What is this? this is my first draft of entry 79. The Entry 79 in the diary is actually a complete rewrite of this. I thought that this one was too emotionaless and so I rewrote it. since than my freind has told me that he likes this version better. what can I say? I decided to post this here for people to look at and decide wich entry they like better. Both say almost the exact same thing, only the emotions are differant.

Entry 79

Keitaro-kun hasn't woken up yet, but at least I know what is wrong with him. It has been a week since my last entry, but this is the fist time that I have come out of meditation in that whole time. I don't even know how I am still alive. I can only assume that my efforts to keep my body fine while I was trying to figure out what was wrong with Keitaro-kun have kept it alive. I am glad. The girls have been keeping watch on me. Everyone is so nice. Mutsumi was with me when I woke up. She gave me something to eat, then left me alone so that I could jot this all down before I go back into meditation. She was so kind.

While a lot of time has passed in the real world it didn't seem as long while I was working with Keitaro-kun. I went over his soul as carefully as I could, looking for things that seemed wrong. I tried not to look at what the different aspects of his soul were, just checked to see if I had broke them. I found nothing wrong with him. I then tried to let my soul flow into his body, to see if I could try to figure out if my soul showed something that his didn't have. There were differences, but all of them had to him being a man. I was despairing at this point, when I remembered that we had shared a dream. I looked closely at our souls and found something that I had missed. Keitaro had some of his soul merged into my own. When I followed his soul it looked complete, I didn't notice that I had followed it into my soul and out again. The same thing had happened when I tried to compare our souls. Together we were both complete. That's why… When I am not in contact with him his soul is split. It can function, but not enough for him to wake up. I know what I must do. I must go into my own soul and find him. I must find a way to help the part of him in me rejoin the rest of him. It was my fault to start with. I was to careless when I was helping him. I feel guilty. Not just because of what I did, but partly because I like how it feels to know that Keitaro-kun has his soul joined with mine, even if for a brief time.

Live Keitaro-kun. I love you