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Carlisle disappeared from the room and I heard the door open. "Good evening," Carlisle greeted smoothly. I heard the pack come into the house. "The vampire that you're looking for is one of us and is, therefore, protected by the treaty."

Sam Ulley walked into the living room with the rest of the pack behind him. Edward who had me placed behind him growled quietly. He was not the only vampire harboring hostility; Philip stared murderously at the new arrivals.

"Guys, relax," I said from behind Edward. The adolescent werewolves all turned to stare at me. With all of the vampires in the room, they must have not been able to smell me. Edward blatantly shifted to a protective stance.

"What are you doing here?" Jacob hissed stepping forward, his face full of anger. The room seemed on the edge and all it took was a slight pull on the trigger now, but I didn't care.

"I'm meeting the relatives," I responded with just as much venom. "That's what he is! Look at his eyes," I said pointing at Philip.

"Yeah, he looks like any other bloodsucker!" he spat shaking from head to toe. I hated to see him like this, not to mention, scared. Why couldn't he just accept the fact that I liked werewolves and vampires? "But you choose them over me right?"

"Yes," Edward hissed before I could answer. At that moment, Jacob hurled himself at Edward. Before anyone could even move, Jacob was thrown back against the wall behind the rest of the pack. He was pinned against the wall by an invisible force gasping for air. He struggled against nothing. I searched for the cause and saw Philip with his hand extended in front of him grasped around an invisible object.

"Stop!" I yelled automatically. I watched Jacob as he began to change colors. I looked back at Philip. He glanced at me and, after a moment of indecision, dropped his hand. Jacob collapsed to the floor, but quickly recovered and jumped to his feet.

Carlisle spoke as if nothing had happened, "I do not want us to fight. He is as experienced as any of us and we will take responsibility for upholding our side of the treaty. In return, I hope that you will not attack us unless we have broken that treaty. Philip will be staying with us until the end of this school year, at least. This will also probably not be his last visit, so consider him as one of us," he motioned to the family behind him which, I didn't fail to notice, included me.

"Fine. We'll be watching for any mistakes," Sam said in a similar tone. With that, the pack went back to the door and filed out. I closed my eyes and sighed. This was the latest in an increasing amount of visits from the pack. They were looking for any excuse to pick a fight with the Cullens. After the werewolves shut the door, we to Philip. What had that power been? That was undeniably what it was.

"What the hell did you do?" Emmett finally said when it was clear Philip would not begin the coversation. Philip sighed evidently regretting using his gift.

"Somehow, when I changed, I gained the power of telekinesis," he looked up as if he were ashamed. Edward had said that there were not many vampires with special gifts like his, but, after the selection of vampires that I've have seen, I would beg to differ.

"Tanya failed to mention that," Alice muttered under her breath, confused.

"I never used it in front of her or any of them; they wouldn't know."

"That is an extraordinary gift," Carlisle praised.

Philip shrugged, "I don't know. Even for a vampire, what I do is pretty weird. I wasn't able to control it for a while, so it was hard to be around anybody at all." I wondered exactly how long 'a while' was for an immortal creature.

Edward, who must have been thinking along the same lines, spoke, "How about now?" he asked.

"Oh, I'm fine now," he assured us. "I haven't had a problem in decades," he continued nodding. "By the way, I'm sorry for choking the one boy," he said turning to meet my gaze. "If I hadn't and Edward had attacked him, I thought it might turn into a full-fledged fight. No offense, but you're a soap bubble compared to us and could have been killed in the process."

Edward nodded agreeing completely with Philip's reasoning, "Thank you, and," Edward said looking around the room, "I'm going to take Bella back now," he pulled into his arms.

"We'll see you later, Bella," Esme said giving me a motherly hug. Edward and I walked out while the Cullens waved goodbye.

We reached the end of the yard and, without speaking to me, he pulled me on his back and began to run. He was going incredibly fast even for him. I guessed that he didn't know if the werewolves would follow us or not. I looked behind us but nothing seemed in focus so they couldn't have been near. Edward jumped from the ground and gracefully went through my open window.

"I shouldn't have taken you," Edward said finally speaking. I slid down from his back and he turned around. It was obvious he was torturing himself.

"Oh, stop it," I said lightly putting my arms around his neck . "I'm here, aren't I? I'm fine," I entwined my fingers in his hair and pulled him down to meet my lips. He surprisingly welcomed me and pulled me to him wrapping his arms tightly around me. He walked backwards pulling me toward the bed and twisted around so that I fell under him on to it. My head was spinning and my heart beat erratically in my chest.

Edward pulled away to kiss my neck as I caught my breath. After another moment, he pulled away sighing. "What?" I said looking at him in the darkness. He smiled at the disappointment in my voice.

"Charlie's in the driveway," Edward said bending down to kiss my neck. When he reached the top of my jaw, he whispered, "I'll be back," and with that he was gone.

The front door opened, "Bella?" Charlie called.

I got out of bed and straightened my now tangled hair. I could hear the ghost of a laugh coming from some dark region of my room. Ignoring it, I opened my bedroom door, "Yeah, Dad. I'm here. I'm going to bed, I'm really tired," I said turning to go back into my room. I could hear Charlie say 'okay' with uncertainty which meant that he would be checking to make sure I was in bed later tonight.

"You know, you couldn't lie to save your life," Edward commented from my bed where he was lounging.

"Shut up," I said playfully jumping on him. He chuckled his arms wrapping back around me. He rolled over putting me back under him at lightning speed. I gasped at the abrupt change.

"Make me," he growled teasingly. He enclosed my wrists in his steel grip and pulled them above my head.

"Oh, help!" I whispered, "Please, don't hurt me," I continued smiling. Although this usually would taunt him, he smiled indulgingly and lowered his lips back to my neck. Mmm," I sighed pulling closer. He laughed silently pulling away at my advance. I whined indignantly.

Edward flashed an alluring grin and leaned down to my ear. "I love you. Go to sleep now. It's late," he breathed moving off from on top me. I wondered why he was not more self-loathing about tonight's events. I was glad he wasn't but it didn't seem like him. I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. Bliss.