Bound together by Fate

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Chapter 1 The Ring

The group was currently in the Giza plains trying to figure out which way they should go. Heavy dark clouds covered the sky as rain poured down on them without ceasing its rapid downfall. The weather reflected Ashe's mood perfectly. She felt lost and alone without Rasler's ring. It was all thanks to that selfish sky pirate she felt this way. Shivering slightly she pushed her hair away from her eyes to distract herself from the cold. The raindrops fell on Ashe's eyes making it hard for her to see however she continued on ignoring it. Balthier however did not ignored the rain falling into his eyes, he was fed up with walking around in circles.

"Are you sure this is the right way?" Balthier inquired for the umpteenth time.

"I'm positive so stop asking already." Ashe answered getting exasperated by his questions.

"I think we should go this way. I believe we've been here already." Balthier said pointing to the right ignoring Ashe's answer.

Losing her temper Ashe screamed at Balthier, "You are the most insufferable man I have ever met!!" This man was really getting on her nerves; he kept on questioning her every move as if she did not know what she was doing.

"Well you are not so pleasant yourself, Princess. I just suggested we go this way since there are not so many fiends here." Balthier retorted to Ashe over his shoulder as he walked away from her.

Basch, Fran, Vaan, and Penelo stood in between Balthier and Ashe as they continued to argue which way to take. The reason for their argument all began yesterday when Balthier had asked for Ashe's ring as payment for his assistance. Ashe not wanting to let go of her precious ring for she barely got it. The sky pirate said she had no choice for he would not take anything else, in the end she gave it to him. Resentment towards him washed over her, she hated him with every fiber of her being. Balthier likewise did not seem all too fond of her.

"Maybe I should lead the way." Vaan volunteered in hopes Balthier and Ashe would stop arguing.

"What?" Ashe and Balthier both said they really did not want to follow Vaan; he got them lost the other time.

"I don't think that is such a good idea Vaan. You got us lost the other time and then we were chased by wolves." Penelo put in before Balthier and Ashe could respond, they would have likely told him something unpleasant considering their current mood.

"But that won't happen I got a map this time." Vaan replied pulling out a map of the Giza plains.

"If you had the map why didn't you tell us?" Ashe asked Vaan. She was trying to control her anger but found it hard to keep it under wraps.

"Well you never asked…" Vaan replied shrinking back from Ashe's death glare.

"I suggest we go back to Rabanastre to rest at the inn since it's late and we are close to the entrance anyways." Basch suggested he was wearying and wanted to rest in a fine bed tonight.

"Yes, it would be unwise if we kept on traveling given that fiends attack more at night." Fran said.

"I suppose so," Balthier replied he turned to look at Ashe and mockingly asked her, "What about you Princess? Do you agree?"

Ashe turned her piercing glared at him before saying, "Yes, that's an excellent idea Basch. A good night's rest will improve this sky pirate's attitude."

Balthier's mouth twitched, he wanted to tell her she was the one who needed the rest but decided against it. He would not sink to her level of fighting. He instead walked back to Rabanastre. 'How could one woman be so bloody annoying?' was what Balthier thought.

Ashe walked further behind the unbearable sky pirate in part because she did not wish to see him right now. The reason for her anger towards him was due to the fact he had taken Rasler's ring away from her. She had just got the ring when he came along and greedily snatched it from her. She would never forgive him for that.

The reputable inn of Rabanastre was closer than the group expected. It was a huge inn crawling with all sorts of people luckily there were still rooms available. Vaan went up to the front desk and requested six rooms which were prepared for them. Balthier waved everyone a good night and immediately went to his room to rest.

Ashe's room was two doors down from the intolerable sky pirate, it was a good thing. She went into the room and slammed the door shut. Sighing deeply she looked at her wedding ring, tears rolled down her cheek silently at the reminder of being left alone. Ashe slowly walked towards the bed and sat down on it. She absently took her sword off from her scabbard and then removed her boots. She placed both on the cold stone floor without really caring about them. When at last she did not have anything weighting her down she let herself fall back onto the bed crying out the torrent of feelings overwhelming her.

"Rasler, I'm so sorry. I did not mean to give your ring away. I will get it back once I reclaim Dalmasca." Ashe sobbed into her pillow.

Closing the door shut behind him, Balthier quickly took his gun off the strap on his back and placed it on a chair that was nearby the bed. He then took his shirt off throwing it on the bed carelessly. "What a day this has been. We got nowhere close to our destination, all we did was argue about which way to go." Balthier mumbled to himself, he put a hand into his pocket and pulled out the source of the problem.

"To think this tiny ring is the cause of it." Balthier muttered in disbelief, Ashe acted as if he was going to sell off or something. He would never do that he just wanted to hold something over her head so she would be incline to pay him right away in order to get the blasted ring back. But why in the world would she want it back, it would only make her more sad. The reason he took was to make her happy not the opposite.

The ring gave off a luminous light in his hand, the feeling of putting it on swept over him and he complied with the idea by putting it on his left hand's ring finger. Once the ring was on it tighten sending burning sensations through his finger.

"What the hell!" Balthier screeched as he tried to remove the ring right away but it did not budge from his finger.

"Maybe with water it will come off." Balthier said rushing to the bowl of water provided in the room. He quickly dunked his hands in the water and began to pull on the ring to get it off.

"It won't work no matter how hard you pull." A voice from behind Balthier calmly said.

Balthier instantly turned around to see who it was that spoke, he did not hear the door open but he could have missed it when he was busy trying to get the ring off. When he had turned to see who it was they were gone. Balthier scanned the room trying to see where the person had gone; the door was still closed so they did not leave. Balthier walked to the bed and peeked under the bed to see if maybe Vaan or someone was hiding under there playing a joke on him.

Looking under the bed showed no sign of anyone, maybe he imagined someone talking it was possible after all. "If you are looking for me, here I am." The same voice said behind Balthier.

Balthier grabbed his gun from the chair whirling around to face the intruder. The intruder turned out to be a young man that he never seen before. The young man appeared to be in his teens; he was handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"How the hell did you get in here and what do you want?" Balthier asked pointing his gun at the young man's head.

"I am Prince Rasler. I am here because you have put my ring on." Rasler evenly said looking straight at Balthier.

"Are you saying you are Princess Ashe's late husband?" Balthier asked he was confused on how that could be possible. He still pointed the gun at Rasler not sure where he was getting at. Maybe his guilt manifested this apparition of the Princess's late husband. Never before had this happen to him and he would be damned if he allowed it to affect him.

"Yes, I'm Ashe's late husband. I've come to tell you that from this day forward you are married to Ashe."

Author's note: I know this is a really short chapter but I am still working on it, I just wanted to post it now to see if you like it. I know Ashe and Balthier don't really like each other right now but later on they will. Please excuse the mistakes I made I was in a rush to post it and I will correct them. Well catch ya later!!