This is a fic of Lou and Andy... my first Little Britain fic/sketch so dont be 2 mean! I'm only 11! It's a cross between Little Britain and Home and Away but only a little bit Home and Away. Anyone who has read any of my other fics will know how obsessed I am with Home and Away. So yeah, here it is.

Lou and Andy sit at home, watching TV.

LOU: Well Andy, it's a very nice day today...

ANDY: Yeah, I know

LOU: So I was thinking maybe we should take a short holiday... I've got a map, you can choose where we go, would you like that?

Andy nodded, his eyes glued to the TV.

Lou handed the map to Andy.

Andy randomly pointed to a spot on the map.

ANDY: I want that one.

Lou looked at the map closely.

LOU: That's Summer Bay. There's a killer on the loose there.

ANDY: Yeah I know

LOU: Well maybe we should pick... a safer place?

ANDY (pointing to Summer Bay again): I want that one


Lou steps off the bus, and helps Andy down the steps.

ANDY (shading his eyes from all the sun): I don't like that one.

LOU: Well we're here now, so let's make the most of it.

Lou pushes Andy to the diner.

LOU: What would you like to eat, Andy?

ANDY (pointing randomly at the menu): I want that one

LOU: That's... a peppermint sundae. I thought you said peppermint left a bad taste in your mouth?

ANDY (pointing to the same thing): I want that one

When the sundae arrives they sit a booth near Martha and Ash (LOL)

After a few spoonfuls of his sundae, Andy makes a face.

ANDY: I don't like that one