Confessions of a Demon

"Garaa what are you doing?" Temari asked. Garaa had been staring out the window for over an hour. He was quietly watching the wind carry the sand away to far off places. I wonder, he thought. Temari was getting annoyed at her little brother. He might be hokage and stronger than her but he needed to do some work. Temari placed her hand down harshly on his head.

"Hey, earth to daydream boy!" she yelled.

"What, do you want?" asked Garaa.

"Stop daydreaming, you have work to do."


"Why you little—just forget it." Temari angrily left the room and left Garaa alone. He decided to go out and see Tamaya. Tamaya was about his age but she lived across the village. When he found her she was trying to sharpen her shuriken when she cut herself she threw the shuriken at a tree. She noticed him staring at her and told him to come over.

"So when are you going to Konoha village again?" she asked.

"Tomorrow," he answered.

"That must be why you're so nervous."

"About what?"

"Naruto will be happy to see you. Besides, he might be curious about how you're doing since the Akatsuki group went and took you away."

"You talk to much." Tamaya laughed and brought out another one of her shuriken to sharpen.

"Look, I know you like Naruto or at least I think I know that you do but you don't. But Naruto is so hung up with Sasuke lately that you might not even have a chance. Come to think of it, does Naruto like guys anyway? It's almost like a forbidden love, but when it comes to guys liking each other it's always a forbidden love," she said.

"You certainly do talk to much," replied Garaa.

"I'm quite sure I have no idea what—damn, that hurt." Tamaya had cut herself again. Garaa sighed and took the shuriken away from her. Tamaya tried to get it back but Garaa decided to play keep away with it. He was using the sand to keep it away from her. Tamaya always thought that Garaa would fall for Lee but she's been wrong before. Tamaya was the new kid on the block so she didn't quite know about Garaa's history. She heard rumors from some of the other villagers but she didn't seem to care.

"I know, confess your love under a tree," she said.

"Why a tree?" asked Garaa.

"Just do it."

"Not until I know why."

"That's what they do in the movies."

"I'm leaving."

"What's wrong, gone to fantasize about Naruto? It's probably something dirty."


"Aw, come back. I'm sorry." Tamaya chased after Garaa while he angrily stomped away. Tamaya can be a bit crude at times but teasing Garaa was the only thing she found entertaining. Kankorou thought she was brave because no one in their right mind would tease him. Tamaya told Garaa that she planned to go with him to Konoha tomorrow. She wanted to see what this Naruto boy looked like.

"Remember bright and early, if you forget to bring me then I'll get mad," threatened Tamaya.

"Whatever," Garaa said.

"Look eye shadow boy, just don't forget."

"How many times do I have to tell you it's not eye shadow! My eyes look like this from lack of sleep."

"Whatever, go ahead and hide your girly ways with some lame excuse."

"Shut up!"

"Let go of my face!"

"You let go of mine!" Garaa was stretching out Tamaya's cheeks and Tamaya was stretching out Garaa's. Kankorou and Temari wondered how Garaa and Tamaya always acted this way with each other. When Tamaya left Temari asked what they were fighting about. Garaa replied by saying that he was going to bed early.

When Garaa woke up Tamaya was staring at him. It might have taken him a few minutes but then he let out a shocked gasp and fell off the bed. Tamaya laughed and told him that he should get ready to go. Tamaya wanted to be there at ten.

"Why ten?" he asked her.

"It increases the romantic tension," she said.

"I'm taking a shower."

"Alone or with Naruto?"

"Shut up!" The group was on the road by early morning. Tamaya didn't want to waste any time. Plus, she had been writing someone named Hinata Hyuuga who likes Naruto as well and she wanted to see who would confess first. Although, she did suggest that maybe she would be better off with this Kiba teammate she was talking about. When she saw the village gates she was excited to get there. Garaa looked a bit nervous but she slapped him on the back and urged him on.

"Garaa, over here," someone called. It was Sakura she had heard about them coming over and wanted to say hi. Temari went off to look for Shinkamaru, she wanted to talk about battle strategies with him. Tamaya saw a noodle shop and went off to buy some. Sakura and Kankorou went to Tsunade to tell her that Garaa was here. At first he had been walking with Kankorou and Sakura but he noticed Naruto coming down from his room. He stopped and watched Naruto as he fixed his headband. Naruto looked up and noticed Garaa, he smiled and waved at him.

"Garaa, how are you doing now?" Naruto asked.

"Well…I uh…" Garaa began but Tamaya interrupted him.

"Look who I found, this is Kiba, Lee, and Hinata," she said.

"What are you eating?" Tamaya had something in her a bunch of dumplings in her mouth. She had gotten sidetracked when she saw Hinata. When Garaa introduced her to Naruto Tamaya started chuckling to herself.

"Are you his girlfriend?" Naruto asked.

"Hell no!" shouted Garaa and Tamaya.

"I see."

"Well the truth of the matter is that we're just friends so if you were trying to—"

"Is that the noodle shop you wanted to go to?" interrupted Garaa.


"Way down there."

"Come on Hinata, grab your boyfriend and let's eat. You can come to Lee, I'll treat."

"He's not my—" began Hinata but Tamaya had grabbed her, she gave Garaa a thumbs up and left. Naruto wanted to know what that was all about. Naruto decided that he would show Garaa around a bit more. Things had changed a bit since the last time he was at Konoha. As they were seeing the sites it started to rain.

"They never said anything about rain," Naruto said. He grabbed Garaa's hand and went back to his place. Garaa's face turned red but Naruto thought that he was catching a fever. When they got inside Naruto started changing his clothes. Garaa's face went red again and Naruto checked to see if he was getting a fever.

"Your forehead is fine but you're still red, maybe I should try and cool you off a bit," Naruto said.

"No, I'm fine," Garaa said nervously.

"Why are you so nervous, it's not like you to get nervous. How is that going by the way, you've been sleeping right?"


"That's good." Naruto finished taking the rest of his shirt off and sat down at the kitchen table. He motioned for Garaa to sit across from him. He asked Garaa if he needed a change of clothes, Garaa said that he was almost dry anyway.

"I think granny Tsunade wanted to talk to you, you might want to hurry. Before you go, here," Naruto said as he tossed Garaa a packet.

"What is it?" asked Garaa.

"It's like a chocolate stick but you have to dip the stick inside the chocolate."


"Go ahead and try it." Garaa didn't really like sweet things but he didn't eat much anyway. Normally, he wouldn't eat in front of people. When he had finished Naruto chuckled to himself. Garaa had no idea what was wrong until Naruto pointed to his mouth. He had a bit of chocolate on it.

"Here, I'll get it off," he said. Naruto had backed Garaa into a corner, when he hit the wall Garaa started turning red again.

"Now I see, that's why your face was red," Naruto said. Garaa kept backing up into the wall, he felt like he would knock it over. Naruto tilted his head up and slowly licked the chocolate off. Then he kissed Garaa gently on the lips. Garaa was a bit shocked and Naruto could tell.

"You want another one?" he asked.


"That's as good as a yes." Naruto kissed Garaa again but this time he had put his tongue in his mouth. Naruto backed up and sat back down at the kitchen table. Garaa just stood there, touching his bottom lip.

"Like I said, granny Tsunade wants to see you, better get a move on," Naruto said.

"Right, thank you," replied Garaa.

"Of course, if you stay here well—you figure it out if you want. I wondered why you were always so quiet around me. What, did you think I was obsessed with Sasuke the whole time? Did that make you jealous or nervous? I couldn't quite tell. Sasuke and I are just friends that's why I'm going to bring him back here. Besides, all the girls would kill me if I took Sasuke away from them."

"I have to go." Garaa walked toward the door with Naruto still watching him as he left. He had his eyes on Garaa the whole time. Garaa reached for the doorknob but Naruto had come up from behind him and placed his hand on Garaa's.

"And where do you think, you're going?" Naruto asked. He had gotten in front of Garaa again and backed him up against the wall. Then he kissed him again. Naruto backed up and sat down on the couch, smirking.

"Are you going to come here, or do I have to make you. It's still raining so you could just say that you got caught in the rain," Naruto said. "Or do you not like me anymore."

"That's not it…uh…"Garaa panicked.

"Then come here." Garaa sat next to Naruto and Naruto started kissing him again, slipping his tongue in and out of his mouth. Then he moved down to Garaa's neck and started taking off his shirt. Garaa could feel Naruto's bare chest rub up against his bare shoulder. Naruto was nibbling on his ear.

"How long are you staying?" he asked.

"For two more days," Garaa said.

"That's good, then I guess I can wait a bit."

"On what?"

"You're a bit slow, aren't you? No matter, tomorrow I want you to come here and we'll see what happens."

"But why?" Naruto answered by kissing Garaa again. It was late in the evening when Naruto noticed that the rain had stopped. He fixed his hair and put his shirt back on. Garaa was still in a bit of a shocked state.

"Put your shirt on, then we can go out for ramen," Naruto said. Garaa noticed all of the ramen packages that were lying around in his kitchen.

"Is that all you eat?" Garaa asked.

"Why, do you want me to have some of you?"


"What's wrong, you liked it a minute ago."

"Never mind." When Sakura found Naruto at his usual spot (ramen shop), she clocked him on the head. Apparently they had been looking everywhere for them. Except for Tamaya, she had ordered Kiba to take Hinata to a movie. Lee went off to train with Gai-sensei. While Sakura scolded Naruto, Tamaya sat next to Garaa.

"Did you tell him yet?" she asked.

"Yes and no," replied Garaa.

"What do you mean?"

"Just what I said, yes and no."

"Is that a hickey?"

"I'm taking a walk!"

"It is isn't it?"

"See ya!"

"Come on, let me see it."

"Go away Tamaya!"

"Let me see, let me see."

"I said go away!"


"I am not!"

"What are they arguing about?" Shinkamaru asked.

"I find that it's better not to ask," whispered Temari.

"Garaa you're so mean, no wonder you have no friends," Tamaya said.

"Would you just shut up!" shouted Garaa.

"Then let me see."

"Like hell I will!"


"Leave me alone!"

"Eye shadow boy!"

"Now you're calling me names, how mature."

"I wanna see."

"I said no."

"But Garaa…"



Fiction Rated: T

Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.