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This is a remodeled/finished version of a past story that I began but never finished. It is set after New Moon and before Eclipse. I deleted all previous chapters and am gradually putting the new ones on. Hope you enjoy!


Disclaimer: I don't own the Twilight series.

"You're cheating!" Alice narrowed her eyes, glancing rapidly between his hand and her own.

"I swear, I'm not doing anything," Edward said mildly amused, leaning casually against the back of the chair. Alice scowled, unconvinced.

"You have to be," she said looking back down at her cards. "How else would you have known I had two pair?" throwing down her hand in exasperation.

"Well," he said smirking broadly. "I didn't, but now I do," all of the spectators began to chuckle softly.

Alice's eyes lit in understanding. It took me some additional seconds to understand his methods. That had definitely been one of the better tricks of the night. "That's mean, Edward," I said looking down at the exposed cards, trying not to laugh and failing. Poker games with vampires were much more interesting than the normal ones. They constantly tricked each other into revealing their cards using tactics that I only caught half of the time. They made subtle little movements that I didn't notice, but Esme would scold them for. The real trick probably wasn't deceiving the other players but getting past Esme.

"Mean or not," Edward said standing from his chair at the dining room table. "I win," he smiled angelically at the pixie's frustration. I realized that this meant that it was time for me to go back home. I pushed the homework that I had been attempting to do back in my bag and stood too. Edward took my hand and we began towards the front door.

"Bye, everyone," I said in a voice that would be too quiet for a human to hear over the distance. Everyone yelled 'bye' back loud enough for me to hear and Edward and I left. I yawned involuntarily as I walked down the steps.

"We can't keep doing this," Edward said in response. "You're not getting nearly enough sleep," we had stopped near the edge of the woods surrounding their house and Edward held my face moving his thumbs lightly across the bags forming under my eyes.

"I have to see them," I said stifling another yawn. "This is the only way until Charlie understands that he's not getting me away from you. I'm surprised he even lets you drive me around," I added as a side note.

"Well, he just doesn't want you to get hurt and he thinks I'm a good driver," Edward said smiling crookedly.

"How can he think you're a good driver?!" I asked astonished.

"Because I am," he responded simply. He was enjoying my facial expressions.

"You're making that up." How could Charlie, a cop, think that Edward, the speed demon, (no pun intended) was a good driver?

"I read his mind and that's the only reason he lets me go with you," he promised. I rolled my eyes. Edward patted his back, "C'mon." I jumped on and held on tight because I now had a book bag weighing me down. He dashed into the woods whipping by trees faster than I could process it. This had become one of my favorite things to do since he had gotten back. After Edward had forbidden me to try any dangerous stunts, I had a strange sort of withdrawal and Edward running was still slightly dangerous in my mind. A junkie till the end. I smiled and put my head on his shoulder, the side of my face pressed against his neck. He turned his head to look at me. I smiled and kissed him quickly.

"Watch the road," I whispered. He chuckled, but turned back to watch where he was going. In a matter of seconds, we burst through the trees behind my house and he jumped up the side of the house and into the window. He set me down on the floor and took my back pack to the corner. I only had thirty minutes before Charlie would get up and make sure that I was awake. "We're not going over tonight," Edward whispered from behind me.

I spun around to glare at him. "I don't care if I don't get a lot of sleep," I whispered back. "I want to see them. There's no other way to see Carlisle and Esme unless I have to go to the hospital," Charlie made sure that I was always at home or at work. Anything else was out of a question.

"I won't let you go over then," he said crossing his arms. I narrowed my eyes. I should have seen that coming.

"Fine," I said walking over to my bed to lie down. "I just won't go to sleep," I said and turned away from him sitting on the edge of my bed. Suddenly, his arms were around me pulling me down on the bed. I squeaked and he hovered over me closing his hands around my wrists.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are incredibly stubborn?" he brushed his lips against my neck and I was paralyzed. He continued to slowly kiss up and down my neck as I sat there losing all concentration. He finally moved to my lips and kissed deeply. Everything that was said left my head never to return.

After a moment, he pulled away and smiled knowing that he had won the argument that I could not even remember us having. "That's not fair," I managed to choke out as I gathered my thoughts threatening to float away.

"Who said I was going to be fair?" he murmured dropping his lips to my throat again. I moaned softly closing my eyes trying to keep my focus. It was no use. I went limp in his grasp and he pulled his head back to look me in the eyes. He removed his hands from my wrists. "Charlie's getting up," he said sitting up. "I'll be back to pick you up for school," he kissed me quickly and was gone.

As my brain became coherent, I threw the blanket over my head and closed my eyes. The door creaked open, "Bells, get up. It's time to get ready," Charlie said.

"Kay," I tried to say groggily. He left the room and I got up to go take a shower. I picked up my bag and walked across the hall. I really was tired. I had to fight to stay awake in the shower. After spending too much time letting the water run over me, I got out and dried off. I checked my clock when I went back to my room, and realized that it was already time for Edward to be here to take me to school. I yanked on a pair of jeans and a Hollister T-shirt. I pulled on a pair of shoes and ran down the hall to the stairs and only cleared one step before I slipped on the second. I closed my eyes waiting to fall down the stairs, but two stone arms caught me mid-calamity.

"Can't let you out of my sight for two seconds," Edward said shaking his head. He put me back down at the bottom of the stairs still holding my hand.

"Sorry," I sighed. Maybe when I was a vampire, I wouldn't be so clumsy. We walked to the car and when he opened the door my book bag and a granola bar were on my seat. I had completely forgotten about my bag. "Thanks," I said when he got in on the other side. Was he always going to have to take care of me?

"Your welcome," he chuckled as he smoothly pulled out of the driveway. "So are you ready for the Physics quiz?" he asked. School was now what we did more than anything else. I had stopped doing my homework around the time I had figured out Jacob was a werewolf. I had a lot to catch up on, but when Edward was back we immediately started working on it. He could answer any question I had about any subject I was doing since he was ten times more knowledgeable than any professor.

"We only spent forever on it all this week," I said rolling my eyes. "If I don't ace that quiz, I'll be stunned," I added looking over at him. He looked back smiling, "Good," was all he said. We pulled into the parking lot. Today, like most days, it was drizzling and cool. The clouds were welcome here any day as far as I was concerned. Edward opened the door for me and put his hand around my waist as we went through the doors to wait in the cafeteria until first period started. The vampire family waited at the same table as Jessica and the rest of my friends sat at. We sat down across from Alice and Jasper with Jessica on my right.

"Hey," Jessica greeted, then quickly dove back into a discussion the rest of the humans were having at the table. I mentally laughed at my use of humans instead of friends.

Ever since I went back to normal, everyone started talking to me again, but not with the same enthusiasm. It was as if it was required. I didn't blame them for anything. I wouldn't have talked to me either. That's when I realized the look Alice was giving us. "What?" I asked worried that she might have seen something in a vision.

She must have thought about what she was going to say before she said it because Edward's grip tightened around me infinitesimally almost involuntarily. "Tanya called just now. She said there's a friend who wants to come and meet our family," she said slowly. I realized she was talking about the vampire sister from Denali. "She said he's been a vampire since the late 1700's and he's a 'vegetarian'," she put her hands up using quotes, "like us," she continued. She watched me to gage my expression. I didn't really care as long as he didn't eat humans. Did I ever? "Go on," I said showing her that I wasn't scared. "They found him about a month ago on a hunting trip and now he wants to meet us since we're the only other vampires like them," she continued looking at Edward now who obviously was not taking this the same way that I was. We've never met a vampire who didn't want to eat or kill me, so I understood his defensiveness. Alice continued, "I didn't see anything happening and you can check when he gets here," she said trying to reassure him.

"But sometimes what you see doesn't work out as planned," Edward said sarcastically looking around the cafeteria, absentmindedly. I looked down at the table understanding that he was talking about my cliff diving experience.

"I know," Alice said unruffled by his comment, "that's why I said you can check him out. If you hear anything that sounds dangerous, then we'll just make him leave," Alice shrugged. "But you can't just hide from all the other vampires for the rest of your existence, Edward," she pointed out matter-of-factly.

"What's his name?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Philip and he'll be here tonight at seven thirteen," she said, no doubt already having seen him in a vision.

The bell rang and everyone stood up. "Fine," Edward said although he was clearly far from fine. "But if I get the slightest hint of anything, then he's going right back to Alaska," Alice nodded fervently and Edward and I walked off to the foreign language building.