A/N: Okay, for anyone who saw the news, you probably saw that Malibu got some snow. If you don't believe me, look it up. Needless to say, I just couldn't leave that alone. And by the way, that was the second snow storm in a week. Just so you know. Anyhoo, enjoy.

"So we'll be out in California for the week, and back on Tuesday. I don't want any calls coming in about any murderers on death row, or you having a forgetting spell put on you, or anything, okay?" Angela looked at her best friend with a stern expression. Temperance simply offered her friend a smile and waved her out the door.

"I can't promise anything. Go have fun with Jack, and I'll see you on Tuesday." The artist waved to Brennan as she left the office. This was their first vacation together, and she intended to enjoy herself. This was her chance to get away from the cold of Washington DC and into the warmth of the Golden State. She fully intended to spend every minute lying on the beach and getting a tan.

"You ready to go?" Jack Hodgins asked as he approached her, immediately throwing his arms around her waist. Angela turned her head and grinned at the entomologist.

"Absolutely. A week in the sun with you? How could I not be ready?"

"Great, then let's get going, or we'll miss our flight."


It was late when they arrived at LAX; cold and raining as well. Angela watched the precipitation falling as they made their way up the freeway toward Malibu. They would be staying at an exclusive hotel in one of the suites, and Angela was excited, though the weather was putting a damper on her spirits.

"So tomorrow we can go to the beach," she stated as they continued to drive up the freeway. Hodgins glanced at her and smiled.

"That anxious to get skin cancer, huh?"

"Hey, I take care of my skin. Just because other people are careless doesn't mean I am. If I recall, the last time we were out all day, you were the one that looked like a blond lobster."

"Okay, okay. Geesh, I was just kidding. Anything else you want to do while we're here?"

"Oh, I'm sure I can think of something I want to do." Hodgins looked at her and swerved out of his lane.

"All right, no talk like that until we get to the hotel, okay?"

"Fine." Angela smiled wickedly, and then squeezed Hodgins leg to let him know she was just playing with him.


Angela woke early in the morning like a child on Christmas day. Jack's arms were wrapped around her waist as he held her close to him. While generally content to just lie in his arms, the artist wanted to go out and bask in the warm California sun. She wriggled from his grasp, listening as he mumbled something in his sleep.

The artist bounded over to the window and threw open the curtains, the smile on her face instantly wiped away.

"What the hell!" Her outburst woke up Jack, who sat bolt upright in bed.

"Whaz' matter?" He mumbled as she crawled out of the bed. Hodgins shook himself awake once he saw the outraged expression on her face.

"Look," she grumbled, pointing outside. Jack joined her at the window and gasped at the site before him.

"Is that a snow plow?" The two watched the lumbering vehicle as it cleared the inch and a half of snow from the Malibu roads. The pair looked at each other, stunned.

"Isn't this the land of sun?" Angela groused.

"No, apparently that's Florida."

"Well where do they keep the snow plows here, under palm trees?"

"I don't know, but we might as well enjoy it."

"Why do you say that?"

"Really, how often do you get to play in the snow at the beach?" Angela looked at Hodgins for a moment, and smiled.

"Fine. Let's go get ready and let it snow, baby."

"See, now that's what I'm talking about. Oh, and remember the camera."


"Who would believe there was snow in Southern California?"