Sacred Fire

Genre: Drama / Romance – Booth and Brennan pairing

Summary: Booth and Brennan investigate a couple of 2000 year old remains that were accidentally found near the Roman Forum. Set in Washington, DC and Rome.

Timeline: Present Day and Alternate Universe.

Note: Although some landmarks and history are based on facts, the story and its content are a work of fiction. Reviews would be nice.

Disclaimer: The characters of Bones belong to Kathy Reich, Hart Hanson, Barry Josephson and FOX.


80 AD

With head held high and tear stains on her cheeks, she walked the street of Via Sacra towards her place of burial. Wisps of dark blonde hair clung to the back of her neck, and she felt the humid air thicken around her. She bore the stares of those who, at one time, had respected her. Accusation, anger and disbelief accompanied her down the road, except for three pairs of eyes that held understanding, sorrow and deep grief. She met them with blue eyes that held no regrets.

A guard with curly dark hair and deep blue eyes stepped out of the crowd to offer her a jug of water. She bent down to take his offering, grateful that someone understood, if not approved, of what she had done. A young man held out his hand, she took the sack that contained her bread and cheese. This youth did not understand, but his confusion did not mask the loss he felt.

When she was out of sight of the crowd, a woman garbed in white gown with a mantle and broach over her left shoulder, took her hand and placed her cheek against her palm. Seeing her friend being led to death was too painful to bear. She turned back to run away, deep sobs trailing her.

She walked until her shadows disappeared, her bare feet felt numb from enduring unpaved hills. She was almost grateful when the guards stopped their descent and she realized that they had reached the Evil Fields. The sun setting over the trees, as if blood had spilt over the skies, was the last image she saw before one of the guards stoically deposited her in an underground chamber. She smelt and felt the dampness of the ground before her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Standing in the middle of emptiness, her white gown stained, she released a shudder. With a few days supply of water and food, there was no way out.

She was buried alive.

And he would never find her.

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