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Entry 65

Keitaro laid down thinking back over what happened. Shinobu she had told him it was her who had been making sure that the rent was paid. He felt really stupid. He had thought it was Haruka, he should have guessed. Shinobu was being even nicer than usual towards him lately. The thing was that he couldn't figure it out, she was treating him like a friend, no, like a person that she 'liked.' But that was crazy, she was too young to be thinking about stuff like that. But, a voice in the back of his mind whispered, didn't you fall in love when you were very young? Shaking his head to clear those thoughts Keitaro decided to go and get a drink.

His bones creaked in protest as he sat up. Haruka really didn't need to put that spike trap where she had. Besides, where on earth was he going to find a hidden pit with spikes in the Inn? Then with a shiver he thought of Su's room, never mind. He could easily imagine she had a pit with spikes, or possibly, no probably, something even more lethal at the bottom. Sometimes that girl scared him! Still she seemed she was being nice to him lately. Keitaro could not help but hope that there would not be a repeat of time when she thought he was her brother. He had enough problems right now. Shinobu was being clingy, Naru was going out with Kentaro. He often wondered whether he could have managed to be her boyfriend after all. He had let her go so that she could be with Seta, yet she had started going out with Kentaro. It had taken him such a long time before she would go out with him, and even then she refused to call it a date. Yet within a short time she had gone out with Kentaro. Maybe it was for the best, he was probably holding her back. Now he had no one.

Grabbing a glass of water Keitaro drank it quickly. He had noticed that a lot of his troubles happened when he wasn't paying enough attention so he had started trying to do things that made him unable to look at his surroundings closer. When he finished the glass he washed it and put it away. No point leaving dirty dishes for Shinobu to clean up. She was so cute when she tried to act grownup. She was acting a little bit like his adopted sister used to. She always said that it was ok to leave the work for her. He knew how hard it was though and helped her as much as he could.

As he was walking up the stairs he chuckled at the thought of what Shinobu would act like when she was grown up. He just could not imagine her being any different. As he stepped onto the landing he saw a girl that reminded him of Shinobu outside of his door. She was wearing a yellow dress and she had slid his door open and was looking in. Her hair was long but it was the exact same colour as Shinobu's. A thought ran through his mind if Shinobu could transform like Su than this is what she would look like. Perhaps she was Shinobu's sister. She never mentioned one, but then again he had never mentioned Kanako either.

"Are you Shinobu…" As Kietaro started to ask she turned and looked at him. The rest of his words died in his throat. The girl had Shinobu's face. He would recognize it anywhere. His mind tried to make sense of what was going on as she did the oddest thing that she could do under the situation. She walked up and hugged him. He could feel her breasts pushing against him through the fabric. His mind started to overload with the fact that a beautiful version of Shinobu had hugged him like he was her long lost lover. Just as he was about to pass out she stepped back and disappeared.

Keitaro staggered up to his room, his head whirling. He used to have dreams that were like that. Only they were about his promised girl, or getting into Tokyo U. But he hadn't had one for years, and about Shinobu? He was a pervert. How could he even think about her in that way. He collapsed onto the futon, his mind running through what had just happened. His final thought before he fell asleep was that Shinobu looked sexy like that.

He was tormented of nightmares about what would happen to him if Motoko or Naru ever found out what he was thinking. At least in the morning he wouldn't be dreaming about a grown up Shinobu… He would be seeing the real thing.

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