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Call Me Probie-No Idiot.

He couldn't stop thinking about it. It played over and over in his head as he tried to type his report. Sure, the boss hadn't meant what he said...not really, right? He was just frustrated and he had a right to be too. McGee was frustrated with himself at the blunder. How, oh how, had he ever forgot to bring his handcuffs? Still, he felt the boss' single comment on his days work had been a little harsh.

"You are an idiot, McGee." The words just kept echoing in his head.

The next day, when they went after a Lieutenant that had gone AWOL, McGee had tripped in the chase and although he recovered, cut him off, and tackled him, all he could hear was "You're an idiot, McGee."

When he brought Tony the wrong coffee; when he spilled Abby's Caf-Pow; when he dropped Ducky's case helping get it from the van, he heard Gibbs call him an idiot.

At home, when his chapters didn't make sense, he burnt his rice, or he couldn't get back past the 23 level in Elf Lords it was because he was an idiot.

He was idiot again when he spilled his lunch over his paper work and to stay late to re-do the entire thing. He was still and idiot when he got lost himself and Ziva lost on the way to a suspects house. Getting his shoelace stuck in the elevator door made him idiot. And as for not asking Abby out for Saturday when he heard she had no plans, well, that was because he was an idiot then too. In fact, ever since Gibbs had pointed it out, all the poor Probie could think about was what an idiot he really was. How had he never noticed this before?

Two weeks since the 'incident', McGee had even less confidence than he had when he arrived at NCIS. He stuttered more, he forgot more, he asked more questions; in short, he was driving everyone crazy. So much so that Tony demanded to know one morning why was it exactly McGee was such an idiot lately. To this, McGee turned pale and left the bullpen. Tony looked startled, he hadn't meant to offend him. It was Tony's way of asking what was wrong. McGee retreated to Abby's lab but she was too busy and played too loud noise to notice him. He left sulking, assuming it was because he was such an-well, you know.

Later that day they got another case. They went to apprehend the dirtbag without incident. They brought him back to NCIS and as Tony was questioning him on the other side of the glass as the rest of team looked on when McGee noticed some odd movements. At first, the man seemed fidgety. He eyed Tony who was leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head. Then his eyes stared at the glass, then the door, then his feet. McGee noticed his hands move before anyone else and didn't wait for Gibbs response. He jumped up and ran into the next room without saying anything to the boss or worrying about how stupid he would look if he were wrong. Just as the man tore the knife from his belt and lunged at Tony, McGee ran in and tackled him to ground forcefully.

Back upstairs, after Tony offered a wide-eyed "Thanks, Probie." and Gibbs chewed Tony out for not frisking the suspect well enough, they all sat doing paperwork (the most exciting part of the day, as we all know). As Gibbs turned off his computer and stood up to head for MTAC, he looked over at McGee and said, "You know, Probie, you're not such an idiot." There were simply no other words for it, Timothy McGee beamed.

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