Title: Sephiroth's Mistress

Fandom: Final Fantasy VII

Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud

Rating: M?

Warnings: Yaoi, humor

Disclaimer: Characters and settings belong to Square Enix.

Author's note: Thanks for all of the reviews about the story. They really do mean a lot to me and I truly enjoy reading and replying to them. Sorry it took so long for me to reply too! Hope you enjoy this chappie even if it has none of the citizens of Wutai in it and is mostly…um…yaoi goodness!

Part Twenty-Eight:

The sun had just set, nestling down snugly beneath the gradually darkening horizon and leaving the world in the first stages of twilight. Already the uncomfortable heat of a Wutaian summer day had dropped to a decidedly cooler level, drying the sweet soaked bodies of the straggling competitors and causing them to shiver.

Sephiroth and his comrades had returned to the palace only a short while before. Yuffie, at the fore, had detailed what had really happened down at the tournament when they had been immediately escorted to a curious and confused Godo. It had taken the group a bit of time, long enough for a formidable nightly chill to settle into the wooden abode, for their story to be fully told to the leader of Wutai. In the end, Godo had ushered his guests off to rest, all of them knowing that the warrior lord wouldn't be following them into slumber, but, instead, working out their next course of action.

So it was that the silver haired general of Shinra found himself in Cloud and his rooms, listening to the steady stream of water from the shower where the petite blonde was currently washing away the day's buildup of sweat and grime. The little cadet had practically sprinted to the bathroom and had been within the tiled room ever since. Sephiroth had merely sat down on the bed, using the time to sort out just how exactly he felt about the whole thing with the tournament. The day seemed a little bit too long—too stressful even in comparison to his days at war. All the silver haired general wanted in that moment was to forget the day's activities and finding just that something to do so filled his mind briefly.

That was when the sound of wood sliding against wood met Sephiroth's advanced hearing. Turning his head on instinct, his emerald orbs widened at the sight before him—one unlike any he had ever seen. More divine, more gorgeous, more perfect than anything had a right to be.

There, with a rather fluffy white cotton towel wrapped snuggly around his slim waist, stood Cloud. His blonde locks, while still defying gravity, seemed darker and less springy with the water that weighted them down. His pale, unblemished skin had a fine layer of water droplets dotted here and there. Sephiroth watched, captivated, as one droplet trailed down from the cadet's neck to his chest, and finally sunk below the top of the towel. Altogether, Cloud made quite the erotic sight in the general's opinion.


Stepping as carefully as he could on the wooden floor, Cloud headed over to the chest of drawers that contained his clothes without a real glance at the look on the silver haired man's face. If he had taken the single moment to look, the blonde haired cadet would have seen the growing lust and hungry glaze that clouded emerald eyes. He would have noticed the tensing of the tall general's muscles as he fought with himself as to whether or not he had a right to react to the mostly nude youth. As it was, he didn't; so it came as quite the shock when, as he leaned downward to rummage through one of the lower drawers, twin arms wound themselves around his bare chest and waist.

Cloud tensed for a brief moment, unsure of what was going on. Closing his eyes, he let the scent of the taller man surround him—the distinctly masculine, yet subtly fresh and energized smell stilled his anxious nerves enough for Cloud to relax against the firm chest behind him.

Bright blue eyes snapped open, widening in slight surprise. A warm, moist tongue lapped at the moisture remaining on his bare shoulder and left the little blonde panting ever so slightly. The arms pulled him closer to Sephiroth's frame as the petite cadet tilted his head to the side to allow for better access for more open mouthed kisses and nips. A steadily thicker fog was drifting across his mind causing a haze focused on the pleasure Sephiroth's lips were bringing to crowd all other thoughts from his being.

The blonde was too far gone to even protest the hand that had risen, gliding across the smooth planes of his chest, to tease his nipple, rolling it between two fingers and toying with it until the bud was hard. Cloud's gasp was the only encouragement the silver haired man needed to proceed with doing the same to the other.


The flesh beneath his lips tasted sweeter—more delicious—than anything the general had ever sampled before. It was all he could do to continue at the steady pace he was, what with the soft moans when he stumbled across a particularly sensitive spot and the slight trembling that had begun to flicker through the body he held close to his own to hearten him to go faster. Just those throaty noises and barely noticeable movements brought his desire to higher levels.

Easing the blonde back without breaking his trail of sharp nips and wet kisses, Sephiroth maneuvered Cloud to lie beneath him on their made bed. He pressed his body closer to Cloud who didn't seem to have noticed yet that his towel had been shed on their way to the bed. Allowing one hand to settle on a pale, petite hip, Sephiroth brought his lips to Cloud's own. The silver haired man wasted no time in slipping his tongue inside of the cadet's mouth when the blonde gasped as Sephiroth pressed one leg between the little cadet's spread ones.

He moved his hand slowly further down, enjoying the way that Cloud had tangled both hands in his silver locks to keep their mouths together.


The soft brush of air against his lips was beautiful; Sephiroth swiped his tongue across those kiss bruised lips to show his appreciation. The general trailed his slightly calloused fingers along the steadily hardening erection pressed against his stomach. But, even as the one hand closed around Cloud's shaft to begin a rather tormenting and unhurried stroke, the other replaced his mouth.

Cloud enthusiastically suckled on the three fingers that had slipped into his mouth, nibbling and swiping them lovingly with his teeth and tongue. The eager manner left Sephiroth breathing heavily and painfully aroused. No sooner than he felt that his fingers were sufficiently slickened, did Sephiroth remove them and bring them down to where he wanted most.

"Shhhh," Sephiroth whispered directly into Cloud's ear when the cadet tensed at the feeling of the moist digest drifting over his opening. "It won't hurt for long if you let me do this." Drawing his hand faster along the blonde's shaft, the silver haired man drew the other's attention away from what his other hand was doing. "I'll stop if you say so, Cloud," panted Sephiroth's warm voice.

"No…continue…please…" came Cloud's breathy answer.

That was all the permission he needed before pressing one finger into the tight opening.


"I never realized that Misora was…quite…ya know?" came Reno's voice through the darkness.

"A screamer?" supplied Zack.

"Yeah." There was a creak from the bed and Zack could just imagine Reno pulling a pillow over his head as he'd been doing the past few minutes to no avail.


"Well, I think that they're done now." The SOLDIER First Class almost couldn't hold in his laugh at the quiet "thank god" that the red head muttered into the folds of his pillow.

Rolling over, the brunette snickered and wished the Turk goodnight before closing his eyes and drifting off to dreams full of tormented Turks having to hear people having sex.


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