided to play coy, or if she was seeking clarification. He had his chance, he could blame the attraction on the dress or he could pin it on her.

"No, Saavikum, it is not just tonight." He watched as the flush became deeper, watched as her pupils dilated and her breathing quickened and realized he had fallen for her. These emotions did not occur in an attraction. He imagined pulling her toward him and taking that hair down so that it cascaded over her shoulders. He stopped his thoughts before they went too far.

She took a deep breath. "It is not just tonight for me either, Spock."

He looked into her eyes and drew closer until his lips touched hers.